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i love today ttm!

started with pe. 3.2 km. haha but it was fun!! AND the best part was when qiting and yijie and huiyu cut across the field cos they didn't want to run so much. haha and qt and hy was like AHHHH with their hands waving madly rofl!! then jingwen ran over but was caught. cos teacher was looking at her. hehe

and everytime we passed the teacher, jingwen will say: YO TEACHER! HAHAHA HILARIOUS SHIT.

then we camwhorred! I ♥ MY SCH MAN. hahaha and we were taking shots infront of sch building! fun lar! i love itttt:D

during culture, angeline was sitting on one side and yijie the other. and they were whispering to me to pass the message to each other until i wanna die le lar. but fun hahaha cos can here their secrets? lol :)

after sch, angeline was rubbing her eyes so much that her contacts moved. and moved around her eyeballs. you dunno how scary it is. she rub rub then suddenly eyes fly open!! AHHHH and her eyes were red, with her veins all showing, and then she got TWO irises! SERIOUSLY FREAKED ME AND YIJIE OUT. then one iris was black, one was white with black outline(the contacts.) and the white one was moving all around uncontrollably, and her eye looked like it was about to pop out! so yijie and i screamed and ran up the stairs. screamed and screamed. cos it is the most scary thing i ever saw. and like a horror movie man.

and up in class, aigner and huiting was playing with bobblehead! HAHAHA they aigner and huiting was like attacking bobblehead, and then they wanted to put a piece of folded paper into bobblehead's uniform. hahaha! and aigner was like hugging bobblehead and holding her arms, and bobblehead got hold of the paper and was like: i am taller then you haha cannot reach. haha so huiting was jumping and trying to get the paper. then i taller then bobblehead, so i took hold of the paper, and then aigner was like: put it in! so i did. haha bobblehead yelped. and aigner huiting cannot stop laughing!! lol.

oh right when we were doing maths, huiting said lots of pervetic stuff along with bobblehead. lol

on the busssss, went home with jingwen, huiting and aigner.
aigner and huiting are really hilarious. love them alot!!
they made suepr funny jokes. haha like when these two p1 or p2 nanyang pri ppl came up, huiting was like: HELLO! haha soo cute right! then the girl waved back. so all of us waved at the both(girl and boy) and only the girl smile and wave back! so tiny and cute!!! ahhhhh!
so i was like: why boy never respond?
aigner: you want him to wave to you right!
huiting: aigner if you wave to him, he will surely wave backk to you de!
aigner: no lar. they will wave to jingwen lor. HEAT WAVE! hahah
cos jingwen too hot le!

and we left sch in a jiffy after huiting got this call cos she wanted to avoid someone who was catching up with us. haha and jing and i asked who it was, aigner huiting said: it's a bian xing. haha from boy to girl! and the person name is EAT. so they call the person EAT THE IT. haha
when i asked what is IT, they say I-T REP. lol!!

haha on the bus aigner 'confessed' to me, and said he was a guy called aladin actually. and he was from korea, and was actually in shinee but SM kicked her/him out. haha and aigner/aladin said that he/she was attracted to me. lol so asked me out on a date!!! hahaha and jing was staring at her like she was about to cry. and she said that it really sounded like a guy confessing. then aigner/aladin keep on saying : but i am a guy! i'm not lying! she/he oso said that he/she owns a mercedes benz, and he/she is 17 years old so got liscence le. then later he/she said: i am actually 71. hahaha!! laughed till i almost peed on my pants!! actually it was not what she said, but the way she did and how she acted. like she never even laugh leh! super natural lor! no wonder in theatre xD

today rocks lar!

A Shriek of Chem
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haha during chem lab lesson yesterday, we did some experiment, then yijie and i sooo pro finished really early. lol the ws oso ok! then we saw huiyu and seishea chasing each other then i asked why, seishea said she shoved ice into huiyu's back! rofl :D so huiyu was trying to get back at her.
then seishea shoved ice into my back, cos i wanted to try, haha. it was SHIOK. like mad. haha and i kinda shrieked? then i put on yijie's too. and we put on each others and cannot stop laughing and put on ourselves also! lol.
teacher noticed why yijie and i so restless so warned us:) oohpies:D then we finished our ice, so took even more. and we shoved into everyone near us:) and we shoved into jing once, but she said it was enjoyable. so no fun:( haha xD
AND then after we finished our ice, we sprayed alot of cold water at zilin and ying ying. they spray back at us. but we giggled too much so teacher glare at us again. teehee xD

oh right, rewind rewind,
after we finished the experiment, we went to put water inside the sodium two chloride again by placing the water in the long long thin thin thingy, haha and it sucked itself up automatically! HAHAH sooo fun leh:D cos got vacuum! actually not supposed to do that, but we alr separated a lot of water so no harm :D

ok go back fast forward again. so today, we were... what were we doing. oh shit i forgot. ok wait lemme think.
oh right! we were throwing eraser dust at joey and huanyu! cos yanjie threw at joey, and joey aim funny thorw on me so i throw back! haha that's the bad thing about sitting right at the back: can't hear the teacher and see the board so there is no interest in listening at all. :( but i really dun understand brp luh. -.-haha

ok. i'm supposed to be mugging. teehee

A Blua Of Muah
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changed url and blogskin. LIKE IT?

haha today was awesome ttm!! YAY!

auditions okay luh. but jane said we were very cute cos when we shaking our butts cos the skirts will sway together in the same direction! HAHA cute:D

oh right, rewind, before assembly i made huge mistakes><>

we were going home, and then we were walking out of sch and saw ms teo! SHE IS UBER CUTE. I LOVE HER TTM<3

she was talking over her phone when we spotted her. so we FALLOWED her behind, and then she also crossed the bridge! then she turned around and gave us a weird look, so we pretended to be whispering, and giggled. then she continued walking.

we stalked her! haha took 67 cos she went on board. then we tell her that we going kap to relax and macs is a good place to study. SHE REALLY BELIEVED. HAHA:D

oh by that time, she was still on the phone. then we asked: ms teo, are you cherry, is your lucky number 20, do you bake mooncakes, who is that special someone on the phone! HAHAHA:)

she kept on laughing, as usual, and then we bragged about how good we were and all that funny shit. ahhaha!! SHE IS SUPER REALLY VERY CUTEEEE :D

oh oh oh! today jane hugged me! cos she said that if i danced properly, then she will hug me. SHE SAID SHE PROMISED. awww so sweet right! I LOVE YOU JANEY BABY. hahahha :D

hehehe i seriously love today. it rocksssss~

byeee! blocks are coming, so may not post that often. BYEEEE!

A Twitch of Laughter
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i just came back from syco concert. it is the best concert out of all the other concerts excluding nyco concert:D haha it is soo cool luh!

bobblehead played solo with her bro, nicodemus, and rachael sim and this guy called sean.

she played with a olot of emotion, but she was sooo nervous that her leg could not stop shaking. haha nice job bobblehead!! and when she was shaking the conductor's hand, she was like smiling but controlling it. ABSOLUTELY CUTE! ^^
applause, applause
applause, applause

bobblehead's bro. hahahas he cute like shit, the most petite and the most young guy in the orchestra. pro leh. he play most of the parts:)
applause, applause
applause, applause

i didn't know she was so lihai leh. heard that for her grade 9 erhu exam, she held the singapore record by having only 2 marks deducted. so lihai lah
applause, applause
applause, applause

hahaha and during the performance, this little guy fainted. then the whole of the audience above looked up to stare at him. i kaypoh so look up oso. the other ppl who oso dunno what's happenning got influence by our kaypohness and looked up too. haha.

the last part was soo funny. firstly, SHUHUI SNORTED LIKE A PIG 6 TIMES. HAHA and that was because she was laughing too hard!
when the concert was over, the audience shouted encore encore so the conductor with a biggg ego came in went out came in went out 3 times. then THEY PLAYED.


sounds like this in a chinese orchestra plus stringz way:

HAHA it sounded like stringz, cos ... i dunno why. but it sounded great luh. haha!

i'm considering about changing my blogskin and my url again haha.

getting late le. tmr still got sch. so i wanna slp.

really hope it rains:D goodnight byebye sleep tight dun let the bed bugs bight.

A Stinge of Nappies
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according to huiyu, i am a nappie. haha!!

yesterday for qingongyuan, we were running like siao. then the seniors were catching us.

will miss you sec 4s! visit us often! love yalls :D

hehehe oh and today, went to collect class tees! haha, the material is really comfy and not too thick, and the printing oso very nice:)))) but hor, we should have put 101 in the deisgn more prominent, cos like... i dun think anyone will know that we are from 101. but the tee overall is greatttt lar. hahaha the sentence sounds funny. grammar?

oh and i totally recommend the books of: the tales of the frog princess series. lol, i know it is a very very very ... kidish book. hehe i think for like pri 3-4 girls. hahaha but it is sooo fun to read! the language super easy and soo romantic! HAHAHA i got influenced by jingwen oh no!
you know at first i got the book when i was p4 as a prize, then i tried reading it, but when i was p4 i was noob and didn't understand a word. so chucked it away.
and yesterday while shitting, i took out the book and got addicted. read finish today le:D wanna buy the others sequels. there are 5 sequels, one prequel!! hahaha have you all read it yet?

teehee rawr:D

sabrita ♥

A Moment of Retardness
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urgh. i am soo stupid:( jingwen you too(no offence)

we haven't VOTED FOR NYSC:(((
ahyo we soo forgetful leh:( and i promised some ppl. so shhhhh..!

hope i can still get that recipe:(
but maybe still got votings next week!
and i can't wait for council elections again next year. you should have seen the BIG HUGE PILE of sweeets and crackers and snacks on our table.haha! BRIBERY ROCKS.

hahaha anyways, today was ok ok lar. hahaha and like later going for the qinggongyuan thingy!
hehe hope that we won't be like left out? ...
hahaha today was close for jingwen. she almost met him again!
lol when she just got on the bus, he was walking to the bus stop!

hahas and i think i look like sooo akward when i'm standing next to her, cos i look sooo much taller:( hahaha grow taller jingwen!

and you should go toilet more often luh! hahaha shall not spill your secrets here. see i so good!
but seriously, take my advice...
hehehe going to leave le:D bye!

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hhahaa maegan is sooo funny like shit.

today they had oral conversation thingy, then maegan is ruth. so:
ms heng: what is your dream?

meagan: i wish to marry chris burns.

hahaha. actually i forgot the surname. lazy to check. either burns or browns. hmm so call him chris b.

ms heng: are you lonely and depressed?

maegan: nooo as long as chris b. is by my side! hahaha

mr goodman(ying ying): i feel lonely and depressed . (something like that)

maegan: yeah you should GO AND FIND A MS GOODWOMAN.

hahhaa whole class was laughing like shit!!

and during geog:
mrs ho:this is the last time i'm seeing you...

class: WHAT?!

mrs ho: before blocktest. -.-

class: cheyyyyyyy.=.=

class: you are the cutest eacher ever. will you miss us?

mrs ho: yeah cute= adorable but ugly right?

class: ok fine, you are SUPER ADORABLE.

mrs ho: YEAH that is the most decent, honest and positive answer i have heard from you!

class: so will you miss us? we love you like shit you know.

mrs ho: who likes shit.

class: ok fine we ALL LOVE SHIT. and we love you as much as you do. so you will buy us chocolates right?

mrs ho: *speechless*

class: ... (i forgot)... SUCKS.

mrs ho: i understand suck thumb, suck pacifier, suck milk bottle, but whats with sucks? just the sucks? suck what! my body??

class: hahahhaha!!! oh and pls dun run to zzc again if not he will complain

mrs ho: i have the right to complain.. and i dun run. i walk. -.-


bye !!! i haven start hw yet:(

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HAHAHA zilin so you do care about tina!!

haha today was really hilarious. laughed till my sides hurt!!

look at their fight:

tina: justin beiber is soo gay... (a lot of other gay stuff about jb)
zilin: tina! WHAATTTT~~ *attacks*
tina: WAA~ you promised to not poke me again! *sad and depressed frown*
zilin: *continues to poke and poke and poke and struggle and struggle and struggle*
tina: *tears instantaneously. even mucus droops.* YOU PROMISED...
zilin:*lets go immediately.* OMG are you crying? are you really crying?...
... fast forward fast forward:
tina: sabrina pls pass me my tissue from my bag
ME: *opens bag. sees 5 tissues pckts inside. announces that there are 5*
zilin: that's because she cries too much everyday.
jane: are you really angry:
tina: *GIGGLESS!*
i give her tissue.
tina:-zilin- wanna see my snot?
hahaha. actually we at first thought that tina was really angry, and zilin started being really scared, hhahaa we couldn't stop laughing.

zilin: MY IDOL
tina: MY IDOL NO. 2!

hahaha i wonder how tina could act for 15 mins!!
and the tears came so natually. haha


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i feeel so happy!!
i dunno why

hahaha i love the abacus!! THE WHOLE SECTION WERE SEATING THERE, and then we weer using the abacus to anyhow play meihuihua, and frog. hahaa soo fun! WE ZI HIGH MAN!! HAHHA and sec 4 seniors super funny and childish, sec 3 super cuteee, sec 2 superr sporting, AND SEC ONES WERE FREAKING OUT. we didn't know we have suchhh cuteee seniors! HAHAA~ JAZEL SUPER CUTE TODAY LUH!! HAHAHA she was like playing iphone then the whole time amanda drag her here and there hahaha. so she just follow and follow and kenna dragged. HAHAH SUPER CUTE.

omg i really can't stop laughing todayy!! HAHHAA TODAY IS FANTASTIC:D

overall rating: 200/100 :)))))))))))))

A Night of Fun
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heheh yesterday night went to nicole's bdae dinner:)

it was really awesome!
hahaha the food was great, and it was fun!

we played with jingwen's phone, as always, and we PRANK CALLED HER HUSBANDS. lol. first time i heard thinty's voice. jingwen said she liked it! HEARD THAT THINTY? rofl

hahha and then we called this guy called jun hong, who jingwen keep on sms-ing. hahaha to not reveal who she was sms-ing, she changed the guy's name to :) lala. hahhaha and so we called him, and his voice was really boomy. jingwen's didn't get a chance to hear his voice so she was upset!! rofl

then we called william, his voice was the deepest!!! hahhaha coollll cos i couldn't hear his voice cos it was toooo deep!! hahaha and it sounded like some professor's or something.

lmao, ok huiyu's mushroom soup:
  1. normal CREAMY mushroom soup
  2. hui yu's saliva
  3. chilli sauce
  4. tomato sauce
  5. tartar sauce
  6. spring onions
  7. cheese
  8. chilli powder
  9. pepper sauce
  10. stuff from the pasta

yeah it was fantastic! i drank like 10 spoons of it.

hahaha and the others were kinds freaked out? lol but it was quite nice lor. but then got one part they never stir the tartar sauce completely and then i drank the whole chunk of it with a little soup. bleah. i spit it out of course.

yeah it did make me happier!

i'm glad skulle loves our presents!

A Day of Suckiness
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walao. today sucks like shit man.

i hate it.
i hate it.
i hate it.
i feel like crying:(
really i do:(

it has been the worst day ever, and sabrina leong is collapsing:(

firstly, we got scolded and eff-ed at by the 410 ppl:( they were scolding us and laughing at us. they say they laugh cos seniors laugh at juniors to show how cocky and stoopid our behavior is. even though we didn't do anything to them.we didn't even know why they scold us:( so we didn't retaliate. and just keep on apologizing. but i think we were dumb to do that. anyway they are going to say sorry le.

secondly, we got scolded by the new bio teacher. we dun even know him:( andd some more TWO scoldings in a row leh! right after the sec 4s left, the teacher was alr behind them. RUINED MY MOOD LUH.

thirdly, jane just sent us an sms that our class's reputation is at the bottom line. i really dun wanna say this but... IT IS REALLY HORRIBLE, considering the teachers and how they reacted which was sent in the sms. wtf lar.

we should really apologise to them sincerely. like the zzc incident. i know some of you dun agree, but just do this for the class this once ok? so pls dun argue on mon and scream at each other again:(

i really dun wish to think about it anymore le:(

later going to nicole's birthday. hope that will lift my spirits:D

i think this is the first emo post ever. not exactly emo, but bad enough to ruin this happy place. but i really can't help it. just wanna puke all the crap here.

let my tears flow and flood the ocean.

A Period of Madness
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super sorry zhang lao shi!!! er we were too emotional... and ji dong! well even when we were screaming at you for being so shocked, you still kept your smile. i am really glad you are sooo understanding. i feel damn bad about it now... bleah:( now i think you are a really nice teacher to be able to tolerate us. and act like you are still happy when you should have felt freakingly upset.

today went to order the class tees. the person said we can get it really fast cos it's really easy to print! YAYYYEEE super happy and excited!

and we saw this shop specially selling accessories... and half of it was left to shades! WHEEE. there was geek specs, gigantic geek specs, sun shades, gigantic sun shades, SHUTTER SHADES, GIGANTIC SHUTTER SHADES, AND HEART AND STAR SHUTTER SHADES. there was also the star and heart specs and some normal specs and some BIRTHDAY SHADES. super cool shop. some more cost so CHEAP! like the normal size ones cost 5 bucks each and the big ones cost 8. really cool shop:D

and far east plaza is a great place to shop! :D

haha erm... today we ordered pizza in the toilet. at first we discuss in the toilet, then we were in the toilet for too long so we went out. then like 30 mins later, we had to go order, but then if we go toilet again we would arouse suspicion, so we asked chenghui, chantel and nicole to go order. hahaa then before school end the pizzas arrived le. hahaha so they ran down and took it up. hahah it was hilarious.

we are selling popsicles instead of popcorn! listen to the popsicle song(in tune of oh when the saints):

we're selling pop...
we're selling pop...
we're selling pop pop pop si-cles!
we're selling pop pop pop pop si-cles
we're selling pop pop pop si-cles.

hahah we thought of screaming this song during the fun fair to attract attention. i think it will work! then we will have BLING BLING banners!! hahaha totally cool :D

and today was valerie's bdae. she came late. so at first we were quite disappointed when we thought she wouldn't come, then she arrived. hahaa she has the MOST NUMBER OF PRESENTS for a birthday girl. lol! and i am glad when she said she will never forget this day! SUPER TOUCHED LAR!! hahah and she has the REALLY COOL perfect chinese perfect english accent just like tina!! woohoo~

ook bye:D i wanna go fb. see you next timeeee

An Outing of Unglamness
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today went to the agroponics farm!!
hahaha it was fun:D some parts were boring though.
and we tricked jane and zilin that we were in msia. cos the place super ulu. there was a sign that said kranji, but then we say that kranji at the borders of singapore. HAHAHA

we took loads of unglam shots. ESPECIALLY ME! yay i hope i can be the unglamnest girl in the world! woots^-^ and i shall put unglam shots as my fb profile pic:D

oh right the food is AWESHUM. the mushrooms like rock the whole world!! we stood there eating non stop :) bring greedy was FUN! XD

and they gave free honey with aloe vera. WAS DAMN HYPER. cos there is nothing free in singapore!! hahah then we were like I WANT I WANT! like those ah-saos!! hahaha and angeline and chantel bought them without knowing they were giving free stuff. so they wasted their money. nevermind lar. aloe is good :D

plus the cactus and chicken soup was fantastic! first time in my life eating cactus!

oh right there was the rosealla drink. it was nice too cos tasted like ribena. and there was this aloe vera jelly! i bought four:D hahaha just couldn't resist. anyway all not fattening what!

oh right 101 is doing DUNKING MACHINE! choose me choose me!!! WHEEEE i wanna get dunked! really!!!!! CHOOSE ME! PICK ME! ME ME ME! and come to out class one hor! cos other classes oso doing!! pick ours. i bet it is the bestest!

we also selling popcorn. hahaha the thing that starts with a p and ends with a orn!

and we oso doing this cool test tube gell macaroni names thingy, i forgot what it's called :P but chantel says its fun to make!

lol i can't waitttt!~ hahaha :D
alleh lu ah! alleh lu ah! I LOVE FUN FAIRS:)

An Event of Luck
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bleah. i just clicked the stupid button and everything poofed and was deleted.
ok anyway, tmr got excursion early in the morning but i still using com. hahaa
today is super tiring!! but fun
and today hor, is one unlucky day!! but then it is very funny during my unlucky times:D hahaa
lazy to post le.
only wanna say:

A Waka Of Eh eh!
Wednesday, July 7, 2010 @ 7:26 PM | 0 notes


today huiyu and i went to the t-shirt printing shop:) they said that 15 bucks only! hahaha and that we had to give them a jpeg image of the exact size we want the items to be! hahaha so doing after school tmr:D

oh righteys, today the new girl valerie arrived! she is very super extroadinarily quiet though. but she is quite pretty leh! but she is realllllyyyyy quiet. and she speaks softly. maybe cos like she feels awkward or tired cos she just arrived in singapore! XD

jingwen ah! why you so emo!! influence by who? william happy alr what i tot! be happy again k? HAPPYYYY! get it? happy! :D cos i really hate you being like this :(

oh and, tmr is going to be the worst day ever!! i hate thurs until i say stop hating thurs. first period is LA, and we doing PERSONAL RECOUNT!! than next lesson chi compo, and we doing CHI COMPO! =.= cos last week alr did compre! BUT UNFAIR. TWO COMPOS IN A ROW?!

then later is recess, then later is HUMANITIES. together!!! shit leh. i suck at humanities plzzzz.

then later recess again, then later is science! i think. which is not too bad. lol cos chem is fun! but after school got cca, until 6:( so tiring! but actually quite fun IF seniors are around... have to wait until 17 i guess!
bleah tmr changing seats:( i was super contented with our seating arrangement. no more cute seishea, no more hot jingwen, no more pervetic huiyu, no more funny cheng hui, no more pretty chantel. no more! NO MORE!!! booooohoooo D:

hey i'm in love with this song. it's the world cup song, called waka waka by shakira! its so nice! hahaha cos its quirky! and i mastered the dance!!

oh right and this is the jurong song, on noose yesterday. it was special edition cos they said that jurong was eperiencing disastrous typhoon at the same time they were recording. but there was not much difference in weather, except that there was occasional slight breeze. right jingwen and seishea?


A Feeling of BOOMZ!
Tuesday, July 6, 2010 @ 4:40 PM | 0 notes

hahaha ehhhh super excited for tmr! cos it's wednesday! if you ppl didn't know yet, my fav day is wed! and its gonna be one of the best weds tmr!

  1. tmr gonna order class t-shrts!with huiyu. co sshe suddenly say tmr free! sorry jing:( we are gonna take samples for sizes first, but than give them the template so they can work on it!!
  2. tmr this exchange student from CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, tina's ex school, is coming! to our class! yes you heard it! to our class! WHEE~ hahaha and it's tina's friend so she got really emotional and started crying(i was gullible enough to believe it) but it's not my naiveness!! she really can win the oscars! anyway, this valerie girl is the exchange student. i was hoping for a angmoh, but she has a chinese surname. than zzc say we like ahlian! oh wells, anyway, she will probably be like tina, cute and fun and cool! and she has an accent! i think. tina does! hahaha anyway if she doesn't know singlish, we are gonna pollute her mind. MUAHAHA!
  3. first lesson on real home econs! hahaha like real practical! and that valeire person joining us! nani nani poo moo aep-ers! lol. but zzc just gave out some hand out about the theory stuff like you must write a report-.-and because of this, aep-ers laughed at us!! OI! st least home econs not examinable! and more fun than aep lor! AND WE OSO DOING POTTERY OK! hahahah nah that was jk. no offence hor!!

haha sold tickets to some ppl le! yay!

heyyyyyy sexy lady, wanna come dance with me?

RMB TO LOVE ME! oh right, jingwen wanted to write: i love sabrita! at the end of her last post.. but than the bell rang! toodles!

A Bom of bom boms!
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hello!!!! HAHAHAHA chantel and jingwen beside me now:) hahaha we printing class tee design so the class can see. than i go order! jingwen say that after geog outing on sat she will go with me print! yay so if you wanna see a hottie come on sat and stalk us!

yeaterday they came to my house and they stayed till like 8.30pm! ate dinner there too! the table was super crowded. could sense that they were very awkward! hahaha but they said my grandpa's cooking was quite nice!

we discussed lots of stuff like ... next year what design for our class shirt.. cos actually this year design quite plain.. and than like we were editing yeaterday!

oh right guys if you read jingwen's blog post, pls note that of course she knows that i am blogging now! cos i am next to her using the com! wheeee~ haha so note that she is not smart. if she is, a worm would be a genius!

hahahaha jingwen the hottie, dumbo, zilian, shortie baloney! HAHAHA so lar jut kidding! i only very jealous of her cos she so smart! can go to math olypiad leh! smart right?! hahaha and fyi, her butt is nice to hit!

now she is talking pretty ppl's blogs! haha weird actually cos we are girls but we fantasize over chio ppl and see all their photos on fb!! lol :)

k bai recess ending le!

A Bleah of Bleahs
Sunday, July 4, 2010 @ 11:15 PM | 0 notes

bleah i'm bored! someone entertain me!!
it late at night, the crickets are super noisy! hahaha
tmr hottie and bobby coming to my house! WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SOME FUN !! lol and get wild!
hahahaha no lar we going to do GOOD STUFF!
checking out some places for class tee tmr too~! see 101, you must be proud to have such a valuable sabrita in your class!
hahahaha oh right supposed to be humble. BUT I AM HUMBLE! hahahaa
feel funny. stomach feels wiggly! but i have no pain or whatever. and my hahaha jingwen I LOVE YOU! lol and i'm still not a les. but i support it! but i am not one.
hehehe i suddenly feel like going back to pri sch... :( hahahaha and relive the young little spirit i once had! :D hahaha and than we can go do those silly stuff again. the best part is, we get to celebrate both children's day and youth day! hahahah and get presents on both days!
today in tuition was boring-.- they chatted about soccer and like even the teacher! BUT i dunno what they were talking about, so yeah i was sms ing under the table. than i think teacher noticed(i sit beside her) and she tapped my table. BUT WHO CARES!

WHHEEE~ beloved friends! come collect a kiss from me on 13 august! NYGH fun fair! SEE YOU THERE!

ps: chloe ang if you dun come i kill you hor! you promise le!

A Theme of Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
Friday, July 2, 2010 @ 9:15 PM | 0 notes

YO! today is extreme epic FAIL lurh! LIKE it's be yourself day:

BUT there was a happy part:

hehehe today actually quite fun, cos like after the dance part, we got 1 hour to do anything we want! so we took photos, until zzc came in and gave us a talk.

and the oh yeah oh yeah dance soooo fun! but sooo long leh. the song keep repeating.

and and and here are examples of what other classes wore:

  1. nerd. super cool. like everyone had bow ties and had suspenders and had super enormous geek specs! like i saw one covering her ears!
  2. hehehe there was MIME! hahaha they were doing miming actions and had their faces painted black and white! hahaha and than they were soooo quiet!
  3. oh right, there was PYJAMAS! so yeah, we saw ppl wearing bath robes and stuff. like there was super long dresses too!
  4. waitress, nothing much to say. they wore vests! with blouses of course.

damn cool hor? hehe i wanna wear better stuff next time! HUIYU suggested wacky! like we wear different shoes, and than different socks, and wear different lengths on one leg. than wear a long sleeve shirt, followed by a 3 quarter one, than a normal shirt, after that a cap sleeve, than tank top, than spaghetti stripe! i dun think it will be hot ba. wear after reach school lor! and must wear like colourful tights with pants, and than shorts and than skirt! and hair must have 5 ponytails! hahaa each arm must have like 10 watches and bangles! it is super cool sia!

lol can't wait for halloween! even though it's a long time away. BUT MY BIRTHDAY COMING LE! hurry get me a present k? (:

and yes, jingwen i promise you i will get you hair straighteners and contacts:D but sharing with someone else lar, cos if not i will be broke. BUT i so nice hor! hehehe treasure this great friend babyy!

BYE! sabrita hearts you^-^

cos you noe when a boy wanna gives you something, and instead gives it to someone else, you feel sad and weird.

walao eh, you ah, fallen for him le lor! still dun admit.