A Boat of Wishes
Thursday, April 29, 2010 @ 5:52 PM | 0 notes

i wish i wish upon a star...
i wish i score well for blocktests tomr.
i also wish that i will score well for all my quizzes.
i wish that i will remember to post regularly.
since i post so late, i will start with two days ago
zilin cut her hair, if you noticed. she seems to be getting more gurlier everyday. she likes run devil run. she said it was not bad. have you heard her laf? so high pitched man. and kinda cute actually. ladylike.
anyway, ms teo had a complete makeover too. her hair ... she said herself that it looked like zilin's. than zilin say she look like ahma. than she said: nonono. she looks like a witch. ms teo said that she wun let her off in the math blocktest. good luck my friend.
yesterday, nothing much happened, except the whole calss flunked fps. LOL. we were super pissed and refused to sign the acception sheet or something. but if we didn't sign, we couldn't go home. we gave in to the wonders of sleep in the end. ohyea, i left angeline at the bus stop. ALONE. i asked her okay??? and she didn't seemed pissed. so i'm innocent.
today, during lunch, we talked about cartoons and kids shows. our favs when we were young. or younger. we are still young. and i am too young too die. but anyway, so funny you noe. we hearted hi-5, until they changed the ppl. chantel and i love charlie!!!! hi five my fren! and than we talked about powerpuff girls. and than we laughed at mojojojo. about how we took out his hat and drew his brain last time. than next was winx club. most of us liked flora:) she's pretty. than other shows. chantel and i loved all the same charaters, cos we liked all the loong hair ppl. AHAHA... than i mentioned barbie. and seishea said she had the whole collection of barbie movies!!! so we decided that after blocktest we could go her house to have a barbie movie marathon.
old times, old times.
i wish, i wish.
i wish we could go back to the past, and go back to the free-ish kidish, everyday tv-ish life. it was RELAXING. GREAT. NO HOMEWORK. at least not so dificult and so many like now.
i wish,
i wish,
it was a fairy god mother granting my wishes. than i could have multiples of them.
if it was a genie, i wish that i could have 100 more wishes. after i reach 99, i would wish for 100 more. or wishes forever.


A Pocket Full of FUNESS
Monday, April 26, 2010 @ 9:17 PM | 0 notes

went to kap today!

first of all, in the morn, huiyu went to draw pretty little drawings on my pretty little table.
than zzc force us to erase. hmph! i like it leh! AND angeline poured ointment all over her desk. it stank the class and my nose was super irritated. ohyea, nicole went bonkers and volunteered to erase the chalk marks on my table for me. with her bare hands. so i said yes, and she erased super fast. but her hands were full of pink powder. than she started touching her neck! and her hongzi had some pink stains.

so after this, we had pe, and the discus had mud all over it. i threw it wrongly and had to do 5 pushups. harhar.

than after sch, we were waiting for claudia, so nicole and huiyu went siao ding dong and danced to bad romance i think. but they were slower by 1 beat and it was funny. we oso danced to barbie song. the lyrics damn sick man.

so finally, we headed towards kap. then jing wen and seisha's hci friends waited with us at the cus stop(johny and william and fp only). than we did not go near them cos they were wierd, and we played dare or dare with a pathetic branch. on the boys. but kinda fail.

later, the nanhua ppl came, and we headed to kap. timo and someone else there le, cos they say they hungry or something. and jing's fren is in my tuition! i did not notice him until i was about to leave. haha.

at kap, we were like damn awkward, and we sat away from them. then king, and his friends invaded into our table! and it was like everyone staniding around king while he resting himself. wl leh. jing ah, must rethink......kays?!
plus we were discussing some girl stuff so we headed to the divider there. then on the other side of the divider, a lady was sitting and eating. we were talking very loudly above her, so she kept staring. so we squated down and acted secretly. everyone was like: wad are you doing??? so funny. we attracted unwanted glares:)
anyway, today quite fun lar. and timo was like: which one is the bitch who called me bitch? she qian bian izit?......jing clamed him down.
ohya! jing puked in the middle of eating cos timo suddenly appear in front of her. and she said it was disgusting to see so many fats. harhar

fun day, hope it will be funner next time we go kap:)

P.S.: interesting fact about bobblehead: when she can't wake in the morns, her dad will take an orange from the freezer and rub in on her stomach(i can't believe ppl put oranges into freezers to make orangzicle? with the skin)so funny her dad! AHAHA

A Face of Stressness
Sunday, April 25, 2010 @ 5:22 PM | 0 notes

my flawless face, has become a 10 star hotel for pimples and acne for now. I HOPE FOR NOW. it's so irritating when you meet long time no see ppl and they ask you : what's happened to your face? well, what do you think? it's is because i'm super young and younger than you. i am going through puberty, and i can't help it. you ask me why i have so many pimples, i dun noe. HAVEN YOU HAD PIMPLES BEFORE? HUH? i can't stop them from erupting outta my face. if you can, i'll pay you a million bucks for it.

ok, now for the niceee part. HAD AN ENJOYABLE CLASS BREAKFAST!
but i dunno if it's us or the other classes... almost every class had a birthday girl. were they just singing cos the other classes were singing too? anyway... the cookies were fantastic! the whole box was licked clean! and my mum said they tasted great too!

and on the day before, we went to huiyu's house to bake the masterpiece. so fun:) her house is neat:D and her sis is so funny. ohyea, we had difficulties seperating the eggs. huiyu had egg all over her hand. and there was egg shell it the mixture. but we took it out. no worries:) if you felt an extra crunch in the cookies somewhere, OOPS! WE MSSED IT! yijie was the expert. she did the cookies before, so she knew how to bake them.

ANYWAYS, i can't wait for tmr. going the KAP wif jing's frens. harhar. timo will be there:) and johny and king. gonna show them about jing's complicated relationship...hehheh...

ok, gotta complete some work.
love ya peeps!

A Block of Spams
Monday, April 19, 2010 @ 6:12 PM | 0 notes

We spammed jing's stuff today!
It all went like this:
Everyone, me,jing,seisha,ahma,jane,huiyu,chenghui,nicole were at the com lab. supposed to do ict but of course didn't. than we all went to jing's com and posted super random stuff about her love life. first, we went to her facebook account, and declared how much she love hwa chong boys. than, we went to her primary school class blog and posted the same stuff too. interesting fact about jing: she loves fat boys, as she can save money on beds as she can cuddle in their fats. and the boys were timo and someone else. she also loves to kiss ppl with her self-declared sexy lips. than we went to 101 class blog and spammed the tagboard too. than we went to her ebuddy account and talked to everyone who was online and telling them the random stuff. harhar! at first jing was struggling to get to her com, so everyone had to hold her back. and some ppl typed. but l8r she was tired so she just sat there and calling her primary school frens who were curious what extrodinary change happened to her.

ok, wanna keep my blogposts shrter in future. and need to work for blocktests so may not blog so often. Bye.

PS: congrats xiaoyi for giving birth to baby cyril!

A Gallop of Wonderfulness
Saturday, April 17, 2010 @ 5:03 PM | 0 notes

AS i said, the world is AWESOME! THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE IN. SO, i decided that the advertisement song shall be my national personal anthem. yeah
here is another version of the fantabulousss song:

i KNOW i rock. and i'm a lamb chop.
nothing much to say, except it's a hothot day!
as hot as jing! one jing clap! weewooweet! oooolala!
but it's so hot i cant stop sweating.even aftr i eat super cold dessert! (as in the weather lar)

ohno! i have to do the thingy for the thingy! argh!
ok nvm le, i will do it l8r.
on second thoughts, i think i will do the thingy now.

XOXO, sabrita.

PS, rmb to love my national anthem and the WORLD! it just rox like hell. LIKE ME! ok the world more.

A Box of Laughters
Friday, April 16, 2010 @ 7:14 PM | 0 notes

YAY! it's finally working! the links! woohoo! thx jing for your offer but dun need le. :)
and today, we finally got back our sci results. our class msg quite high leh. i got kinda ok so HAPPEH!
and next fri we are having a class breakfast party thingy. me and yijie going to huiyu's house to bake cookies. just hope that my cca doesn't clash!
and, i'm superee-duperee-happy today cos i finally am able to do the bridge thingy during dance! yayyay!
today is happy day.
andandand there's not too much homework today so YAY~ actually the homework is only geog and hist from yesterday. the teachers today were kind enuf to not give any work... YAY again!
BUTBUTBUT... LA blocktest next mon! on personal recount... bleh. hope i will score well o.O
i LOVE myself, i LOVE my frens and family, i LOVE my CCA, i LOVE my school, i LOVE my country, i LOVE THE WORLD!!!!!
SUCH A WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WORLD. (i hope it will last like this forever and ever and ever amen.)
Boom-de-ah-da, Boom-de-ah-da, Boom-de-ah-da, Boom-de-ah-da!
below is a advertisement from discovery channel"the world is awesome!" yeah i totally agree!:D

i KNOW i'm lame. harhar

A Dash of Love
Thursday, April 15, 2010 @ 10:31 PM | 0 notes

I'm bursting so many brain cells now to think of the advertisement thingy for the chinese speech training thingy.
ohyah, my links thingy still can't work! argh need help here! save me! SOS...
ohno, tmr is coming. duh.
and i forgot to tell u something funny, rmb we were saying how pweety jing is? and during the past few days, almost every teacher was on course so we just play freely, than two days ago, were playing on the board by writing hoe gorgeous jing is. than at that moment, one of the vps came. and he saw the comments. and everyone scrambled to any empty seat near by, and when the vp asked who is jing wen, no one answered.
than jing shook her head. And Jane shouted, no one! harhar, everyone was trying hard to hold their lafter.

ok, gtg slp now,

A Tingling of Horribleness
Wednesday, April 14, 2010 @ 9:03 PM | 0 notes

I can't wait for next thur! Cos everyone else will be running! Yeah!
But before thurs comes, fri will come first. fri has it's good and bad side.
GOOD> tian ah is going up on stage to talk about her experince in Finland. GO TINA GO!
BAD>Well, we're getting back our science results, which BTW, I'm am so not anticipating. But I am actually hoping to see it too, as I wanna see if i passed. harhar. doomy.

ok, and today, the atmosphere in our group was kinda...awkward? or stuffy. But it was killing me. I shall not go into details cos i will not offend anyone.

FIY, the 'links' thingy is temp. not working so you gotta put up with the inconvenience kay?

Plus, today, we had an art drawing test thingy. and our topic was to draw our school shoes. blehs, i should have wore my sneakers huh? i wore the sports shoes cos of run on mon. and it was complicated. The funny thingy was, everyone in our table put their shoes on the table in replacment of their pencil cases!~ HA~

AWWW, tmr no cca. and tmr got geog test. boo... i guess i better go revise now, ttfn.


A Splash of Splendidness
Monday, April 12, 2010 @ 3:38 PM | 0 notes

ooooh, i just changed the new blogskin. ppl said that my last one was a bit too dreary. harhar.

and today was awesome. i COMPLETED and PASSED my 2.4! it was absolutely great. that moment when i passed the finishing line made a mark on my history. SPLENDID!

during recess, we kinda bullied jing by pouring all our leftover soup into seisha's bowl and asking her to carry it. it was awful and gross. ohyea, clara puked today, after 2.4. it was all WATER! it was super dupery sick. and she was sick too. and today was kinda slack too as there are 4 periods today: PE, CHINESE SPEECH TRAINING, LA, SCI. harhar. and LA AND SCI teacher was absent so we just played after finishing work. and pe and cst is not too hard too.

so during class contact time, mr teo did not turn up and ms yup was having the student talk thingy. so we played again. we sat on the sidetables and squished together and sang gonggong songs and cheers.
not to mention, our meinu JING! was voted as the most HOT, SEXY, GORGEOUS, PWEETY. girl in class. everyone on 101 signed on the paper. even ms yup. than jing so paiseh. and her clap is the sexy clap. than jane's clap is the macho clap. harhar.

ok, i'll try to keep this blog alive.
miss you guys!

A Scream of Geeez
Saturday, April 10, 2010 @ 7:23 PM | 0 notes

GEEEZ! why must it always be like this?
always the happy part first, than the SUPER DREARY SAD part.
happy is that i finally completed napfa's '5 items'. that's really the name u noe. it was not too bad. but some were worse than last year. i guess maybe cos the criteria is differrent?
than the next day, my stomach ache like siao. even when i like laugh. or cough. sometimes i find it hard to get off the couch after slouching on it. maybe my posture will improve trmendously after this.
but how am i to run 2.4 on mon?! i'm seriously gonna die. i can do swimming, but no running. plus the track is super sunny in the morning. it will be glaring.
so yesterday, the group of us stayed back to do ict. my was...well, kinda messy actually. i think i overdo ict sometimes. but doing it was hilarious. cos yijie suddenly act CRAZY ding dong. ahahaha. than she said a lot of funny stuff. and jane and i could not stop laughing. than the ppl from other classes saw us and thought that we are siao ding dong too. ahahaha. and this added burden to my painpain stomach. and the com lab was 16 DEGREES?! and i stayed in there for like 3 hours? so when i went to the toilet, the water was hot. hehheh.
and the worse news is, i think it is a 80 percent possibility that our grp may get zero for fps. why!!??blehs. we worked very hard on it kays? and this is SOOOO inportant. ohmytian ah. what did i do to deserve this? i dun like it. hmmph.
and i was watching hello baby. so funny.
but i think i gotta stop le. bleh. tmr got that stupid oral exam for tuition. mum force me to go even though i plead with her le. aiya. my life is horrible. and i still haven finish hw yet.

Sabrita. ):

A Stream of Thoughts
Monday, April 5, 2010 @ 10:02 PM | 0 notes

heyo ppl! so i have somt random to tell. i went out yest in a hurry cos l8 for tuition le. than our whole family rush like siao. than after tuition went out. at that moment, my mum realised that she actualy wore diff shoes! cos she got 2 feet mah, of course, but the design were like totally DIFFERENT! and she only noticed when we were going to go home. heheh. its like wearing sneakers and flip flops. another random thingy, my yap actually said i was TOO open???!!! i s that supposed to be good?
next random thing, my angel finally replied! rejoiced. harhar.
ok gtg slp le. i think i might change my blog skin to the purpleliscious thingy, but so lazy leh.



A Laughter of Pranks
Thursday, April 1, 2010 @ 10:21 PM | 0 notes

ok i noe i noe, the title sounds wierd. but who cares! cos it's APRIL FOOLS DAY! WHEE. FUNESS~
i feel so happy, cos i finally finished my storytelling. and today was prank day, of course.
seisha was the setter. she took some mini oreos ansd took out the cream. and guess what she replaced i wif... COLGATE! it was classic. and ppl actually fell for it: angeline, chenghui and chantel. harhar. there was one more which we left for the teachers, but none of them wanted it. boo. i think it's still under chantel's desk. hehe. or mine. or in the middle of our desks.
was quite a failure cos zzc was specially early. our plan was to change classrooms wif 104, to freak the teachers out. it tot it was quite good, but too bad.
meant for mrs ho, our geog teacher. we hided under our sidetables and locked the teacher OUT. we closed all the windows and curtains but mrs ho opened them from from outside. the thing that spoiled it was THE HAND. it reached out, and closed the curtains. blehs.
for mrs ho too. we spilled blood onto the whiteboard again and claimed that zilin died again. harhar. than they made fingerprints on the whiteboard. bloody ones. a bit obscene actually.
this is meant for any LUCKY teacher. but the only person that fell for it was ms teo, our math teacher. they put water in the marker that was used up. so when ms teo opened the marker cap, water spilled out. and there was INVISIBLE inkkkkk!
this is the best part. ms teo too. i think she was the biggest april fool. fell for 3 tricks leh. the whole class hid behind the bushes which were opposite our class and peeked through the branches. it was a good hiding place, cos no one could see us from the classrooms, but we could see EVERYTHING. we wrote a note: ms teo!come save us! we're trapped in the toilet! and pasted it on the door, after locking it, which i think we should not have locked. than ms teo looked around the windows and saw some heads bobbing around. awww. but she did not do anything. than a girl from another class spoiled our fun. boomy.
oso on ms teo. heehee. cos her fav phrase is: do you fallow? SO WE DECIDED TO ANSWER. FINALLY. i think she might have said it for 1000 times since start of this year le. but only now than we answered. we went: YES WE FALLOW! after waiting for a million years for her to say that phrase. actually, we missed one chance cos we forgot, but when angeline reminded us, she smelled a rat. than she tried to be careful of what she said, but she still said it. than nicole laughed like siao, until she cried. i never see her so happy before. (:this was fun!
well, not considered prank bah. it was just during LA lesson, and when ms heng asked for volunteer sto do storytelling first, everybody raised their hands. we did not want to prank ms heng cos she was sick.

well, i guess our class is probably the class that did the most pranks. har d harhar. cant wait for another occasion to prank teachers again:D

XD, wishing you a very happy may fools' day!