A Scream of Geeez
Saturday, April 10, 2010 @ 7:23 PM | 0 notes

GEEEZ! why must it always be like this?
always the happy part first, than the SUPER DREARY SAD part.
happy is that i finally completed napfa's '5 items'. that's really the name u noe. it was not too bad. but some were worse than last year. i guess maybe cos the criteria is differrent?
than the next day, my stomach ache like siao. even when i like laugh. or cough. sometimes i find it hard to get off the couch after slouching on it. maybe my posture will improve trmendously after this.
but how am i to run 2.4 on mon?! i'm seriously gonna die. i can do swimming, but no running. plus the track is super sunny in the morning. it will be glaring.
so yesterday, the group of us stayed back to do ict. my was...well, kinda messy actually. i think i overdo ict sometimes. but doing it was hilarious. cos yijie suddenly act CRAZY ding dong. ahahaha. than she said a lot of funny stuff. and jane and i could not stop laughing. than the ppl from other classes saw us and thought that we are siao ding dong too. ahahaha. and this added burden to my painpain stomach. and the com lab was 16 DEGREES?! and i stayed in there for like 3 hours? so when i went to the toilet, the water was hot. hehheh.
and the worse news is, i think it is a 80 percent possibility that our grp may get zero for fps. why!!??blehs. we worked very hard on it kays? and this is SOOOO inportant. ohmytian ah. what did i do to deserve this? i dun like it. hmmph.
and i was watching hello baby. so funny.
but i think i gotta stop le. bleh. tmr got that stupid oral exam for tuition. mum force me to go even though i plead with her le. aiya. my life is horrible. and i still haven finish hw yet.

Sabrita. ):