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tues and thur are scary days:(

tues: TEACHERS' DAY PERFORMANCE! SCARRYYYY SIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND there is this thingy what class party shit that we cannot attend cos of the performance:((((((( and without us, the party sure fail. even with us, i also think it will faill too leh:( no one will bring food lor. OH OH OH WE COULD HAVE FRUITY PARTY. like in pri sch we had fruity friday everyweek and if dun bring fruit will have bookings by prefects. but i was a prefect and i also sometimes never bring>.<>

anyway, today had rehearsal for performance. super paiseh cos a lot of ppl staring. ITS RUDE TO STARE OKKK! hmph. but on that day it will be scarier. imagine, 1700+ ppl STARING or even glaring at you! D: SAD SAD SAD:(

and my shorts was so lose it dropped to half my butt by the time we finished dancing. hahaha luckily my shirt was long enough to cover. should bring belt next time yeah?

AND on tues, we gonna have a 6 PEACE '09 gathering!! YAYEEE! finally. but of course first go sch. then amelia said our clique go shopping. ororor sixuan said we go mrs mok's house as a class:) just like year end class party next year!!! WHOOPIEEE CAN'T WAIT!

and on thur, we going to DAZUU!! which is main orchestra. scary like shit kay. i super scared:( cos we only learnt 2 lines of the new song yesterday:( then we still got quite alot. we fail lar:( and we only have like 1.5 hours left to learn. and 45 mins to prac with tanbo:'( so it think we will screw the whole thing:( like the others play play play then we suddenly slow down and get lost. then we get scolding from mrs ee! actually i think she is quite nice:) but i still worried.


to mr banana: you are OUR inspiration :D PLS Bless us with good luck:) good luck to us.

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hahaha i forgot what my fb status was supposed to be! it was something funny that yanjie said. but i forgot:(

anyway, WE BOUGHT it FOR MAEGAN. haha super cute right!

and we are gonna make bc for her! HAHAHA
oh right i'm gonna make a birth cert for joey cos she say she wanna change name to a super super awesome and cool name. HAHA and i'm gonna buy her a carrot and frozen taiwanese sausage. haha. huiyu gonna buy her BREAD! hehehe. :D we got the funny and weird ideas from SEISHEA CHANG. haha she joker lar she.

and that jingwen met junhong AGAIN. its destiny. its their fate. haha so face it baby!

i almost slept in hist. and i think teacher noticed. she stared at me :x teehee. :P

and as for jingwen, we have HINTED junhong what to buy for her bday present. we talked super loudly on the bus. hahaha it was: 100 of each- chocolates, roses, AND A RIDE ON A HOT AIR BALLOON. dun need fire cos jingwen can make it float le. haha and and and those airplanes where their trail of smoke leach behind I LOVE YOU JINGWEN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY from junhong. hahaha and and and he is supposed to propose on her bday. lol. jingwen say we shen jing bing but she say its for valentines. so WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR JUNHONG. haha you know he only got 30 smses left and he decides to spend it on JINGWEN. aww so sweet right!! ahaha and the over priced french food was really REASONABLE. hahaha i gtg poo. brb!

Dunno what title to write.
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whoa really tired. just returned home.

like qiting and i went to ntuc to get ingredients. but THE PLANS HAVE GONE HAYWIRED. i really pray like shit that sat wun be screwed:D touchwood that it will be. luckily my whole house, including my floor is wood. xD

today finally had cca afer 2 months. listened to concert recording. i slept. and then they announced the results for new exco members:D haha xinyun became SL, as i expected!

today is sec 4's last day:( so sad:(

hmm.. what else. oh right, HUITING IS A REALLY FAST LEARNER! i <3 her like shit kay. she so nice lar.

and and and today we got back our geog. mrs ho was really serious. i think she wun joke with us anymore next time:( she say we cannot concentrate and was very fierce. and our class got lowest in level for geog leh:( many failers. but SEISHEA,i really look UP to you. likt even thought i'm taller, but i wish to be like you can! you are so nice and happy go lucky. like you dun give a damn about bad stuff. which is SO GOOD:) i admire you.

yijie! you are the best laopo on earth! AHHH YOU GOT SO MUCH INITIATIVE. haha at least more then seishea!! and you are so nice;) i muack you:)

i heard a really lame but funny joke today. my friend is mui mui. HAHA :) had lots of fun tricking others kay!

finally made a blogshop. but i think may fail leh. nevermind, touchwood even more. but really nice!

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dear sister cum very very good friend,
DUN BE SAD ANYMORE! HAHA I SHALL NOT ASK YOU WHAT HAPPENED cos i dun want you to rmb what happened and be emo:D

anyway, cheep up! hope that you will become as happy as always again ok hon?

forget all your troubles, and i will promise you that i will do 3 good deeds for you. after that i will carry on doing 97 :)

so OPEN UP SOME HAPPINESS DARLING! DUN BE SAD LE KAY? sadnesss clouds the mind. so we should clear it and be happy! comeon i shall pass you some of my happy luck now :)

really lets be hyper together again like last time.

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went ice skating today!!

super fun. only one teeny weeny problem. I'M A TOTAL FAILURE.

yes i am a loser:( haha i was super slow cannn. and then i was afraid to let go of my yellow lover:)

anyway, we made a new friend there! she from nus high, a vietnam scholar. HAHA she was falling down and then we grabbed hold of her. so that was how we met:)

she fell almost every round! so sad right. luckily i didn't fall not even once. but i was slow. and she was fast. and she was with her senior. at first we thought that that guy was her bf. lol.

the figure skaters in the centre was damn cool plzz. haha they leaped and jumped and turned and spinned and did those awfully wonderful stunss.

there were many ang mohs, and many of them were pre-schoolers who were pro-er then me. and they didn't seem to care when they fell down. almost half of the ring was filled with tiny kids. and i think they were wearing pampers to help them break fall too as their butts were bigger than normal. haha :D

slept THE WHOLE WAY home on the MRT. jingwen slept on huiyu, huiyu slept on me, and i slept on my handphone. it was really exhausting. and i was like, in a half-sleep-half-awake mode. cos i was really sleeping. like i didn't feel like opening my eyes at all and i kinda forgot where i was, and i also could continue listening to the two guys speaking korean in front of us. like i was listening to them, of course not understanding what they were saying, and also paying attention to the DEE DEE DEE DEE NEXT STOP: ___ announcements:) hehe.

I FEEL FRESH. FRESHLY PEELED. cos i just bathed! haha ok ok now i go concentrate on our performance thingy.

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whenever we pass by some passer by or teacher, we will greet them. hahaa see so polite.

and then when we running, we sang nursery rhymes, x'mas carols, chinese songs, and all those sutff:) oh right some parts right, the sand super mushy. then my shoe always get stuck and then very hard to pluck out:( but super fun cos can scream together!

then we did chu chu train and went down the steep parts together:D haha oh oh luckily huiyu held my hand cos got one time i slipped and almost fell. but luckily she grabbed hold of me!! HAHAHA
and it is really very slippery you know. like cos your shoe filled with sand so no more friction. hhahaha.

after that we took some photos, then we went back. you know the bus stop is soo full until i had to walk on the road! and i was stuck at the edge of the curb:( and i couldn't get up the bus. so we waited for a taxi(me yijie and angeline). then very long then finally got one empty cab. but there were a group of sec 3s oso waiting. and they waited longer then us. but we got the cab. they must have hated us :X

and the fare was like 4 plus only! haha so later we sat 961 and angeline and i alighted at ij. hahaa we alighted the same time as shiying and chloe!! :DDD haha and then we visited wu laoshi and all that stuff:) haha quite fun lar. then later me and angeline waited for rachel. L and sixuan to come then we went kap to eat lunch:))))))))))) haha so yeah, today was FUN. and it is super super super different from other days luh.

BYE gonna do hw now. even though holidays super long right, but then I AM GUAI. finish now then dun need to do later.

oh right! like my new blogskin? haha i <3 the pic there and the title thingy. haha and the background is CUTEEE.

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haha doesn't rhyme, kinda lame, but its super fun lar. somemore with the retarded actions and the cool BOOMY low low voice, its super cool:)
today we played kidnap. gonna film it tmr:D its a gameshow involving the despectacled couple. haha!
OH but two things made me friggin pissed luh:(

firstly, agatha put me in ALL 4 SHIFTS. which is stupid:( how am i supposde to play with my friends! how am i supposed to go patronise at other stalls! STOOPID ASS lar. but will not stress agatha anymore. should not get fed up with these type of things. somemore agatha got major headache le. BUT ITS REALLY UNFAIR:( anyway, i think the best way is no one follow the timetable, and everyone just do whatever shift they want. as long as you make sure that every stall got some ppl and everyone does at least 2 shifts. but seriously, i dun think you need anyone to stand there and collect money and shake leg lar. or we can just go by cheng hui's plan. and ms yap appointed her to do it in the first place! i'm sure most ppl will agree with her more lar. and we do it so much faster!
and secondly, the stupid irritating person is a stupid major idiot. i agree with you huiyu. she is so mean! and rude! like, ZILIN IS AN AWESOMELY NICE PERSON, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO INSULT HER. so stop your stupid blabbing nonsense. and you are so irritating, want us to do everything you wants:( urgh.

and and today for history, i forgot to write the comparison for tone in mny answer. so i put carrot carrot then i bracket: continued behind. haha kinda noob but no choice le lor, cos when i almost finish the paper then i realise:( hope that teacher will accept! and my stupid scrawny handwriting sucks like shit lar. see ah, yanjie with the super neat handwriting is before me, and yijie with the chao pretty handwriting behind me. I SURELY GIVE AWESOMELY AWFUL IMPRESSION LAR :X

anyway, today was quite shitty. but should not get feddup with such eenie minie things eh? so let's OPEN UP SOME HAPPINESS!

hehe i saw from huiyu's blog the part 3 one so i went to search part 2 one. but YEAH simple things in life can just simply make you happy. it's that simple.

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chi and geog bt was OK! haha except for some questions for geog i totally clueless about how to do:( but nvm! sec one only what! bt 2 only what! one teeny weeny question only what! WON'T DIE ONE LAR.

tmr got maths. aiyo i'm gonna fail pls. but nvm lar. not like i never fail assignments or test before. and i think everyone(except huanyu and yijie) in nanyang will have to fail at least once:)

coming up events:
  1. BLOCKTESTS 2. actually started le hor, but then got a lot more lar. till thur.
  2. CROSS COUNTRY AT MAC RITCHIE. i know we can burn a lot of fats! heheee! this fri.
  3. BBQ! important heyyy. cos borrowing ice box! this sat!
  4. KALLANG LEISURE PARK. haha going with classmates! got bowling and ice skating! meeting jingwen at mrt:) after my tuition. somemore got oral leh:( this sun.
  5. MAYBE going out with jing and her friends? next mon.

yeah, as you can see, i am super busy. the reason i am posting this is not for you to stalk me, although you can as we are living in a free country, but TO REMIND MYSELF. cos i have to make timetables and planners and i figured that i would probably throw away if i wrote it on a piece of paper. since i always on com, i might as well use this as an excuse to use it! ok that doesn't make sense. and i am going to phail LA tmr. HOW AM I GOING TO DO LIT. ANALYSIS WITH ANNOTATIONS IN AN HOUR. siao ding dong tooties:)

i am hungry. havent eaten lunch yet. will go poke into fridge now. BYE, ploops:D

a ploop is a cute sound you make with your lips like a suction. so yeah, i was calling you a cute little babe. EXCLUDING JINGWEN=HOT ASS AND YIJIE=SEXY ASS.