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Two sausages were in a pan. One says "Wow it's hot in here!" the other says "OH MY GOD A TALKING SAUSAGE"

feel the love
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haha there's a lot alot of hw :( and they are all super important!! and plus i need to study for bio i don't understand a thing about the dna part.

lol i'm gonna say something weird. that i don't usually say. but i reallly need to :(

whyyyyyyy are you becoming like this!!!!! omg you are so irritating sometimes. actually alot of times.

finished :D haha don't ask me who. but it's been bothering me for a few days alr and if i keep it in me i think i'm gonna blow like KABOOOM.

yesterday we had investiture. and then at the end we started lying on each other so practically the whole middle section of 201 was lying on the person behind!! hahaha super epic and i was laughing a lot cos seishea kept on moving it was ticklish hehe. then everyone was like GO DOWN GO DOWN i couldn't stop laughing haha :D

and today we recorded our voices for the music thingy!! at least the othersss. seishea and i were completing the ending starting blah blah. then joey and huanyu were super cuteee!! me and huiyu kept disturbing them by singing really loudly: SHU BI DOOO SHU BI DAAA or singing the harmony. hahahaha then tina picked up our voices and she said it was louder than hers lol.

and then i went home aloneeee :( poor me. and i dozed off hehe.

JIAYOUUU SABRITA FOR THE HECTIC WEEK AHEAD!! its week 9!! although bullettrain week is gone, but we have to complete EVERYTHING by week 9 cos week 10 is lsc!!

HEHEHEHHEHEHE let's go on an insanity streak babehhh

i have no idea what that means. it just sounded cool ;D

bulletrain week!
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hello finally i'm postinggg :D on the account of wong jingwen.

okayys so today is quite okay lah. seishea shes super cute. today when the both of us were walking towards 7-11, she did a cuteeee action and said she is getting a heatstroke lol! and then she started giving me a lecture of how everything on earth is dangerous. hahaha!!

then we went back and tina lost her wallet!! jiayou in finding it! ^-^

headed towards yuan mao guan, the bus trip was boringg :( i forgot to bring my camera!! and then the teacher doesn't even allow us to shout out our names to take attendance. so we were all quietey andd bloah bloah.

yuan mao guan is quite coool. its like they didn't even touch the last time the stuff. and the people lived in teeeny weeeny spaces no wonder they had to be so skinny. haha plus there was this freaky spoiled lion head thingy that everyone started screaming about. xD

it was warmmmmmmm!! so we sat on those plastic sstuck chairs. teeheee and then we was let off 1 hour earlier :D

the whole gang of us created quite a scene at the station lol. nvm its okayy! :D then homed and on the way, it was quite fun cos everyone was talking together about random stuffs :D

haha on the bus i met with a pervert!! i got up 98 and then poor little me sat on the wrong seat :( the guy sitting two seats away was like coming closer to meeeee :( then he was obviously staring at my name tag i was like wtf. and he came super close i hurriedly put my bag infront of me. and almost the whole bus was staring!! and then i looked at this old man. he shook his head at me. what did that meann?!

and then when the pervert was alighting he kept on staring at some ladies' chest. obsession wth.

tired, i slept a long long time. at least homework was at its minimal. but mrs soh ask us to brace ourselves!! its the bullettrain week!!

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“Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.”
HELLO!! :D jing says i blog too little. SO HERE I AM :D

there was NO music today :( i was looking forward to it sooooo muchhhhhh :(

nvm its okay!! and jingwen asked us to go her house!! haha i'm excited cos i wanna see how a hot girl lives like. xD and her parents are coool :D even though i dont think they will be there.. but a cool family can build a cool home ^-^

now ALL the SIAs proposals are due on like week 8 or week 6 or week 7 and we have to do them like siaoooooo but the bright side is we get to spend more time with our lovelies :D

haha my sis says guides is slack. and why huo so asdfghjkl so bu jiang li!!

mrs soh just said yesterday that they check blogs!! nah needn't feel guilty i don't post anything bad.

i don't think i have anything else to say already :D hahaha except JIAYOU MYSELF I HAVE MORE THAN 10 DUEEEEEE VALENTINES LETTERS TO WRITE!! ^-^

finally i'm posting :D
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hehehe i know my blog a bit dead hor. BUT JUST THAT TINYYYY LITTLE BIT!!

erm this week has been like usual. blah blah blah. and the worst thing that happened was I AM FAILING MATHS :(

i made roses for seishea cos she asked me too ;D she ask me go make 99 for her leh siao right. but i only made 9 ;)for the rest of the people i bought chocolates!! get ready to gain calories babeh.

yesterday i slept at 2.30 am hahaha cos the last guest went home at 2. thenn there was a lot of leftover food but i don't mind cos we ate it this breakfast and it still tastes awesome :D haha my dad's friends are cool ;) teeheee and my sis and i played with a 6 year old and a 9 year old cos we were super bored ;D they are superrrrr cuteee cos they talk lots of crap and nonsensical stuff that my sister and i dont really get but its still adorablish. ;D plus everyone there gave us BIG angpowssss :D

my hands are sweaty :( again. and my feet too!! urghhhhhh.

nvm you know right i finally started posting on my tumblr. haha i made it last year likee eonssss ago but i finally started posting ;D most of the pics there are from my weheartit cos i'm lazy to scout for otherss.

i think i finished my hw. or maybe not. arhhh i am bored.

i will memorise the algorigthm for rubiks cube by boarding school :D
yeah this is kinda of my newest goals now :D and i'm smart cos i made the deadline realllllyyyyy farrrrr ;)

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day one was busy and boring.

day two was awesome cos we played lots of mahjong :D and it was damn fun everyone came together and played so many fun stuff xD

day three was bai nian to some people!! i got lotss of angpows yay ;D

day four also got bai nian ;D teeheee on sat a lot of people coming to my house. which i don't like at all. i love gatherings. but NOT at MY house!! :(

today was damn scary. i still feel guilty. BUT LIKE WHAT. I'M INNOCENT. like completely!! and i didn't know that they were playing "stress" YESTERDAY!! and i thought they mrs tan called them up cos they were PLAYING it!! i am like JI DONG than FANG SONG than JI DONG than FANG SONG. urgh what should i do!!

i seriously have no idea what will happen.

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AND I ATE SO MUCH :( but luckily skept quite a few meals so kinda makes it up ;D

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yeah SYF auditions IS OVER

lol my sis says seishea's sister is the best MAM in guides!! lol! plus she says got one person looks exactly like huiyu!! except that eprson has a super low voice.

hehe today there was SYF AUDITIONS!! I WAS DAMN SCARED. my voice was trembling plus i didn't have time to prac. and then all sec 2s did not get in though:( which is quite a disappointment. zia kept on saying she wanted me to go in alottttt. then she was quite sad sooo i dunno lah. but anyway still got another chance in sec four!! jiayou us till then!!

i decided to go for SYDNEY TRIP !! hehehe cos my parents allow me to go and they say its a good opportunity but then i feel its a waste of time. and we're missing one week of lessons and the next week is physics blocktest. luckily xinyun say she'll give us free tuition in sydney :D haha i think she quite smart lah don't need study also can top this top that. lol TEEHEE!!

i feel so happy and relaxed now and totally anticipating for tmr!! :D gonna be FU-UN! LOL I LOVE MRS SOH ALOT ALOT today she was talking about r/s and she said that when we have bfs next time must go show her. HAHAHAHAHA that will be so awkward though. but maybe we can ask all the bfs together go and knock on her door!!!!!!!!!! okay if we ever have one. :P