SYF 2013
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 @ 5:34 PM | 0 notes


I'm having serious post-syf blues now. And end-of-syf-prac withdrawal symptoms are showing. 


Have I ever mentioned how amazing nyco is?? These four years have been an amazing journey blah blah etc. Honestly, cca is something that I look forward to every tues/thurs/fri night!!! School is all dreary and bleah and I get all stressed and tired during lessons, but I feel super happy whenever I step into m4 hahahaha. I love my batchmates and sectionmates and dizi (dipa ftw!) and everyone around us weehee. They never fail to make me laugh hahahaha. 

SYF was so fun and exciting!!! Even though we made many mistakes on stage, everybody makes mistakes -hannah montana voice- HAHAHAHA and there's FOA to make sure we do even better than before!!!!! Everyone worked so hard for that moment (there's always co members practicing during recess everyday) and it may not have been our best performance, but I could feel everyone genuinely putting their heart and soul into the music :-) First and last syf, and it was such an enjoyable experience. 

(I feel very pleased secretly whenever someone says nypipa is bonded hahahaha ;D) Proud to be from nypipa!!!! Best section ever!!!!! And I love my batchmates so much!!! We have really come far far far. HAHAHAHA love our retardedness and how there's no awkwardness even when we talk about the weirdest things.

After school yesterday, I had originally intended to update about syf, but I ended up falling asleep at 5.30 p.m.... and waking up at 5.30 a.m. this morning. HAHAHAHA seishea says I'm a pig and I agree hee hee. 

So xingxing and profassor hua has told me to update everyday because they want to stalk me (they secretly think I'm really cool). Hahaha that's impossible though. My laziness trumps everything. 

Whoever made this photo is genius.