A Scream of No
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no! why why why!
aiyooooo, my mum and stupid sis are watching that show now. so boring man. like there are so many better shows and they choose this. so this was my plan that i executed but it failed miserably:( that's why i on-ed the comp and blogged. argh. horrible now. my comp is facing the tv and like ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. actually there's another tv in the room, but that one no cable cannot watch tv.
so i'm so bored and need entertainment. save me my beloveds!
haha, like i was sick just now. was running a fever and my whole body ached like siao. maybe it was yanjie that passed it to me... no offence. haha :D so i popped two panadols in my mouth and i feel so much better :D yay!!! CAN GO CLASS OUTING:)
anyway, my plan:
i got hold of the remote control(the one that switches channels-call it rc1) when my sis and mum were not noticing and did not notice the time. so i hid it under my butt. than my sis screamed: AHHHH! NINE O'CLOCK LE! so they went into panic mode and went around looking for rc1. than my mum poked her arm around the sofa and when i didn't move, she knew it was under my ass. so too bad D: than my sis hurry change but i was enjoying my show :(so i snatched the remote from her but my mum snatched it from me. arghhhhh, she side my sis. so i was all alone in the war. no ally :( so i was smart enough to snatch the remote control that on and off the tv(rc2) and i hurry pressed the off button and ran into my room and hid it under my pillows. i was stupid not to lock myself in there so i ran out and my mum ran inside to take the control. than she found it and on-ed the tv and i stood infront of the tv and shook my butt. haha. but my sis started crying so i strated screaming at her. than my mum started laughing at me and say i was crazy le. she also say later i have sore throat and she took some water and grapes out. so i plucked some grapes out from the branch and dropped them in the water. and the water tasted sweet. haha. i'm feeling siao ding dong now. and my keyboard is almost wet cos i am trying to take the grapes out of the water now. haha.

look!!! my new fav asvertisement. this is my third fav. my first two is the boom bee adah one and the sequel. haha i so loyal:) this is the gatsby facial wash that came out recently. actually the other gatsby adverts are very funny too, but i prefer this best.

okay, i'm so sian. my mum just said stop blogging and hurry do work. but today is a public holiday!!!!! ahhhh, i want a break. give me a break, give me a kitkat.
bye. ohya, is my blog too pinkish, haha, may be too girly than i maybe change.

A Horrible Spillage of Oil
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I HATE OIL SPILLS! they are plain awful D:
our plan to go ecp for class outing has shattered. it is closed. cos of the oil spill. argh.
so our alternative plan is to go pasir ris park. REALLY REALLY REALLY hope that many ppl can make it and that it will be a huge success. SMILE!
today we got back our report books! today is the last day of sabbaticals. today is also the last day of school!
okay, the first thingy. report book was not as scary as i thought it was. but so many ppl got same msg as me. haha! maegan, yanjie, yijie and nicole leh! 4 ppl. haha. and my results were not very bad lar. better than i had expected:)
awwww, sabbaticals end le. IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST WEEKS OF MY LIFE! totally awesome. rocked the hell outta me. another best week was lifeskills camp week! awesome like the world too!
hmmm... holidays are here. WILL miss 101! i love you! you are awesomer than the world! ahhhh! scream scream! somebody say fantastic! haiz... but holiday hor, like no holiday leh. every week got at least 4 days occupied. i have no idea how i'm going to be able to finish all my work. sian man.
oooh, jingwen thinks the world is cute too! yay! my sworn sista! er, i'm trying really hard to plan. looking forward to 1st and 2nd june! oooh, i can feel my insides butterflying.
btw, friendship is like like a bra: supportive, always lifting you up, never let's you down, AND close to your heart. that's most important. (: chantel says this sounds horny. does it? i think i wanna blow one more bubble.


A Day of Spasticness
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It all started in the morning. walao eh, i just accidentally deleted what i typed. now have to retype this super long post.

Qiu jia found this cute little baby bird in a nest at the dance studio!

Candyfloss was sold at our school today. colourful ones:) 2 dollars per container. zilin bought A LOT. siao ding dong. but still my idol. haha

Our school's theatre club putting up new drama play called flying away something. anyway, its about this loner balloon called bluey who flew away. these are his friends:) bluey and friends were in danger of being hit by an aeroplane. ARGH!!! the cross is the plane. the specks is the balloons.

Today for the malay cultural thingy, ruixuan and others were invited to try out the sarong. =>

And jingwen was asked to go up stage to dance!!!! haha but the pic a bit blur. she so paiseh! and she is da jie da in our team of ahlians. ms teo oso:) anyway, we have to do what she does. haha
i have some things to mention:
1) i'm super stinky cos of the inline skating and i came back half an hour ago and haven bathe yet. I HATE TO BATHE OKAY!!!! i sound so germy. haha:P
2) ms teo inline skated with us today! super cuteeeee:)
3) jingwen fell down a lot of times during sabbaticals:D ahaha!
4) Huiyu can speak french and greek!
5) class outing and IH meeting!
ding! i'm gonna bathe! bye!!!!!

A Mind of Hahas
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okay, my titles are mindless nowadays. no meaning de. but that's because i'm trying to keep up with the a___ of____. haha. luckily you can't see:)

nownownow, i'm rushing my homeworkkkkkk. can someone give me something better to do?

the articles for 101 heartbeat not sent to huiyu yet. Sorry ah, send you tmr kay? SOMEONE GIVE ME THE PICTURES FOR THE SABBATICALS. plssssss??????

haha today, like we were pestering ms teo to let us take photo of her. and i can't believe she agreed to mark the questions for jane???!!!! and she still said that some of the answeres were wrong so she will change for us. but at first she was sajiao-ing and trying to negotiate like what we always do with our homework. aiyo...... guai la.

and like we accidentally took a lot of unglam shots of her because she keep on moving! urgh! like trying to take a photo of a toddler sia. so hard leh! like we are so nice to her to give her a second chance to take the photos, but... aiiiiyoooooo!
look at this super cute pic of snsd's oh! cake!!!!! like SO CUTEEEE:) maybe can do something like this too:) but it will take a long long time and we dunno where to get the figurines of the members. haha:) and like all the characters have acessories like yuri and her pink bling bling cap:D

We have finally decided on dates to go to chenghui's house to do IH assignment:)

boo, sabbaticals ending le:'(
A sad sad Sabrita

A Muscle of Fatigue
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volunteered for the nygh sec 1 open house thingy. my duty was sch tour. I WAS PAIRED WITH AHMA! at first i couldn't find my psl so i went with ashleigh toh. than we dunno how spilt up so ahma and i set up our own tours. and we were damn pro larrrrr. haha:D
but honestly, it was really tiring. at least it ended 1 hour earlier. but still had to wait with ahma. so i begged yingying and qingyuan to wait with us. than we ate ice cream and qingyuan did funny actions and i couldn't stop laughing.
anyway, i felt damn weird on the bus cos i was empty handed. i literaly did not bring anything except for my wallet, handphone, clothes, undies, body, tissue...okay that's a lot of stuff, but i stuffed everything in my pocket so i was empty handed. so i felt so weird...
during the tours, we kept on passing by co and i kept waving to my seniors and other people i dunno. haha. ohyea! zzc kept on passing by us and once, he like super excited and started waving vigorously at us while we doing the tours! ARGHHHHH!!!! so malu leh. and the parents keep on asking us the same question: why did you choose nanyang instead of raffles? as in like, what do you expect me to say?????? of course it's becos i like it better lar! DUH.
and some of the primary six girls were like so tiny and puny while some were bigger than me. i met my sis's friends too!!! but only chatted with monica. i think she going raffles leh... huhhhhhh. COME NANYANG. IT'S SO MUCH MORE BETTER WITH US AROUND:)
and like we saw some of the other aep girls like huiyu and chantel... and chantel showed me this super nice drawing that her senior like just drew on the spot with a pen. FANTASTICOOO! REALLY!!! yingying and qingyuan said they were slacking the whole time on facebook. cos they had to give out brochures but no one took it so she just quietly put back on the shelf and ran off to play facebook for one plus hour. UNFAIR LOR! and they said ms yap didn't care. EVEN MORE UNFAIR. you noe ahma and i were like acting as super "elegant" and "obedient" YOUNG LADIES. so we were so tireddddd. BUT IT WAS FUN TOO!
saw tina and others at the pa system there with ms heng in the heritage room. TINA is so lihai mann. and she speaks so well and when she speaks into the mike, she sounds so siwen and gentle. but i like her voice:) and she was like hop hop here, hop hop there. AHAHA! SO CUTE!

oooooookay, time is like 11.30. so niteys!

A Day of Thingies
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JUST came back from sabbaticals. FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN. like FUN. yeah FUN. aha FUN. duh FUN. so FUN. Simply FUN.
inline skating is so FUN. actually i alr noe how to, but i choose to stay with besties and learn basics with them cos i know it'll be funner to play with them:)
and jingwen fell down ZERO times. if you would believe her. but there was the MYSTERIOUS CASE OF THE BROWN STAINS. like for real. my collar became all dirty. at first i tot it was SWEAT. but how can it be brown? i checked and it was transparent. normal colour. so it is weird and creepy how i got dirty.
anyway, for like the remainder of the inline skating lesson, we got the chance to skate around ourselves. so all the 101-ners(9 ppl in total.) like kinda went into chu-chu-train position and skated around the court:) than we sang songs like wacky nursery rhymes, and than the instructor told us to sing our national anthem . than we sang our school song. than we sang the jane song, with different speed variations. than we looked up and saw the home econs room so we shouted: JANE!!!!! but no one replied. we looked like retards. haha. than we sang phineas and ferb songs. AND OH OH OH OH! WE TRIED DANCING OH! IN OUR SKATES. LOL. total failure. than the instructors told us to sing like chinese songs by liu de hua and jacky chan. like how are we supposed to know? than they ask us sing random lady gaga songs, but we only knew certain parts. haha!

YAY! SEC SCH IS LIKE DAMN FUN. we are creating a class magazine. every alternate weeks an issue will be published. it is called:
I'm incharge of 2 articles: oh! dancers and sabbaticals for this week:O we had to interview our classmates and act like pro. actually dun need act lar, we alr very pro lor. haha. than yijie was incharge of ms teo's_________ so we had to take photo of her________ and we made up alot of excuses to ask her.
i think like this is super exciting lor. and there is like a comic section, a song of the week section, a love,samantha(aunt agony) section and all those stuff:)
than _______is in charge of love, samantha section. at first no business one, but than we SPAMMED her box. lol.
okay, gotta rush holiday hw so can play in june holidays:)
LOVE,SAMANTHAAAAAA...'S goodddd friend,

A Siren of YOH YOH YOH!
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let's backtrack a bit...


on friday, we had the H.C.N.Y.A.T.F.M. can you believe it? the name is making me DIZZY. and it's so much longer than combined ports meet. lol and it was superr HOT. all thx to jingwen. drank so much milo that i was bloated:P

SO AFTER THE MEET, sorry i caps on, we dropped by at sogurt! but ... it was CLOSED. so saddddd. anyway, went to 7-11, got a drink and left.

so we went on the bus, and it was superrrrr crowded. we had to sit on the stairs. TALKING BOUT DANGEROUS. and we went to huiyu's grandma's house to change. her house is damn nice:) it was vintage and looked like those castles in the olden days:D

than we went to somerset 313, ion and wisma. it was wayyy cool. sadly, we did not but anything except for the shoes. chenghui says that we may go bugis next time to buy cheaper clothes. BUT we did manage to grab some shoes. HIGH HEELS. boom boom boom boom.

than huiyu and i came out of the ion building first, so we waited outside for the rest. we saw some STATUES and went to imitate them. lol. than we did not notice some tourists taking photos so they started laughing at us, and we walked to one side. than when we posed again as we thought they had left, one man came back and took INDIVIDUAL photos of us!!! AHAHA!

and there was this board that was like a background for the front cover of a magazine. so we acted like models and posed PRO-LY and a lot of ppl were staring. lol.


WELL, WHAT CAN I SAY, the only word to describe it is WALAO EH! the teachers like bombarded us with tons of homework till we almost drowned in them:X


we practised dancing in the shoes again than the whole class was like: WOW YOU ARE ALL SO TALLL. i think it was music for jingwen:) anyway, me, jingwen and huiyu went to jurong point to look for stufff. and huiyu bought this really cute rabbit stuff toy from action city. we saw some really cute things there: there was this tiny little cuteeee pet vacuum machine than sucked allyour sirt and bits of paper. and there was this super tiny fan that was super cooling. and there was this stapler without staples. OHYEA! there was this mouse pad in the shape of a SEXY woman and her two bras were wrist restsss... COOL YEAH?

and there is this thingy in sch called be yourself day. our class deciding what theme to wear to. THINKING OF GEEK, PRIMARY SCH UNIFORM, BABY, AND BOY BOY(consists of business man and ah boy) it's gonna be damn funnnn!

plus, we are deciding what thingys we are gonna have for sch fun fair. I REALLY WANT THE INFLATABLE PLAYGROUND THINGY! and candy floss:)

got into INLINE SKATING for sabbaticals. actually they are only teaching the basic stuff but i learnt alr. but at least it's fun:P and yijie, seishea, jingwen and many others:)



A House of Funitudes
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never post for so longggg le:P
haha. went to seishea's house on mon. guess too late to post le. go see huiyu or jingwen's blogs to read:)
YAYAYAYAYEEEE! finally! IT'S FRIDAY! tgif!!! anyway, tmr is the combined sports meet thingy:D but after that, we are going to SOGURT for some ice-cream than GO SHOPPINGGGGG! ohyea babehhhhh!
haha. and my seniors say they may be bringing us to see our older seniors in hcjc.(:
and and and, we almost finished learning OH! le. yippeeeeeess~ we are fantastic mannn. and ms teo found out that we were learning it. cos she was PEEPING! and when we were dancing to the pink panther thingy, mrs ho was late and was pissed when she saw us dancingXP
but anyway, we were dancing a bit after school and when we were doing the VIGOROUS shaking butt thingy, zzc walked in! and saw us dancing. and i couls see that he was quite shocked...anyway, we were so embarassed that we hid under the tables. and nicole told me i was blushing:D

haven heard this for a long time yeah?

A Soul of Helplessness
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changed my blogskin:) hope you ppl like it. comment, tags!
awwww...no more lovely bones. kick-ass? izit rated R? i think so leh. hope not. heard that it is very funny.
struggling real hard now with LA. i realised that my interest in LA is fading away. i actually dread LA sometimes. but i have to force myself to like it more. i actually dun understand why i chose green living. i actually hae an idea on what i'm goanna write, but all the patchworks are killing me. it's just that i dunno what problems there are. i noe some but i can't identify more.
popular replaced by pacific. AWWWW...i love popular. i was glad that popular was in my sec sch. but byebye dream. pacific was my primary sch bookstore. and it was not nice. hmph. and popular will only come back when i'm in sec 4~! why??? totally saddened.
anyway, ppl pls can we decide on the stuff for class outing? as in like what day and what time and what to bring and what to do. i can't wait to go ECP!
I STILL CAN'T WAIT FOR MON. huiyu and i are gonna wear yellow:) jing wen says she's will wear a DRESS. ooh...
and zilin actually looks quite nice lar. it's just that her behavior very boyish and her everything is so messy. this explains why we were all so SHOCKED when we realised that she combed her hair 1 day. but it lasted only for one day. and i cannot believe she takes german as third lang! i think i was the last in class to find out. cos i suddenly went into shock mode and the whole class laughed at me. aiyo, i a bit dense de ma.


A Bunch of Boomikas
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i dunno wad's boomikas too. so dun ask me!

the blocktests are almost over. so on mon, we going to jp to watch the lovely bones!

anyway, today is seishea's birthday. CONGRATS! YOU'RE FINALLY THIRTEEN! another teenager in our class.

<=seishea hugging jane's present. POOH BEAR TOY!

anyway, today was cup noodle day!!!! so yeah, as the name suggests, we were supposed to bring cup noodles. we used the water hotter? to cook the noodles! fun yeah! and we didn't have to wait in the super LONGGGG queue!

<=my wonderful meal!:)

<= a table of cup noodle eaters!
i could tell that the next table was green with envy!

after that, we had A RELIEF TEACHER, AND SHE WAS GROSS. she wanted to ask what was rui xuan's name, so she shouted: SHOW ME YOUR BREASTS! and she said if you didn't wear name tag, you were like topless.like, ewwwww. when the whole class laughed, she was like you dun have ______ ah? so disgusting mannn. and she said she was teaching us hypothesis, so she said, thesis cannot be spelled as tes___? as in like, there is no link at all! she is pollutin our minds. and the worst thingy was, tina didn't learn it in her international sch. so she went around asking us wad it was, and no one dared to explain. so finally, we told her: a coconut trunk got two coconuts hanging down. than she still didn't get it. so we explained it in a MORE scientific manner, and she said it was fine. ok...
anyway, the teacher oso said that the mixed footsteps for the activity was a boy and a girl muack muack and than the footsteps disappeared cos the boy carried the girl home and____ ahem ahem. we were like wtf? why is she so sick...? and ms jingwen wong actually said she wanted her as the PERMENANT TEACHER! okay...sick but HAWT girl.

<=my drawing of yuri! but nothing compared to huiyu's

Huiyu's fab drawing:)

<=RANDOMNESS! my sister. ok, this is totally out of the picture.

gotta study for geog. happy that it's the final test!:)
P.S: friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it but only you can get the warm feeling that it brings.
P.S.S: Desserts is stressed BACKWARDS!
P.S.S.S: listen and silent are spelled with the same letters!