A Bunch of Boomikas
Wednesday, May 5, 2010 @ 6:17 PM | 0 notes

i dunno wad's boomikas too. so dun ask me!

the blocktests are almost over. so on mon, we going to jp to watch the lovely bones!

anyway, today is seishea's birthday. CONGRATS! YOU'RE FINALLY THIRTEEN! another teenager in our class.

<=seishea hugging jane's present. POOH BEAR TOY!

anyway, today was cup noodle day!!!! so yeah, as the name suggests, we were supposed to bring cup noodles. we used the water hotter? to cook the noodles! fun yeah! and we didn't have to wait in the super LONGGGG queue!

<=my wonderful meal!:)

<= a table of cup noodle eaters!
i could tell that the next table was green with envy!

after that, we had A RELIEF TEACHER, AND SHE WAS GROSS. she wanted to ask what was rui xuan's name, so she shouted: SHOW ME YOUR BREASTS! and she said if you didn't wear name tag, you were like topless.like, ewwwww. when the whole class laughed, she was like you dun have ______ ah? so disgusting mannn. and she said she was teaching us hypothesis, so she said, thesis cannot be spelled as tes___? as in like, there is no link at all! she is pollutin our minds. and the worst thingy was, tina didn't learn it in her international sch. so she went around asking us wad it was, and no one dared to explain. so finally, we told her: a coconut trunk got two coconuts hanging down. than she still didn't get it. so we explained it in a MORE scientific manner, and she said it was fine. ok...
anyway, the teacher oso said that the mixed footsteps for the activity was a boy and a girl muack muack and than the footsteps disappeared cos the boy carried the girl home and____ ahem ahem. we were like wtf? why is she so sick...? and ms jingwen wong actually said she wanted her as the PERMENANT TEACHER! okay...sick but HAWT girl.

<=my drawing of yuri! but nothing compared to huiyu's

Huiyu's fab drawing:)

<=RANDOMNESS! my sister. ok, this is totally out of the picture.

gotta study for geog. happy that it's the final test!:)
P.S: friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it but only you can get the warm feeling that it brings.
P.S.S: Desserts is stressed BACKWARDS!
P.S.S.S: listen and silent are spelled with the same letters!