A Face of Stressness
Sunday, April 25, 2010 @ 5:22 PM | 0 notes

my flawless face, has become a 10 star hotel for pimples and acne for now. I HOPE FOR NOW. it's so irritating when you meet long time no see ppl and they ask you : what's happened to your face? well, what do you think? it's is because i'm super young and younger than you. i am going through puberty, and i can't help it. you ask me why i have so many pimples, i dun noe. HAVEN YOU HAD PIMPLES BEFORE? HUH? i can't stop them from erupting outta my face. if you can, i'll pay you a million bucks for it.

ok, now for the niceee part. HAD AN ENJOYABLE CLASS BREAKFAST!
but i dunno if it's us or the other classes... almost every class had a birthday girl. were they just singing cos the other classes were singing too? anyway... the cookies were fantastic! the whole box was licked clean! and my mum said they tasted great too!

and on the day before, we went to huiyu's house to bake the masterpiece. so fun:) her house is neat:D and her sis is so funny. ohyea, we had difficulties seperating the eggs. huiyu had egg all over her hand. and there was egg shell it the mixture. but we took it out. no worries:) if you felt an extra crunch in the cookies somewhere, OOPS! WE MSSED IT! yijie was the expert. she did the cookies before, so she knew how to bake them.

ANYWAYS, i can't wait for tmr. going the KAP wif jing's frens. harhar. timo will be there:) and johny and king. gonna show them about jing's complicated relationship...hehheh...

ok, gotta complete some work.
love ya peeps!