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Yawning is such an amusing action. And the best part is, it's contagious!!!!! Hahaha somehow I have a feeling that this is common knowledge but I live under a rock so you can't blame me for being slow.

According to my best friend (google!! -Nerdy sab pushes up her glasses-), yawning is contagious!! If you look at a yawning person (especially at the eyes) or listen to someone yawning or even just reading/thinking/looking at a picture of someone yawning, YOU WILL YAWN. (inhales dramatically) Oh and even dogs will yawn when someone is yawning.

This is too cool. So I went on to laugh at yawning pictures.

This is a yawning donkey.

This is a yawning monkey.

This is a collage of yawning animals.

HAHAHAHA I can be a guide at the art museum because I am so good at talking about pictures. Okay I shouldn't be so mean and laugh at these animals because I have been told that I look horrigible when I yawn. Apparently I don't even cover my mouth and I have a very large mouth so it's kind of gross hee hee. I remember last year, I yawned in class and hua/hazel from all the way on the other side heard me yawning and they couldn't stop laughing at me. >(

Yawning is so cool!!!!!! kskjsha;lks;. It's just like laughing. No one every teaches you: Please open your mouth and make weird noises that resemble "kaka haha kaka" and inhale in quick succession (this is just me) and give your diaphragm a great workout when you encounter something funny/that makes you happy. Babies laugh all the time!!!!! You just do it!! And I bet laughing is contagious. ofisad4(*&O*kg08uushdf. Amazing things about being human!

(I yawned at least 10 times typing this post. Hahahaha I'm serious.)

Sabbatical week is going well thus far!! Watched "Schindler's list" today and yesterday and it makes me feel so so so sad. Tomorrow's film is going to be "Munich". And then we are going watch a movie about the Korean war which apparently stars hot guys? ;) Pharmaceutical chem is fun too! The aspirin we synthesized smells so much like Sarsi!

Qiting is a spy. A super secret spy because she was eavesdropping on some stranger's conversation. I want to be a spy when I grow up!! Qiting also gave me a pot of flowers on Monday. Jing and I went over to her house on Sunday to have a movie marathon!!! Watched my second horror movie ever!! "The hole". The first was Coraline. (Chucky doesn't count because I didn't dare to watch the whole thing when I was 3/4)
By the way, this para was added because she insisted.

Ah Huat 白咖啡~

weekend weekend weekend
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I'm back by popular (huanyu's) demand!!!

CSM was on friday!! I've been looking forward to friday because christine suggested that we go cycling at east coast after csm :D (funny how she was too lazy to go in the end hahahaha) I actually went to ecp even though it's on the other side of the world!

CSM was kind of boring. I didn't even drink any milo. It was kind of just embarrassing myself because I have zero sports sense and hanging out with my friends. hahahaha. I'm so unfit that 5 items was more like OBS x 5 for me. The day after 5 items, my whole upper body ached like mad. I couldn't even raise my arms. Can you imagine how long it took for me to get into my hongzi. Hua couldn't stop laughing at me (meanie). I think I should exercise more often. The last time I exercised as much as I did during 5 items was the previous 5 items?? Okay this shall be my mid-year resolution. To exercise at least once a week!!!!!

So Dana, Yung Shan, Hua and I went to ECP :D weehee. We pigged out at some mall (I am terribly unfamiliar with the east side of SG it's like being in another country to me) and then we walked all the way to the beach in the unbearable heat blah blah blah. Cycling was really fun! I haven't cycled in a bajillion years so  I was super excited hahaha. We taught ys how to cycle. Or rather, tried to. HAHAHA. There were many guys there who were around our age teaching their friends how to cycle too. So I kind of just copied what they were doing. In the end, she managed to cycle all the way from the food centre to the rental shop!! YAY! ding ding for her!

I think I have teenophobia. It's the phobia of other teens. There were so many teens in ecp lksjdflskd can you imagine how terrified I felt. The whole time I was like "Don't look at me!". But that failed badly because hua started singing "I see a sea", a song by herself. And it was hard to resist the temptation to join in. Also, we attempted to hit many high notes which of course gained ourselves quite a few "are you loopy" looks. But you can't blame me because I was drunk on coconut juice. I actually finished one whole coconut BY MYSELF. It was quite painful actually. I felt so bloated after that.

My butt hurts even after 2 days. I think it's because I sat on the uncomfortable bicycle seat for too long and my flabby butt muscles couldn't take it. But it was such a fun outing!!!!! A great conclusion to a great day!

The trip home consisted of a lost slinky (see below) and a very smelly and sweaty me. I shall not elaborate because it's already an accomplishment if people manage to read everything up till here. Gold star for you. Also, I'm trying to be mysterious. (By the way, I am supercali excited for AV concert on thurday.)
Fact of the day: It's really surprising how almost every day in school I will meet a year 4 ny girl that I've never seen before in my whole life. 

Coolies are cool (geddit geddit)
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Happy labour day!!!!!!!

This year's labour day will be spent at home labouring with my loves (homework). aslkdjalk here I am procrastinating. I don't want to start on IH BT :-(

BAM! video!

I actually have nothing to say. I should start on IH and get it over and done with. :-(