A Rush of OMG-ness
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OMG. I'm so in love with SNSD! especially Yuri and Tiffanie. THEY SO PWEETY! chio dao yao si. so jealous! blehs... and I'm still loving oh! more than chocolate love. maybe run devil run more than oh!...
Today PM LEE HSIEN LOONG came. teehee. he is TALL . as in seriously.. Argh so jealous. hope i haven have growth spurt yet... (:
than there was DONG DONG DONG DONG, STORYTELLING. boomy! it was horrifying. so scary. i'm lucky to have survivied through it, unharmed. actually it was because i was so lucky enuf to not get picked. WHEW! but you noe, i think my script sounds boring. BOOHOO! AND everytime ms heng was about to announce the next storyteller, i will suddenly have respiratory problems. like i was going to have heart attack. choi. touchwood lar. but LIKE. than l8r when i knoe it's not me, i will be like,"heng ah!". i feel so bad towards the chosen ones. sorry har. hehe.
and i just realised that JING WEN IS SO PWEETY! angeline, after reading this, dun call her up and say she got secret admirer again. but as in really . she like one of those SNSD girls. hehe. ohyea, zilin died and revived. for more information to your enquiries, please visit huiyu or jing wen's blog.
lazy to type more le. bb

omg. scary for tmr. duh duh duh dung.
sabrita :(

A Sincere PLEASE
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This is dedicated to Jane. Why you dun wanna eat?! You noe she fainted on Mon cos of low blood pressure? ahyo. Must got well soon and be healthIER. OK? listen to me lar. Good for you one. one oh one, must make sure we force her down to the canteen everyday to eat ok? Jane ah, be strong hor!
ohyea, today, during culture bobby actually drew our family tree. Some wierd names were included, but that were for others who wanna join us next time. hehe. I'm married to yijie(bob). but it's wierd cos in the family, we are cousins. AND JANE IS OUR AHGONG! YAY! ahma(banana) and bobblehead are my parents. bobblehead really like one leh. no offence lar. Angeline(Blurb) got married to yining(bert),who are siblings. hehe. ohyea, i have two kids but forgot who. I dun even noe if there is someone using the name. nvm bah. hehheh. so fun. It would be perfecter if we were all just siblings. than so fun. jiejie here, meimei there. or maybe ghogho and didi oso. hehe. It would be fantabulousssss.
BTW the sec sch(jurong) opp my hse got camp.n guess what? they are saying the same cheers that we said during that safra thingy in lifeskills camp. wonder if they are the same facilitators. and they are changing music everytime, juz like us! so got free music to hear. hehe. they oso doing the claps. oh, how i miss lifeskills camp. must wait till next yearrr!

signing off, sabrina.

A Whale of A Time
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Yipee! Finally got a new laptop! But another happy point is I fnally got the chance to go ECP! I took some photos. Heehee. Before that, we went to Orchard Central and Somerset 313 cos my dad wanna see. Than saw some crazy stuff there.

<= Guess wad this pic is made of...

Rubiks cube! Cool huh?

Original effect:)

And I saw this super tall guy/girl on stilts giving out flyers. He/she was wearing cinderella costume. But looked like a guy. So I oso saw the rock-climbing ppl. It was damn scary to rock-climb cos almost the whole place was made of glass and it was SUPERRRRR high up.
and it was like looking at nothing from above.

So l8r we went to ECP and played! Actually cycled lar. ohyar, must remind you that all these took place on Sunday! I dunno why i'm posting so l8. But got this stupid jam. Took 2 hours to reach leh. Urgh. But it was still fun. Harhar. :) But now i'm lazy to post the photos I took there. So too bad. Today got pipa practice. okok lar. Tmr got CO concert. So excited. Sitting with angeline and ghost. Not exactly lar. Brothers, sorry if I offended you. Hehe:D. Just no one sitting next to me. hehheh. Wonder what to wear. Anything bah. Now going to watch tv le. So bye.

A Bag of Contentedness
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oooh. ok. so my title. yes. completely fitting. i'm contented.*smile contentedly* yay. i had contented dreams(during nap-i was too tired ok?!), a contented lunch and dinner, and a very very very very very CONTENTED SHOPPING SPREE!
YESH! It was great. I bought a pair of shoes and a jacket and some tees and a pair of shorts. heehee. my mum bought more. cos my sis went to sch, then went to her fren's hse. so my mum brought me out. we wanted to go OG actually, cos there was a private review, so there was 30 percent sale. but the queue was so long, it was practically strangling the whole building! it was coiling and coiling and yeah. than one guard suddenly asked if we were singapore idol participants. ME? HAVE YOU EVER HEARD ME SING? heehee. so than we gave up finding the entrance. so we walked into orchard central and walked out. cos it was so ULU and was so...teehee. so then we went to somerset 313 and went to forever 21. my mum was tempted to but the jewellery. I liked the one with the camera/radio(I couldn't decide which?) and the one with safety pins and paper clips. harhar. then we went into uniqlo. WHOA~! it was so empty. first time ever i stepped into it and it was so spacious. bought most of our clothes there. the jacket was SO COMFY! too bad the color i wanted was out of stock for my size. so had to buy the other color. but it was still nice:). '
then we went to the OG at the chinatown place. found shoes! yay me!
ok i wanna concentrate on my show now. bb!

always alive and kicking,
meeeeeees! sabritameus. harhar

A Short Reminder...
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Ok, Don't be alarmed if I never write for one month or smt, cos this blog's not dead yet kay? I'm like this(which explains why I feel so guilty towards my angel) and I'm trying super-duper hard to keep this blog alive. Haix... So yeah. and i think im going to run out of titles that start with"a __ of __". but i'll try my bestest to uphold it blah blah blehs.

Always running,

A Recording of WOOTS...WOOTS!
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YAY! i'm in a great mood today, partly because i finished all my homework(except for sias. shit i forgot.)ok... nvm forget about that. I feel horrible now. thinking about them...so hard to read a chinese book leh. nvm...at least ... yesterday I had fun! and the last part why i am so hapy today is...*giggles* I can go east coast park to cycle again this fri! yay! I noe this may not seem like a great deal to you guys, but it is to me...CYCLING ROX!...AND THE BEACH TOO...:)
so what happened yesterday, you may ask, or not. but i'm still gonna tell you anyways. teehee. ok i went to jp to watch alice in wonderland 3D with Jingwen and Yijie...! YIPEES! yeah so dah dah dah, lah lah lah, we went there, met each other, ate lunch(mcdonalds-fast fast food. we only had 15 mins to eat!). The best part was, I saw Lauren, and Maegan and my sis's fried. So I guess yesterday was coincidential day. hehe. anyway, we were lalala-ing in the queue, and suddenly, Maegan's hair caught my eye. I dunno why it's her hair, but that was the first thing I saw.
The movie was excellent, especially with special effects. It was super enchanting and some parts were creepy... But, it was nice. Adventurous. ok, so after the movie, we walked out, of course, and I saw Lauren! So we said hi and all that and we sms-ed each other when I went home. ok so we went to take neo-prints, and it was the best pics I have ever taken. Honestly. seriously. macaroni. than maegen and peeps kept on peeping atus from outside. Hmph! but an eye for an eye, we stared at them when it was their turn. teehee.
than we walked into the toilet and took mirror pics, and went into kiddy palace to take pics of soft toys and we were like so amazed at the real food but toy maker thingies. Expecially the sushi one. than we walked about and wanted to go into ntuc fairprice. but jing had to leave so yijie followed her and at that moment, my aunt called to say that they were at jp too! so we said byes to hai ern and we got a free ride home! yeah!
ok now i'm freaking out cos exams are near. eek!
gtg revise le.
with a quick muack,

A Dash of Hopes and Dreams
Friday, March 12, 2010 @ 11:42 PM | 0 notes

Phew! just came back from LSC! Super fun. i dunno why, but it feels funner than primary sch camps. teehee.

Mascot making

well, our idea was a banana ON HUIYU! not a standing-itself mascot..... so yeah. we had to search the dustbin and recycling bin for MORE cardboard. it turned out quite neat, but frankly speaking, it looked like a blockhead zombie with stitches, which was the tape. but it was fun. at least it was STANDING TALL compared to the rest. It was like a tower?!!? and we are AEP class so yeah.

Flag making

as always with 101, it was FUN. It is like the words class 101 with yea, a banana as a background. i guess you can say bananas are OUR names. it was plain, but sweet and simple. haha, thx to ahma, we got the measurements rite!

Cheering competition

Guess what? 1 of our cheers were oso associated with bananas. :

somebody call 101,
32 bananas on the dancefloor,
WHOA~(in the tune of fire burning).
So we go,
peel banana, peel peel banana,
dance banana, dance dance banana,
shake banana, shake shake banana,
we're bananas, 32 bananas,
go 101! WHOOA~WHEE~

Fun~ cool~ woo~

Excursion to SAFRA

the best part was the parts on the bus and the cheer part. learnt so many new ones! On the bus, we were singing our class anthem:

We know a song that irritates Jane,
we know a song that irritates Jane,
we know a song that irritates Jane,
and the aong goes like this,

this is supposed to repeat till foreva, sometimes go slow, sometimes fast. heehee, sometimes we oso did this:

Everybody say Teehee:
WE LOVE 101!

as always, the funess never stops.

Cheering competition

we were not really loud, the class was paiseh to cheer. harhar. unbelievably quiet. except for some like huiyu cos they are very sporting.


wow, we created a LEGEND!
it's like only 9 ppl did not CRY. i DID though. it was uncontrollable. just cannot stop flowing. angeline cried till she vomited. worst case. reason? here...

everything was going smoothly, as expected, till it happened. the music suddenly stopped and continues to the next dance. we were stupified. seriously. we just stood there. than the music restarted and we danced gee again. we did it for the third time when they ... we did not even complete half of it! and i think the second part is most interesting. aww... too bad for us. we cried like hell backstage. the crew and skit ppl cried too.

we wasted time, money, clothes, and everything you can imagine. but at least it was fun, still upset though, till...

the teacher said we had second chance! omgish... we were happy and hoped and prayed super hard.

but it happened again. all in all, we repeated the first part like for 5 times, but it still got stuck in the end. our hopes, were dashed. our efforts, gone down the drain. blah. blehs. than the crew backstage cried once the music got stuck. so touching... they cried out of the stage but still faked a smile. tina wanted to cry but zzc forbid her to. she fought back tears till her nose was all red. we hugged each other. but it was heartwarming to see our class so bonded. and thx, to the sec ones and parents who cheered us on.

i watched the vid. the dances was quite tidy. go on fb. jingwen's vids. there got. here:
this is the second chance.
and the first try:
hope you enjoy!

i realised that i love our 32 bananas so muchh!! wheeeee! ohyea, although we were the only class that did not win anything, we won over each others' support AND care AND love. teehee

the gal with a really long post,