A Recording of WOOTS...WOOTS!
Tuesday, March 16, 2010 @ 12:36 PM | 0 notes

YAY! i'm in a great mood today, partly because i finished all my homework(except for sias. shit i forgot.)ok... nvm forget about that. I feel horrible now. thinking about them...so hard to read a chinese book leh. nvm...at least ... yesterday I had fun! and the last part why i am so hapy today is...*giggles* I can go east coast park to cycle again this fri! yay! I noe this may not seem like a great deal to you guys, but it is to me...CYCLING ROX!...AND THE BEACH TOO...:)
so what happened yesterday, you may ask, or not. but i'm still gonna tell you anyways. teehee. ok i went to jp to watch alice in wonderland 3D with Jingwen and Yijie...! YIPEES! yeah so dah dah dah, lah lah lah, we went there, met each other, ate lunch(mcdonalds-fast fast food. we only had 15 mins to eat!). The best part was, I saw Lauren, and Maegan and my sis's fried. So I guess yesterday was coincidential day. hehe. anyway, we were lalala-ing in the queue, and suddenly, Maegan's hair caught my eye. I dunno why it's her hair, but that was the first thing I saw.
The movie was excellent, especially with special effects. It was super enchanting and some parts were creepy... But, it was nice. Adventurous. ok, so after the movie, we walked out, of course, and I saw Lauren! So we said hi and all that and we sms-ed each other when I went home. ok so we went to take neo-prints, and it was the best pics I have ever taken. Honestly. seriously. macaroni. than maegen and peeps kept on peeping atus from outside. Hmph! but an eye for an eye, we stared at them when it was their turn. teehee.
than we walked into the toilet and took mirror pics, and went into kiddy palace to take pics of soft toys and we were like so amazed at the real food but toy maker thingies. Expecially the sushi one. than we walked about and wanted to go into ntuc fairprice. but jing had to leave so yijie followed her and at that moment, my aunt called to say that they were at jp too! so we said byes to hai ern and we got a free ride home! yeah!
ok now i'm freaking out cos exams are near. eek!
gtg revise le.
with a quick muack,