A Sprinkle of Anger
Monday, February 8, 2010 @ 4:26 PM | 0 notes

Hihi again again...
Errr... Have you ever felt like punching someone in the stomach cos u feel what? Well I'm felling that now. Ok, it's story-time.
So it's like this. Yesterday, I managed to complete my hw so I had a teeny Weeny bit of spare time bef i went to my grandparents' house. So, of course, I logged in and I went to our class bloggie. Then I looked at the textbox. It said smt about some raffles person. And Bobby(Hui Yu) said that she did not want to polute our minds so I was KPO and wanted to look at it. Then I went to Bobby's blog and my jaw dropped. Literally. The first post was abt a convo between Bobby and someone who named itself (not fit to be human) 'Raffles Pro'. Than 'it' was babbling nonsense about our class blog and saying that we're noops. Or whatever in 'it's' own alien lang. Then she started criticising us and saying some blah blah blah. The Bobby kept on fighting back. And she was pro. Managed to kick her butt off. I dun understand. Why can't all of us live in peace and harmony? Or maybe their jealous of us... But anyway, 'it' should get on with life and not stick her noses(maybe she has more than one) in other people's business. Juz hope that she wun come back to harass us again.
Ok nvm about that. Than another thing happened again today. We were deciding again for waht we're gonna do for talentime than someone, I forgot who, suddenly suggested that we do fashion show! But 104 is alr doing it and we have limited time to figure out what to wear to biao xian chu kaleidoscope stuff. But ths is not really important izit?
The best thing abt today is no hw and anticipating for tmr. They say tmr is ganna be a better day rite? No lar. The main reason is tmr is finally gonna be the first pipa lesson!!! YEAH!!!:)

OK, I should probably sign off now.

Bub P. Haishan