A Cup of Monkeyness
Saturday, February 6, 2010 @ 2:50 PM | 0 notes

Im back!!! Ok yesterday was not plain boring actually. Today is. But...Yesterday was not the type of day you would like to have.
1) So much hw... why am i using com?
2) They cancelled dance but that's not the point. We had to decide on the item for talentime during camp. So, the bananaclass decided on song and dance. But guess what, we took30 mins to decide. Urgh... Then no one was really listening so the talentime coordinators were like freaking out. Then the few of US(not united states...us)juz decided that our class should be split into 5 grps than each grp will have to wear a diff color shirt to dance diff chorosus of songs. Ok... I got split into blue grp...and l8r we did not have more time cos the bell rang...and everyone was so angry that we did not really do anything...but at least we got the grps rite?
3) Zhang Lao Shi announced that the bananas did a very very GOOD job in the geog test... great.
Than I have no more complaints. And I juz found out that Hui Yu dances ballet!!! Not that i have a problem wif that or wadeva k... Its juz... cool!<3
Ok i nd to do my piling hw now, so adios, ahmigos!
PS: I like the idea of 6 Peace class reunion!XD

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