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todaaay was another do nothing day. sighh. I really really really made a promise yesterday to at least finish a piece of homework but... okay at least I did some maths :D 

Now I feel better xD

I'm going for BSP camp tomorrow!! I hope I meet lots of fun people hahahahaha :D I don't mind weird people too! (weird as in sab-weird). I still have stuff to pack and blah but hehehehe procrastination is my bestie ;D

Anyway, I met up with Jingwen at Clementi just now! Got some stuff for -hehehe- and then we sat at starbucks    to do it :D Lots of people were staring at us though.. HAHAHA who cares I probably won't see them again. We tried the new cookie drink thingy AND IT'S REALLY AWESOME! :D 

HAHAHA soooo... jingwen was sharing with me lots and lots and lots of gossip. I like to listen hahaha and pretend I'm really not living with patrick the starfish under a rock. I'm really really really oblivious to all the stuff that goes around school hahaha I kind of live in my own little bubble with all my friends being bubble people inside. Okay that sounded weird. Whatever so anyway Jingwen and I sat there for such a long time and I think the people sitting around us were starting to think we were really strange people x)

I CAN'T WAIT FOR GCP!! It's in 4 months :O 

Yesterday I went for Rachel Lianrongpao's streetsales!! HAHAHA I teamed with Xingyi and we were claiming the traffic light junction place as our territory. Met a really weird and crazy guy who frightened Xingyi quite badly. She thinks he was a conman. :O We came across a really really really INFINITYTIMES kind old lady who was really really really kind. Did I mention how kind she was?? REALLY KIND. I'm too lazy to write out what happened though! x) 

Then Xinye, Xingyi, Rachel, Huanyu and I went to eat dinner at Taka! :D hahahaha it was so embarrassing when I started walking around like a possessed monkey and just left my friends behind to go down the escalator. It was only later that I realised they were not behind me x) oh man I couldn't stop laughing when I called them later hahahahaha :D 

During dinner Rachel was sharing with us all the gossip she knows muahahahaha it was hilarious :D rachel is so awesome!! Oh yeah! I'm gonna be seeing her dance tomorrow!! she has been so hyped up all week for us to watch her sexy dancing HAHAHAHAHA :D

You know when I say lots of stuff aloud it really doesn't sound as cool as it did in my head.. In fact it sounds so lame I think when I think about it a year later I'll be like asdfghjkl wth sab what's wrong with you. HIFUTURESAB. APPLE! ORANGES! PEACHES! PEARS!

SO TRUEEE just look at my cover photo on facebook! x)

Explorations into Ethnicity
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I love EiE! It's the funnest sabbatical course I've ever taken (hahaha actually i've only taken 3 before. but it wins inline skating in sec 1!) Today was the last day :( IT WAS SO SAD. I honestly didn't want it to end :( I'll miss bumping!! It was really fun to bump into random people on purpose! :)

The bumpers!! HAHAHA I LOOK SO WEIRD HERE but oh wells :D

The activity we did today was such an ego booster x) we were supposed to tell everyone in the course 1 thing we like about each other, and one thing we hope to see more of! I was so flattered with all the compliments showered on me HAHAHAHAHA ;) I have no idea if they said the same standard things to other people but I'm going to choose to believe it's what they really feel xD

Anyway, we exchanged phone numbers too! I really don't see how that works for ME, seeing that I absolutely hate to text. I mean, I will need to move my thumbs rapidly and that just required too much energy, right? x) I don't want to develop thumb-biceps. That'll be too weird :D But whatever, I exchanged them all the same. You never know when you'll need a friend whom you met at a super fun 5-day course yeah?

In the afternoon we celebrated (okay not celebrated it's not supposed to be happy), we held Tina's farewell! It was quite successful I guess?? Seeing that almost the whole class was there minus a few ponglooloos. Anyways, the cake was awesome :D Who doesn't love ice cream?! And Ms Zhong's pie was nice too :D HAHAHAHA I sound like a non-stop-eating-pig but meeeh they always say embrace your true self or something right?

Tina's card was so awesome!! It's so cute (just like me) okay I didn't mean that but she had to mention that I was not cool which sucked. heee but i was still touched by what she wrote :3 Although I did feel like a horrible best friend seeing as I haven't done up her card yet. Nor have I given her her birthday present which was due months ago. GAAAH WHAT A SMELLY STINKY SLAB OF POO I AM. ):

I can be a really whiney brat x) BUT ANNOYING PEOPLE IS JUST SO FUN!

chocolateeeee why do you tempt me so.

oh oh oh I think I was super lame in sec one. My friends too!! I still remember the B-family HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH my name was so dumbo: Sabrita BUB Leong. x)

WHY WHY WHY I ask myself this everyday.

happy lane
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today for sabbats we had this song session thingy where patricia played the guitar and I was :O-ing the whole time because people who play the guitar are really too cool. HAHAHA after Vera told me that she was taking lessons for NYAA (something I've been wanting to do) I have hardened my resolve and so I shall pester my mum till she allows me too :D

But I also realize the I have little to none musical blood in me hahaha. But that's okay maybe after going for music lessons after than Pipa I will have more xD

Anyway, in the morning the choristers from The Fruit Song group for BSP camp thought us how to sing it! :D It was extremely fun. I mean, who doesn't want to sing about fruits?! that have such cute beats?! I realized that throughout the whole day I was fantasizing about us singing that song and we were all bopping up and down, up and down the whole song. Somehow I have a feeling that I will find a way to embarrass myself of stage though (as always) x) I hope nothing happens hee.

Oh yeah! I made a new friend from Jurong secondary today! And it was hilarious because we took the same bus together and after chatting for around half an hour it suddenly struck me that I.DIDN'T.KNOW.HER.NAME. I racked my brains but nothing came to me!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i wanted to laugh out loud but i know she'll think i'm loony. (if she hasn't already xD) Luckily, she awkwardly brought it up later on and we awkwardly introduced ourselves. oh gosh it was so funny! x)

I can't believe I'm going on a field trip to NEX tomorrow :D I hope there's going to be lots of people. :)

I wonder...

slacking my buttocks off
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gaaah i'm so unproductive today... okay i almost typed unreproductive and that's so awkward hahaha. i spent almost 2 hours on maths! i redid graphs like asdfghjkl amount of times bleah i can't do graphs.

I LOVE HUANYU! she's a lifesaver! you have no idea how many times i've depended on her this year gosh she's so awesome :')

yaaay huiting's polaroid is so nice! we each have one! took it for 1 dollar 50 for charity :)

yesterday while walking around jurong point huiyu stopped at the jigsaw puzzle shop :D and i suddenly realised that i've never completed jigsaw puzzles before. well, at least not the real ones that are like 500 piece or 1000 piece puzzles.. my experience with them end at 12 pieces and i think that was a snow white one i did when i was 9 with my baby cousin.. hahahaha i remember it clearly because the picture was googali moogali nice :D

oh yeah! guess what! phineas and ferb was on from 12 to 4 today! it was perry dance day hahahaha oh my it was so awesomeee i was practically shrieking (which is very girly and horrible and i tell myself to stop doing that but i always forget) and jumping around and when i was sitting on the sofa i was bouncing non-stop. i probably looked loony and nutty but no one was home anyway and even if someone was i don't care ;D and then after dinner at my grandparents' my cousins and i were spazzing over them again hahaha :D nathaniel watched my fav episode with me yipee! (summer belongs to you has the bestest songs) hahahaha i was so happy :D
-walk the perry walk. talk the perry talk-

so i still have chinese functional writing to do! :) and ih assignment which is due 2 weeks later heck yes  and bio sia! i need to focus tomorrow!

i'm quite worried for nyaa because with musical and all i'm afraid i won't have time for cip/skill/sport. but i think think think i should be okay... anyway everything will work out in the end yeah?

i quit being ic for inspire 2012! most of my coordinators can't make it.. so i gave my remaining coordinators to jingwen! jiayou jing!! <3 and rachel and yungshan!

i need to sleep. it's mothers' day! i really really wanted to bake cookies for my mum.. hmm maybe if i'm done with hw before night today i'll bake them :D

I'm actually back!
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how long has it been since i last came here?? hahahaha oops. i think that was 6 months ago...

anyways. I'm back! in sec three!! and it's exhausting honestly. but i love my new class!! (okay not exactly new now) 304 is awesome :D even though its really muggerish but everyone is so nice! i'm happy there :D although i do miss 201 like asdfghjkl though. sighhh.

today was csm!! it was boring as usual. gaaah scratch that it was kind of sad :( we were just walking around aimlessly because the terraces are so stuffy and hot and there was really nothing to do :(

but 304 won second for 4x400!! i screamed and cheered for my life hahaha oh my it was so fun screaming xD i don't really show school spirit at these kind of events... (i know i know that's mean) but i did today!! i actually participated in the ny cheers! hahahaha i figured since it was my last year at the terraces might as well do it :D

tina's leaving in a couple weeks (or 15 days to be more exact)!! i shall dedicate a post to her! i need to get her birthday present. gosh it's been so long. what kind of best friend am i! D:

back to today, after csm i went out with judo peeps and huiting clara! they brought me and seishea and huiyu to this italian restaurant that i didn't even know existed. hahaha the food was cheap and being the cheapo that i am of course i was pleased x)

and then we went to jurong point and did some aimless stuff just walking around looking for gifts/huiyu's bag. then i went home lalalala.