A friend in need is a friend indeed
Friday, April 26, 2013 @ 6:41 PM | 0 notes

This random thought occurred to me just now: we had to think of titles for our compositions in primary school. Hahahahaha and all my titles were really stupid. Note that the title of this post is not related to the content of this post in any way. Hahahaha I just felt like using that because it is a really annoying phrase. Okay.

Today was a bad day. :-( My LA results are messed up. I really need to pull up my socks until they become stockings. I don't even know how I'm going to survive this school year?????? SOS?????

Okay let's not be all emo and teenager-y now. We started planning for fun fair today! Here are some suggestions that 404 made:

1. Car wash (this is sooo cool imagine just sitting in the car park washing cars and chatting HAHAHAHA)
2. Food delivery (?)
3. Prank service. hahahaha basically we will take prank orders from schoolmates and we'll do whatever they want us to to prank their friends. If it's safe.
4. SLAVE FOR A DAY. By far the best suggestion hahahaha they'll hire us and we'll do whatever saigang they order us to during the fun fair.
5. Clean tables (I still don't get this one.)
6. Forfeit??? We'll do whatever stupid forfeit people pay us to do which is weird because why would anyone be so evil.

& many more.

But yeah class contact time was fun because all the suggestions were really retarded and funny. hee hee.

Huahua listed out all the graded assessments we have to do next week and I don't even know if I have enough time to prepare for them all. (why am I still here?) Not trying to be a brat, but life really sucks now. All I want to do is roll around on the ground and continue rolling around. Everything is so hard and I try so hard to keep up but nooooooo it doesn't work. I'm so tired :-(. [sad face with a nose because it makes the emoticon look much more proportional.] Oh no. I am starting to get emo again. I need to stop because emo looks like elmo so if I emo too much I'll look like elmo. No.

Okay here's a joke to cheer myself up:
What did Earth say to the moon?
"You have no life".