I love 201, 201 loves me!!
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oh gosh. i miss our class already.

malacca trip ended last thur! :'( it was kinda sad because our class couldn't ride on the same bus together back to singapore (bus broke down cuz of some other reckless driver). the point is, we didn't get to spend the last time as a official class together!!!!!!!!

and we didn't take a group photo! D:

but i enjoyed malacca heaps :D

hahaha you know. i meant to write about malacca and all the fun i had. but.. i think there's no use in that. i shall just look at photos and remember :D

honestly i was kinda dreading the trip.. but seriously spending time with my friends was awesome. i think that was kind of the highlight for me hahah.

and during breakfast we would talk about next year D: seriously i don't wanna leave 201. its really really really fun and lovableeeeee. gah. i would miss my classmates so much. and then we promised each other to have recess together at least once a week next year!! but i don't even know if that's possible during SIA and BTs periods.

arghhhh. i'm afraid of getting distant from people like agatha, yi jie, and others who took different subject as me. we're probably not going to have anything else in common in future. this sucks. a lot. we have to say hi to each other in the corridor next year!!!!!!! and don't act awkward around each other tooo!!

so anyway we planned lots of stuff to do!! so far we've only been to cycling@ecp and kite flying@marina barrage! so next on our list is:

1) kayaking@sentosa (and other water activites i think..)
2) ice skating!!!!!!!!!
3) wild wild wet!
4) universal studios. HAHAH i haven't even stepped in there before.

oh gosh. i really don't wanna leave my friends. and it sucks for me because many of them are telling me how i have slim chances getting into the same class as them. honestly i don't want to get into those super pro classes. the stress. the studying. asdfghjkl. BUT i don't believe them!! (at least not a lot) i really really really hope i can get into the same class as a few of my friends!! urghhhhhhh.

my arm hurts. a lot. who knew playing pipa for like 2-3 hours everyday straight could cause muscle ache this bad. i don't even remember my arm aching this bad after napfa. it literally burns whenever i try to lift something. argh. my exam is next tuesday!! i still need to practice loads!! and my back and neck is so stiffy like. i feel horrible.

and now almost every finger on my left hand other than my thumb is showing signs of blisters forming. well, my second one already has a big big one with skin peeling. but. it still hurts. D:

hahah you know what. i love gao shan liu shui. so much more than yi zu wu qv. but i don't think we're allowed to change our huibao pieces anymore!! :(

anyway, yesterday after xiaozu shuhui and i went to qiting's house!! and we were just fooling around in between of prac-ing :D LOL i love my batchmates they are so fun :D

my to-do list before 2012:

2) complete the horrible math homework. can you believe it! SEC 2 HOLIDAY homework. this is so unfair. my seniors mentioned before that sec 2 holiday is the one where you slack the whole time!!
3) print albums full of photos!!
4) clean up my room. its negative 5 star pig sty.
5) letters!!

I LOVE 201!! I'M GOING TO MISS 201 2011 SO MUCH.

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i read this conversation in a book. and i was laughing so so hard.

A: ?
B: ??
A: ???
B: ????
A: ?????

WHAT THE HELLLLLL. this is so hilarious.

pretty clouds
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cheng hui: PRETTY CLOUDS!! *snaps camera every 5 minutes*

i'm typing on the new com and the keyboard feels so awkward for my short and stubby fingers.

my neighbour's dog is barking like mad now. D: i don't like it... :(

last wednesday we went kite flying at marina barrage!! it rained earlier.. but at least it stopped for a couple of hours later :D

so it was the first time i flew a kite!! and it was fun xD even tina said so!! we haven't had real fun in zillion years.

and we got lost many times.. and funny stuff happened, the usual with zilin tina and gang. ^^ oh gosh i miss zilin. she went to china already!! and she didn't even bid a proper farewell or something. she'll only be back like next year leh!!

and our kite was so high!! well, it was jingwen's actually. they bought string cuz the one she had at first was really short. jane's kite looked like it had 2 eyes. my fav kite i saw that day was the boat one and the angry birds one!!

and then they bought bubbles and a frisbee which went lost in the sea 10 mins later. what a waste of 3 bucks. but they bought anyone later anyway. me and chenghui were busy entertaining ourselves by blowing bubbles everywhere. but it was kinda irritating cuz the wind kept changing directions and the bubbles ended up in my mouth more then once. (no, they don't taste nice.) oh and many of them flew to the other groups of people having picnics there.. especially this couple.. oops.

and then it rained :( suddenly. like *roar of thunder* ... five seconds later... *HEAVY HEAVY DOWNPOUR*. being the smart people we are, most of us didn't bring umbrellas. so we ended up using the kite as our shelter. and the string was super tangled up because it flew too high and a lot of it was released.

then we went to have dinner :D and cracked lots of banana jokes on the way. zilin and her sick banana jokes. tsk. but i love bananas!! i think the word itself is funny. :D

i would upload some photos.. but i no one posted any yet. so we'll wait. :D

and 201's dramafest was a success!! WE WERE SO AMAZING :D even though we only won best production, i think we were really really great :D jingwen, clara, jane, zilin and i, being lights and sounds managed to watch all the other plays as well. and 201 really stood out for being so different from the rest. ^^ our play is so cool :')


I LOVE 202'S PLAY TOO!!!!!! hilarious ttm!! i watched it for like what 7 times and i still laugh at all the same jokes. not to mention sophie looks like justin bieber!! SHE'S SO COOL!!!!!!! we even wrote fanmail for her!!

and huiyu and i wrote fanmail for gwyneth too.. lol we sound super creepy actually. yijie was telling me how i should stop being such a fangirl..

our class dance for malacca is so cute!!!!!!!! plus we learnt it in only an hour! 201's so awesome :D
but its kinda short and they want the oh! people and talentime people from last year to dance oh and gee... but i don't feel like shaking my butt. D: we should do something fun!! like sing high school musical songs!! hahah tina said it was lame but its fun! or we can sing national day songs like home..

i have come to a conclusion that being a guy is cool. i was thinking of how cool my cousin's life is. guys get to do cool stuff! and i'm so jealous. asdfghjkl. oh oh btw i realised that my cousin is super super shuai. he's only p4 this year though. but seriously. he's so cute!! and he's so lucky. he gets to do cool stuff all the time. did you know that the birthday parties he goes to are like nerf gun war parties?!

level outing was..hot. unbearably suffocatingly hot. i almost melted on the spot. and i sweated so much. we were so sticky afterwards and i still had to stay back for rehearsals.. which was sucky :( we were under the shade but it was still so hot. urghhhhh. but at least it was kinda fun.. like we gotta watch zb dance tina's dance :D and huanyu's epic faces were hilarious :D

yesterday was the last day of school :( which is really sad :( last day with 201. well, technically we still have malacca trip. but last official day in school with 201 :( I'M GONNA MISS OUR CLASS SO MUCH. its like, we all go crazy at the same time. and whenever someone does something super retarded, we all join in. accd to huiyu, we also have the freedom to grope our classmate's butts.. which many people from other classes find really unenjoyable.

gahh. i gotta finish jingwen's present!!