i need inspiration
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to think of something fun to do.


exams are over. but lifee is bleah cos sooo siann!

oh wait! I FOUND SOMETHING TO DO:) YAY YAY OKAY life is quite awesome now.

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haha this is so cute! mrs ho will love it man.

i love joey:) cos she taught me this:) i memorise the song alr!

sot sot scary :X
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haha but jane was a little too serious. just a little.
in the end we won 2nd! YAY YAY us! but i think the other class were a bit bias against us. just a bit.

then had some personality test. hehe haha hoho. fun fun fun.

on the bus, there was this weird boy who suddenly got on. then he said super loud: good morning uncle! at first we thought that he was just being polite so didn't pay much attention to him.

we were standing in front of him, talking. then he went to take the whole stack of pamphlets about bus routes and began chewing them! haha so we started laughing. seishea, jing, maegan and i were talking together while clara was talking to shi yun.

then suddenly, the boy said super loudly again: SHUT UP. keep quiet! this is public. then suddenly the whole bus super quiet, and everyone was staring at him.

then he continued chewing his pamphlets. so we laughed even harder. hard like shit. until i almost peed. and my stomach hurt like crazy. and i couldn't stand up. then shiyun was like: WHAT. I ALSO NEVER TALK VERY LOUD. she damn brave leh!

then he suddenly stood up walked over to near us, and BEAMED, practically showing all his teeth to clara heng!! and then he was like hi and waved at her!! haha i think he likes clara. poor clara. so clara just ignored him lar. then he went to ask the bus captain something and came back, smiling RADIANTLY again and doing the 'i got my eye on you' action to clara!

poor clara, a looney just communicated to her. but nvm, cos we can protect her yay! haha hehe hoho.

then we found seats at the back and sat there, talking super softly in case he ask us shut up again. and in chinese. cos i dun think he is chinese. brr scary shit man. and he was staring at us the whole time. then he also went to kahjiao some other boys playing cards and asked the bus uncle to alight him at the traffic light.

siao siao one. but it was hilarious.

ate awesome pepperlunch! haha and played some trick on jingwen. cos she couldn't stop laughing like a maniac. like suddenly burst out laughing while eating. even she herself doesn't know why.

lalala so bored. craving for nasi lemak suddenly!

waste my time
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tmr got interclass games or something.

waste time lor. luckily i'm in floorball, which most of us are in:D but but i'm not that interested anyway.

yay today got 2 A1s! happy happy:) tmr eating pepperlunch with jing, seishea maegan. haha maybe clara?

um. cca was pain. really i could hardly bend my finger later.

and i realised bobblehead is afraid of eyeballs(?!) weird hor.

and and and nothing. urgh so boringg. OH YESTERDAY i really slept at 9.30:D yay improvement!(Y)

today had 2 hours of free time. of course, jing maegan seishea joey and i were playing cards. played like 30 games of heart attack(not kidding) and some tie tee(how to spell?) and 99! the new game i learnt:) oh right i think 1 game of cheat. and i'm so goody that i can't cheat. so everytime got no more cards i will just take the whole stack:P

we playing poison ball for sentosa thingy. that was my fav game in p1! we always play during pe:) and and i suggested milo game! ahhaha but obviously, 101 thought that this awesome game of mine is too disgusting. we have to put one spoon of milo powder in our mouths, take a mouth of water and add some milk powder=saliva flavoured milo. than everyone spit into one big bucket. the team with the most amount of milo made wins. maegan reckons that she will drink the milo herself. zzz!

wow this post is quite long yay yay i can crap again:D
and i thought of a fantastic idea for 201 class tee(i know its too early but i have nothing to do.)! tell you guys tmr!

right. hoot is quite nice leh! and most of them look pretty! YAY YAY:D

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NOW I'M SO SCARED. please communicate with me PERSONN. urghh my stomach's in mess cos of you. shit you man.

you better not cheat me ah.

i guess if i really lose, its a lesson learnt. but i will hate you for 1 day.

TODAY HIST AND CHINESE CAME BACK! nothing much else to say.

I LOVE OPPOSITE DAY! but but jingwen and me have simple minds so we only think of keywords. ;P

wow short post. BYE

When i grow up
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i wonder what i'm gonna do with my life. you know, i always said i wanted to be a paediatrician. but i'm scared that i can'ts stand the sight of blood. now that i'm still young, it's not too late to change my ambition yet.

i love science! so i think if i dun be a doc, i shall be a science teacher. i figured a sec sch sci teacher is so much easier as you don't have to do all 3 sciences!

or maybe an accountant. my mum says its a safe job as you sure get jobs one. but ITS MATH=BORING.

OH OH PHOTOGRAPHER! haha i know i suck at art. but cameras are cool! sometimes i play around with my dad's camera and try to take those photos like those in tumblr. haha i love tumblr:D

when i was young, i wanted to be a cashier. cos i thought you could keep all the money:P then i wanted to be a ballerina. haha so much for gracefulness. oh my aunt told me i had wanted to be a CUP MAKER(?!) i know. kids have weird weird dreams. and i realise that as we grow older, we lose SO MUCH IMAGINATION. i wish i could plant them in again. sometimes i stare at my cousin and dunno what to play with her. AHHHH give me some inspiration ppl!

now i think i'm too young to decide what i will be when i grow up. as the toaism says, LET NATURE TAKE ITS OWN COURSE. so i shall keep dreaming about me in the lab coat.

what happened today? OH RIGHT erm we got back our results. LA was average. geog was okay:D i'm kinda pleased with my results cos i thought that i would totally flunk geog at first cos i had almost not enough time. and i just found out that if i didn't tore out question 2, it MAYBE could have scored better and i would have gotten so much better marks cann :/

nvm its over. tmr's papers are okayy. you know mrs ho told us that the second column of marks were DUMMY MARKS, but of course they were lying. its so obvious. just keep it from yijie! you know she was so upset when she thought she scored badly for hist. and banged her head till her face went red when she was told they were dummies. HAHA poor yijie. IT'S OKAY!

cca was super super tiring today. sec 4s came back to coach us! ;D yay yay! but then we kinda disappointed them. cos the new song we learning the beat funny funny one. so we keep on getting it wrong. bishhhh now my finger so pain from pressing too hard. and i very guai leh! i prac at least 2 hours a day cos huo told us so:DD i feel a sense of achievement everytime the 2 hours are up:)

i wanna go slp le. very early right? not even 9. i think the earliest time this whole year. but i'm tired:( good night:D

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i shall skip to day 30: reflection in the mirror
i think this is so true:

isn't this what most of us really are?

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love you so much!! yay yay hope you enjoyed today xD

anyway, today had jing's surprise birthday party! i went to seishea's house at 9.50am:D

and than we blowed balloons till my cheeks hurt!

more ppl came, and jing came unexpectedly on time. but many ppl haven't come yet!

played pass the parcel, cards, 13 random things, musical chairs. and ordered 10 pizzas:D and i still can't believe tina ate a whole pizza and still feels hungry.

and then played mahjong! YAY YAY I LOVE THE GAME. then played dare or dare. kinda fail hor. haha nvm at least we had fun!

so in dare or dare, it showcased some gays hugging and fooling around. and of course junhong and jingwen:D haha they super paiseh with each other. you know, i think if there is really nothing going on between them, then they should DO IT to PROVE IT. if they keep on wishy washying, it just shows that they like each other and dun dare do it. i dunno. this is how i think. plus plus tina was dared to go and hug ziling. wow today is a lucky day for ziling man. but she refused lar!! and then of course ziling tried to run away by using the DRIPPING SODA-ING rubbish and it almost wet my pants.

so junhong still owes us a dare: sit next to jing on the bus. if they ever meet. which i think the chance is infinity %. they meet everyweek. almost everyday. plus their cca is same timing. so of course they'll meet. and if they ever think i'm gonna forget about it, i'm gonna tell them to forget about it. THEY WASTED 15 MINS OF MY LIFE BEING PAISEH. every second is a second nearer to our deathbed. time is precious you know. i'm gonna get SWEET SWEET revenge. heh heh heh. MUAHAHAHA!

so then party ended, they went home. i went up with 5 eians and we they very awesome leh! didn't feel awkward at all with them even after huiyu left! haha super nice xD

we told ghost stories(which lychee was super afraid of and began to listen to music) and jokes and truth or dare:D fun fun fun:) and we chatted about lame stuff and sang some lame cartoon songs! HAHA YAY YAY SO FUN:)

and then went home home.

oh jing if you still wanna bake cookies, haha we can do it next time.
things i realised today:
  • mahjong is awesome
  • 5 e is awesome
  • ahma is like auntie lixin
  • jane is like dell
  • today is awesome
  • i love jingwen! cos she cried being too touched :P
  • tina can eat A LOT. more than i expected
  • timo and junhong suck at mahjong(jh won but didn't realised and continued playing) and timo keep on stealing our cards! to build some builiding.
  • today is VULGAR day.
  • i am happy:)
to jingwen:

hey sweetie, i think you are so awesomemest out of the awesome:D
haha you are older. PLEASE BE MORE MATURE!! dun cry over tiny stuff like someone say you are a bitch, cos obviously you aren'tt! and even though you are short, it's okay lar. i also not that tall :P haha you will grow taller! you are still so young!!
your birthday=most important day of your life. so you should do your fav stuff and just relax! forget about tomorrow okay! enjoy the remaining of today. yay yay i love you and i'm still not a les! :3 i decided to make you my favourite person too! ♥ hee
wishing you the best in life and handling your problems! cos i think your problems are quite easy to solve!

gosh i feel kinda gay writing this but won't die one hor!

and i think huiyu's post on friends is sweet :D friends really play an important role in our lives. look at those hoboes on the street, they also have other hobo friends too! (jing if you are wondering what a hobo is, its a musical instrument :P). so yeah, i love my friends:D

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look at the teaser mv!
they look quite cute!

and the audio for hoot!

haha can't wait:D
heard that yuri wrote the song 'mistake' in hoot!

Rehearsal so fail! :X
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haha today had rehearsal at ij:)

was a total fail man!! and i sweated so much! plus i waited for my mum for 1.5 hours! so hott!! but still had macs for lunch so not that bad. okay okay lar :D

and mrs lewis ask me give some speech! URGH I CAN'T SPEAK WELL.

i don't think the A* PUBLIC SPEAKING thingy helped me alot yeah. i didn't seem to improve. haha :P

AND today is just plain boring. i was watching tv the whole time!! bleah now that eoys are over, there is seriously nothing to do. lol at least we are baking cookiess on mon!

erm erm tomorrow got tuition i am going to sleep early so won't be late! haha nowadays i always damn late for tuition one.

nah i think i'm going to watch dvd cos my sis is taking out one:D YAY YAY YAY!

there is a sad feeling about today which makes me feel that maybe being alone is better, as no one can hurt you that way.
whoa so sad right! i know! quite scareepy! (creepy+scary):b lucky i not the emo type :DDD

and yay jingwen you are back! HAHA:DD missed you x)

go die lar haze
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yeah haze go die go die.

you are stinky:(

you make us breathe BAD BAD air :/

you make us have eye irritations D:

you make me have sore throat >:(

and i hate youu! so i shall give you a fail. HAH FFF!

remember the PSI thingy we learnt during air pollution in geog? IT CROSSED 100. which means UNHEALTHYY! we are normally good one lor.

suddenly ahma's face flash across my mind.. WEIRD

nothing much happened today. as in until now lar.

i feel super proud of myself. COS I PACKED HALF OF THIS YEAR'S WORKSHEETS LIAO :D the other half is giving me the sian look. HEY I AM SIAN WITH YOU OKAY.

i hope angeline can recover soon! i want her to go rehearsal with me tmr!

and i give up on the everyday letter thingy. cos i still have to write future letters. hmmm i shall go prac pipa at 1.30:D

then later go jp. MYSELFF! go buy some stuff and run some errands cos i mustered up my courage to be like seishea.

joey's dad suggested to build a BIG BIG fan to blow the haze away. may work yeah?

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helloo helloo:)

today i woke up at 6. for the cca vid thingy. AND IN THE END THEY TOLD US IT WAS CANCELLED. we waited for like 1 hour alr leh! and xinyun was mia. WEIRD DAY.

so they said at least we bonded cos we kinda chatted while waiting:D

anyway, while jazel and i were heading towards the bridge, these 3 freaky ppl approached us.

we tried to run. but there was no escape!! :( haha not that drama lar. but you get the idea.

so they said they were filiming some teenage reality show on channel u and wanted to interview me and jazel. HAHA then we laugh like crazy and they look at us like we are siao.

so they ask random questions. and sometimes i will suddenly blurt out laughing in front of the big big camera. and the mike was so furry it looked like a caterpillar.

oh right they were asking in chinese, but sometimes i will answer in english. cos i dunno how to speak chinese well! and i will be like: HUH?! HUH? lol very embarrassing leh :X i wonder if it will be broadcasted.

so they spent like 5 mins on me and another few minutes on jazel. and i think they were quite shocked at one part. cos they asked me: do you have any experience in part-time jobs? (in chinese)
i was like: nope. so they asked why, and i said cos i'm underage(in english). then they said how old are you? so i answered : 13! and they looked pretty shocked when they asked jazel's age and she said she was 15. cos jazel is tinier than jingwen! maybe im not that short:D

and jazel wants to be a doc too! i faked some answers lar. cannot ruin our school's reputation:D

then later went to bugis to shop. bought so many things! AND ALL CHEAP LIKE dfghjk?!vbNKJHGF!

now my legs kinda hurt.

saw the new 3rd mini album of snsd from huiyu's blog.

pretty weird? they suddenly become those type of wild wild west in america where cowboys existed those type. haha and they look so different! ESPECIALLY TAEYEON. i couldn't recognise her at first okay.

i want to hear their new songs! but the teaser is kinda irritating. keep on repeating that phrase!

okay i gtg now. realise i still have tons of future letters to write. haixz. JIAYOU SABRINA!

Time Flies
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wow, time passes by really quickly.

the ride to cheng hui's house takes 1 hour, but it seemed like 10 mins only!!

so i wasted 2 hours of my life today taking the mrt.

and it was so hard to squeeze in!
but it was worth it:)

today went to cheng hui's house.

the haze is horrible, if you haven't noticed:D
and so our trip to ecp was cancelled cos it affects human health!

in the end, we stayed in cheng hui's house. watched spirited away and howl's moving castle.
i find pleasure in staring at howl's face. he's so awesome! :D

i think i like haku too! he's so nice! and i noticed both the male leads(haku and howl) look like GIRLS.

but they are still nice:)

anyway, we played SPEED, TIE TEE(is this how you spell it?), and CHEAT.
we slammed the table like PIAK during speed. hee and then my cards were horrible during tie tee. and and and i suck at cheat:) but still ended up 2nd or 3rd:DD

oh right, we had a super full lunch. i was bloated. CURRY RICEE! :D

then we spent like half and hour discussing about class party. they put me in charge!

on the mrt, had fun chatting with jane. and jingwen is so hot! oh we decided that every wed of the week we will go do i different sport together:D YAY YAY exercising!

i admire seishea for her courage to go fairprice herself.

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and so i'm back!

erm... my previous talkto the hand blog... i screwed it up by doing something horrible. but its okay!

so i made this blog! the url a bit stupid hor. but more direct ma! xD

relax+laze around!

YAYEEE tomorrow we are going to east coast park!
can't wait!

and im searching for a new blogskin... but i cant decide man.

okay i shall post more now since im free-er. BYE BYEBYE BYEBEYBEYE!

TDEIJOKIJYRDTFGHJIKOIGTFRDFTGHJK i can't express my joy well enough :DDDDD

i love this life like SHITTT. its sooo awesome!!

today went to hls house for lesson. her house is super neat and i kinda like it:D plus she gave us lots of sweets and fruit punch x)

OH MATHS WAS DIFFICULT. but let's think on the bright side yeah? COSSS I LOVE MY LIFEEEE.

lalala! HAHA I AM LAUGHING SO MUCH INSIDE NOW cos if i laugh out loud, my neighbours will think i am crazy;D
but actually, who cares right now!