du lah lah.
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i have nothing to do. and all i've been doing these few days are:

1. youtube.
2. wattpad.
3. sleep.


i want to go to universal studios!! i haven't been there before. i heard the rides are awesome :D i was telling my parents to bring me there and they were like: might as well go to the one in LA. pfft :| i don't care singapore is good enough. i've never even been to escape freaking themepark before. gah.

i think i'm addicted to wattpad.

i also think i have mentioned that before.

OH OH guess what!! i just ate some chocolate just now!! and it was good chocolate that came in a cute little box. my mum just threw it on the table so i snagged it away :D

hahaha jingwen's present is gonna be late. i think its a pretty boring and unexciting present. but oh wells. if i get that for my birthday i'll be really happy :D so jingwen better like it!!!!!!

i want to watch a moooooovie. but not in the theatre. i don't like cinema. i want to watch like dvd or something. then whenever i wanna pee i can just pause and go :D

ytd i spent sometime learning chords on the guitar. but...


you're gonna catch a cold
from the ice inside your soul.

bah hum bug.
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i just put down the phone.

the caller was an uncle looking for my dad.

my dad has a best friend. that same uncle calls every week without fail. no kidding. then my dad and him will talk for like 2 hours or more every time.

lucky. when i grow up i want to have a best friend too.

and my best friend and i can do stupid stuff till we're old.. like really really old.

when i fall asleep while playing mahjong when we're 80 and i start to drool all over my tiles my best friend can poke me with her walking stick to wake me up. although i don't think i can ever ever sleep playing mahjong. its too fun.

and when we're like 60 my best friend will remind me to not eat too much chocolates and sweets and stuffs. cuz our teeth will start to rot real fast by then. my best friend will have to work really hard to stop my chocolate cravings though.

oh gosh. i just realised. i am making no sense here.

point is, I WANT A BEST FRIEND TILL I'M OLD. yeap ;D i guess i'm just afraid of being lonely..

i bet when i'm like older (not necessarily years later. months will do.) and when i read this, i will think: what's wrong with sab. why is she blabbering all this nonsense? WHY IS SHE SO LAME.

that's what i do everytime. i was reading my past facebook comments and such from a year ago. and honestly, i couldn't stand myself. gosh. i wanna forget how lame and stupid i was last time. shhhhh i shall not remind anyone.

that day i dreamed. jingwen tina and i were inside the dream. we exited art class and bam we suddenly were in a shopping mall. and then we passed by a certain shop that makes me feel embarrassed whenever i pass by a certain advertisement next to paragon. and then jingwen started going crazy and ran into the shop. where she demanded a bikini handed to her that instant. and tina was yelling at her to come out. and what was i doing? i was just standing there and staring at them, wondering why the hell my dream was so weird. (strangely enough i knew i was dreaming.)

hahaha i thought that dream was weird.

and i really wanna meet a strange person.

I have a sudden craving
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what is this!!?!

i haven't eaten chocolates in ages.

okay maybe that's kinda a lie. i just ate 2 cubes yesterday..


no wonder i can't really concentrate these days. i don't have a healthy dose of chocolate.

all that drama
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heyy :D

today -haha it was a few days ago but i'm so lazy to change- we had drama rehearsal. honestly i had no idea what was happening and what we were doing the entire time but i survived. we were like in out in out scream here scream there fool around scold scold daydream wait wait bam. just pray tomorrow will make sense.

oh oh oh huiyu tied the bow thingy on our heads. honestly i never really saw my hair. but angeline said i looked like an ahma, agatha said i looked like mickey mouse. so i looked like an old minnie?

and then we made our way to taka :D lalala jing and i ate from the chicken rice shop again!! :D and then qiting realised that her parents were making their way to taka so we left and went to plaza sing.

then guess what!! WE SAW JANE, TINA AND ZILIN!!!!!!! HAHAHA they were about to go watch JOHNNY ENGLISH. so.. we joined them!! :D at first we wanted to change seats so we can sit with them but in the end guess who we met!! we saw JINGWEN (sec one) and gang!! YAY but then tina and wongjingwen went gaga and they started shrieking which ended up getting a lot of shushing from the rest of the audience hehe.

the show was funny!! (Y) it was so retarded and johnny english is so slooooow.

then we headed home ;D
the mrt ride back home was hilarious. i had an amazing discovery!! : JANE IS LAME. like really reaaaaaally lame. so lame till i couldn't stand her. gahh. and she keeps insulting me!! i take offence okay!!!!!!!!

ahahaha thur and fri (today) was like.. boring. we went to school..watched them rehearse..quarreled too much and jane was really angry. she almost cried yesterday out of anger!! angry jane=scary jane. sooo let's not go there in the future :))


seriously!!!! saying its awesome is like deep-down-to-the-ocean-understatement.

and the most recent book i'm done with (kudos to huiyu), awakening to life, is just pure amazingness. AHHHHHHHHHH it's so so so tragic. it was really very very very very very sad. so sad i almost cried. keyword: almost. i'll feel too weird if i start crying (haven't done that in a long long time). so almost crying is a hippopotamous-humoungous deal. HAHA i have a feeling i spelt hippopotamous-humoungous (both words) wrong.

and now i'm reading some geeek turned hottie cliche thingy.
there's this character that's super creepy and weird.

i really want to meet someone that's as strange and creepy someday.
even better, be friends with someone like that :D


whoaa where has sab been
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YAY EOYs ARE OVER!! *happy dance happy dance*

hahah the last time i updated was like september 1st or was it 2nd. anyways i have been really lazy so everytime i think of something to blog i tell myself to do it later but i end up getting lazy all over again. :/

yesterday was the last day of exams!! i'm kinda angry with myself i screwed up so many papers. eoys are gonna pull me down to the bottom of the ocean. D:

so after the drama briefing, me jing yijie headed to angeline's house!! :D YAY! no wait first we ate ramen. then we headed to angeline's house!! :D YAY!

the three of them then started to get all girly girl and they played with makeup. hahah i was just slacking there not really doing anything.. i think i was sleeping with my eyes open. honestly even though i wasn't doing anything, i felt really reeeaaaally girly just watching them paint their faces. ITS A CREEPY FEELING.

then it stopped raining so we threw on some of qiting's shirts and we went for a swim!! HAHAA just like old times. we were like making up stupid games in the pool. and being dumb for always forgetting to not dive at the 1.8 metres end. because we didn't have goggles and its not easy to swim without them!!

swim swim swim. splash splash splash. OH YEAH!! i found this super secret place. behind the water. HAHHAA it was so cool to see the world behind the wall of water.

and then we played cards and they said that if i lost i would have to put on makeup. which i put up a strong resistance too but of course who would listen to me :( but good news is, i managed to win all games (except 1. only 1) SO i was spared of torture.

and then we watched toy story 3!! gosh i love that movie. and we went home after it ended :D


i want to do that again!! and again!! and again and again and again!!

i feel so happy :D