bah hum bug.
Saturday, October 22, 2011 @ 11:03 PM | 0 notes

i just put down the phone.

the caller was an uncle looking for my dad.

my dad has a best friend. that same uncle calls every week without fail. no kidding. then my dad and him will talk for like 2 hours or more every time.

lucky. when i grow up i want to have a best friend too.

and my best friend and i can do stupid stuff till we're old.. like really really old.

when i fall asleep while playing mahjong when we're 80 and i start to drool all over my tiles my best friend can poke me with her walking stick to wake me up. although i don't think i can ever ever sleep playing mahjong. its too fun.

and when we're like 60 my best friend will remind me to not eat too much chocolates and sweets and stuffs. cuz our teeth will start to rot real fast by then. my best friend will have to work really hard to stop my chocolate cravings though.

oh gosh. i just realised. i am making no sense here.

point is, I WANT A BEST FRIEND TILL I'M OLD. yeap ;D i guess i'm just afraid of being lonely..

i bet when i'm like older (not necessarily years later. months will do.) and when i read this, i will think: what's wrong with sab. why is she blabbering all this nonsense? WHY IS SHE SO LAME.

that's what i do everytime. i was reading my past facebook comments and such from a year ago. and honestly, i couldn't stand myself. gosh. i wanna forget how lame and stupid i was last time. shhhhh i shall not remind anyone.

that day i dreamed. jingwen tina and i were inside the dream. we exited art class and bam we suddenly were in a shopping mall. and then we passed by a certain shop that makes me feel embarrassed whenever i pass by a certain advertisement next to paragon. and then jingwen started going crazy and ran into the shop. where she demanded a bikini handed to her that instant. and tina was yelling at her to come out. and what was i doing? i was just standing there and staring at them, wondering why the hell my dream was so weird. (strangely enough i knew i was dreaming.)

hahaha i thought that dream was weird.

and i really wanna meet a strange person.