Day 2: Something you feel strongly about
Thursday, August 18, 2011 @ 10:16 PM | 0 notes

hey. this is such a broad topic. okay so i feel strongly about many things!!

1) I feel strongly AGAINST bitching. hahah i am anti-bitch :D i think people who bitch become bitches themselves. as in i can't control your mouth, i can't stop you from bitching but i won't participate sorry :)

2) I feel strongly once again, AGAINST vulgarities! hahah i understand sometimes when people are angry like asdfghjkl they use vulgarities to let it ALL OUT. well the best way to let it all out is to just think on the bright side right? i hope next time maybe people will think before they say something vulgar unnecessarily!! too many vulgarities just make someone seem uneducated. HAHAH cuz you know all the pie kias say them. CURB THE SWEAR WORD.
so no f word, no e word :D i would rather you stick to freaking or shit :D

3) I feel strongly towards my friends HAHAH.
i love my friends :D they are awesome :D and its awesome that we don't have a clique. like cliqueish clique. i mean like people just mix around with different people all the time. isn't that nice? (: i don't want to be in a DEFINITE CLIQUE. its.. anti-social. :X so anywayy i love my friends :D they are awesome :D hahaha i love seishea jingwen huiyu shuhui chantel jane chenghui yijie angeline agatha tina angeline and many othersssssssss :D they are awesome people that make me feel happy all the timeeeee.

4) okay i feel strongly about the world. don't you think its just simply awesome? i mean think about it. WE'RE LUCKY TO BE ALIVE. and living in this wonderful place. best of all, we're living in singapore!! HAHA i know stress levels are like skyhigh but its something we have to learn how to handle.

kay i'm just babbling too much now. so tday nothing much happened. except LA was really boring. :( i didn't follow ict at all and i was like guess and check everywhere. white space was awesome. played stress and tap tap and made jokes everywhere. HAHAH.

p.s.: I FOUND MY DRAMA JOURNAL!! joy to the world :D

p.s.s.: hahah this is random but i just feel like saying it. I DRINK TAP WATER ALL THE TIME. cuz you know its just so convenient. and sometimes when i bathe and i get thirsty i just open my mouth to drink :D of course without soap ;D