A Platter of Unhappiness
Saturday, February 20, 2010 @ 2:13 PM | 0 notes

urgh so so bad
someone help me!!!
ok wait first of all,
ok i guess it's too late to say that but anyways, happy counting!
Urgh again.
My problems are piling. higher and higher. almost reaching the sky. it's the stairway to heaven. not quite.
they are freaking me out! I'm lazy to tell the ahma story so i'll just skip it. I just realised that i have to spend 100dollars more this whole year! Like i'm rich enuf.
but there's always a silver lining in every gray cloud or something like that... so the good part of today is, our class finally settled down and decided on the talentime thingy!
They decided to use a song, i'm not going to mention which if not skully another class person come in and steals the idea. but anyway anyway anyway, i got partnered up wif chenghui! which is quite good i guess... for yijie actually paired us up. now they say they want coloured skinnys for the costume. Where are we going to find that? for now i only have blue and pink. angeline says there will be light green oso??!! and other pastel colours.
ok . now i gtg do my hw. tonight gg out for third tuanyuanfan. than tmr whole day gtg to aunt's bdae party rite after tuition in the morn. so got to do hw. bye.
urgh today is not going to be a good nite.


A Drop of Memories
Saturday, February 13, 2010 @ 12:59 PM | 0 notes

Yesterday i was so tired that i went to sleep rite after i went home. until 8 o clock. so no time to post blog about the wonderful day. so now im doing it!
In the morn we did the callgraphy thing. And my writing sucks!!! it was so small and wobbly. wooo~ Then my whole arm and skirt was stainedwith the red dye thingy. and i couldn't wash it off! Then l8r the old folks came and some of the others went to help them but they were out numbered by us harmlessly(i dunno what this means) so i need not do anything and could enjoy the performance. which was long and my BUTT and KNEE hurt after that. so we helped to carry the hampers up the bus, which weighed like 1000 kilos, and then some ppl got stuck up the bus! Ohya, i forgot to mention that ms heng was so damn PWEETY in her costume! And her heels were at least 4 inches high and as thin as chopsticks!
anyway after all that torturous wait, sch finally ended and we were headed back to ij! That was where the shocking news of my sis becoming the head prefect HIT me! but the main thingy is, we saw so many beloved frens. RV: Shiying, Rachel Low. Crescent: Karen, Michelle, Bernice(who was chaotah le.) Nanhua: Chloe, Zhi wei. NJC: Sixuan, C2. BPGH(Blood pressure): Shannon, Chewchew and carolyn and val val. It;s so sad the STC peeps cannot come as their sch ended l8. But... Then we were all like shedding tears and so missing each other and hugging here and there even though we only havent seen each other in like a month? But at that moment, it was like all the memories FLOODED back to me... and flashbacks started rolling in my head...
Ohya, Wu lao shi was so kind to give us each a hongbao which contained 10 dollars! so rich sia. And mrs mok gaave us hongbaos wif chocolates and candies. My favourite! Thx alot.:) Then we walked all around sch and ppl were looking out of their classrooms saing OMG for no reason. Harhar we distracted them.
Anyway, when i reached home, i called chloe again and her sis said that she had high fever! Whoa... So poorthing. Cannot eat all the CNY goodies...
Im looking forward to l8r cos i gg to have second tuan yuan fan! Whoo Hoo~~~~
Ok i gtg finsh my hw now b4 tmr. Bye!
PS: My cousins write my name as Sabrian on a card but they are young, so i forgive them.

Singning off,
Sabrian :D

A Tinge of Excitement
Tuesday, February 9, 2010 @ 8:37 PM | 0 notes

Yippee! Woo Hoo! Wheee~!
Yay !!! finally today has arrived. Its the first pipa lesson! so i was hoping for nanzhong quan to come quickly this morn and everone tot I xiao le. But it makes so much sense. If nanzhong quan come earlier, than that means it will end faster too! than l8r sci ill osso end faster to recess, than well, u get what i mean. anyways, after ending and starting and ending and starting, finally school ended!
So here comes the main story. When it was time for the most awaited lesson of all, cheating, shu hui and I went into the class of course, then a lot of seniors came in and went out, came in and went out. except for the SL and herr fren cos they were the oldest. then they brought in the school's pipa and tund them for us. at that moment, lao shi came in. WHHOOOO~ she was so damn nice! she tot us how to put it on our laps and some notes and how to strum it properly and all that stuff. ohya, she gave us our pipa nails but she brought only two sets as she tot she accidentally brought guzheng nails. But i borrowed nails from a senior as i did not take it. Than i was contented as my nails will be 2 weeks younger and newer than cheating. she was obviously jelling. harhar. than my hand was so suan after hloding the heavy indtrument upfor so long. but it was still fun. and my mum was shocked at the amt. of money needed to buy a pipa. she tot it was half the price. But i'm still buying it anyway.XD
Okok, i gtg do sci alr.


A Sprinkle of Anger
Monday, February 8, 2010 @ 4:26 PM | 0 notes

Hihi again again...
Errr... Have you ever felt like punching someone in the stomach cos u feel what? Well I'm felling that now. Ok, it's story-time.
So it's like this. Yesterday, I managed to complete my hw so I had a teeny Weeny bit of spare time bef i went to my grandparents' house. So, of course, I logged in and I went to our class bloggie. Then I looked at the textbox. It said smt about some raffles person. And Bobby(Hui Yu) said that she did not want to polute our minds so I was KPO and wanted to look at it. Then I went to Bobby's blog and my jaw dropped. Literally. The first post was abt a convo between Bobby and someone who named itself (not fit to be human) 'Raffles Pro'. Than 'it' was babbling nonsense about our class blog and saying that we're noops. Or whatever in 'it's' own alien lang. Then she started criticising us and saying some blah blah blah. The Bobby kept on fighting back. And she was pro. Managed to kick her butt off. I dun understand. Why can't all of us live in peace and harmony? Or maybe their jealous of us... But anyway, 'it' should get on with life and not stick her noses(maybe she has more than one) in other people's business. Juz hope that she wun come back to harass us again.
Ok nvm about that. Than another thing happened again today. We were deciding again for waht we're gonna do for talentime than someone, I forgot who, suddenly suggested that we do fashion show! But 104 is alr doing it and we have limited time to figure out what to wear to biao xian chu kaleidoscope stuff. But ths is not really important izit?
The best thing abt today is no hw and anticipating for tmr. They say tmr is ganna be a better day rite? No lar. The main reason is tmr is finally gonna be the first pipa lesson!!! YEAH!!!:)

OK, I should probably sign off now.

Bub P. Haishan

A Cup of Monkeyness
Saturday, February 6, 2010 @ 2:50 PM | 0 notes

Im back!!! Ok yesterday was not plain boring actually. Today is. But...Yesterday was not the type of day you would like to have.
1) So much hw... why am i using com?
2) They cancelled dance but that's not the point. We had to decide on the item for talentime during camp. So, the bananaclass decided on song and dance. But guess what, we took30 mins to decide. Urgh... Then no one was really listening so the talentime coordinators were like freaking out. Then the few of US(not united states...us)juz decided that our class should be split into 5 grps than each grp will have to wear a diff color shirt to dance diff chorosus of songs. Ok... I got split into blue grp...and l8r we did not have more time cos the bell rang...and everyone was so angry that we did not really do anything...but at least we got the grps rite?
3) Zhang Lao Shi announced that the bananas did a very very GOOD job in the geog test... great.
Than I have no more complaints. And I juz found out that Hui Yu dances ballet!!! Not that i have a problem wif that or wadeva k... Its juz... cool!<3
Ok i nd to do my piling hw now, so adios, ahmigos!
PS: I like the idea of 6 Peace class reunion!XD

Bub again

A Spoonful of Happiness
Friday, February 5, 2010 @ 6:37 PM | 0 notes

Hello!!! This is the first time i'm blogging in this blog. This is like the second blog i ever had on earth... The first one was dead after 1 month... Anyway, I hope that this one doesn't suffer the same fate. :) Aha... Since i didn't start bogging yesterday, which is the best day ever, I'm going to start with yesterday.
Ok, yesterday was like the first day of cca so of course best day lar. In case you're wondering, I got into chinese orchestra. I was worrying the whole day bout what instrument I would be in... In the end it turned out alright...I got into pipa!!! Then l8r the SL for pipa bring me, Cheating(Qi Ting, or as she calls herself, Angeline) and this girl called Shu Hui to 105, where we met our seniors. The they showed us our family tree, and it turned out that i have no mummy so i only had ahma. Then Cheating is like the daughter of a adopted mummy's mummy(ahma lar) becos it's impossible that two greatgrandmother sisters give birth. Ok, I'm getting confused myself...
Okok, then today is just plain boring, and I still can't wait for the camp week. And my teachers gave me so much hw that I have to stop now...<3 BB!!!

Bub. u noe who