A Tinge of Excitement
Tuesday, February 9, 2010 @ 8:37 PM | 0 notes

Yippee! Woo Hoo! Wheee~!
Yay !!! finally today has arrived. Its the first pipa lesson! so i was hoping for nanzhong quan to come quickly this morn and everone tot I xiao le. But it makes so much sense. If nanzhong quan come earlier, than that means it will end faster too! than l8r sci ill osso end faster to recess, than well, u get what i mean. anyways, after ending and starting and ending and starting, finally school ended!
So here comes the main story. When it was time for the most awaited lesson of all, cheating, shu hui and I went into the class of course, then a lot of seniors came in and went out, came in and went out. except for the SL and herr fren cos they were the oldest. then they brought in the school's pipa and tund them for us. at that moment, lao shi came in. WHHOOOO~ she was so damn nice! she tot us how to put it on our laps and some notes and how to strum it properly and all that stuff. ohya, she gave us our pipa nails but she brought only two sets as she tot she accidentally brought guzheng nails. But i borrowed nails from a senior as i did not take it. Than i was contented as my nails will be 2 weeks younger and newer than cheating. she was obviously jelling. harhar. than my hand was so suan after hloding the heavy indtrument upfor so long. but it was still fun. and my mum was shocked at the amt. of money needed to buy a pipa. she tot it was half the price. But i'm still buying it anyway.XD
Okok, i gtg do sci alr.