A Spoonful of Happiness
Friday, February 5, 2010 @ 6:37 PM | 0 notes

Hello!!! This is the first time i'm blogging in this blog. This is like the second blog i ever had on earth... The first one was dead after 1 month... Anyway, I hope that this one doesn't suffer the same fate. :) Aha... Since i didn't start bogging yesterday, which is the best day ever, I'm going to start with yesterday.
Ok, yesterday was like the first day of cca so of course best day lar. In case you're wondering, I got into chinese orchestra. I was worrying the whole day bout what instrument I would be in... In the end it turned out alright...I got into pipa!!! Then l8r the SL for pipa bring me, Cheating(Qi Ting, or as she calls herself, Angeline) and this girl called Shu Hui to 105, where we met our seniors. The they showed us our family tree, and it turned out that i have no mummy so i only had ahma. Then Cheating is like the daughter of a adopted mummy's mummy(ahma lar) becos it's impossible that two greatgrandmother sisters give birth. Ok, I'm getting confused myself...
Okok, then today is just plain boring, and I still can't wait for the camp week. And my teachers gave me so much hw that I have to stop now...<3 BB!!!

Bub. u noe who