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I watched the amazing spider-man on sat! free tickets at gv vivo max eh eh? ;) the show was really amazing gaaah. It was so exciting and seriously action-packed. the whole time I was doing spiderly fingers x) I wanted to scream and shout nooooooooo dramatically and fall to the ground when there were sad parts, spin around in happy circles at the funny ones, and jump up and down yelling yessssssssss when spidey beat up lizardey. But ehhh I'm nice enough to not drag my mum down with me. x) So I minimized all my reactions hahaha. It was really really really enjoyable though! I want to watch it again and again and again! Today at school everyone was saying how good looking andrew garfield is. /agreed. HAHAHA and emma stone! she's so awesome! pssssst. like yours truly.

okay so national day is coming! and I can't wait! I love singapore x) guess what I bought yungshan for her birthday. hee. hee. an "I <3 SG" shirt trololol. that's actually a very good present! maybe i should buy more and stock them up for future birthdays :D 

i can't believe i used the phrase trololol! 

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BECAUSE I'M FREE!! okay, at least for the time being. I'm trying to be blind to all the crap that will soon be dumped on me for today. for now, all I know is that BLOCKS ARE OVER!!

YES. i feel so happy :') blocktest week was really hell. D: IH paper was so rush omg. I was like rahhhhhhh write faster sab! write for your life!! by the time i finished writing my essay (5 pages ;D) my hand was like spazzing and my muscles were so sore! hahaha at least I finished in time! with 10 secs so spare! -applause-

almost all the tests were so hard this time round! (but its probably because i grew dumber.) deeeeep down I know that I'm screwed for so many of the tests. the horror of getting them back!! D: but whatever. we'll cross that bridge when we get there yeah?

anyway, I'm feeling so happy because today I got to sleep in late, and read for like 3 hours straight. Gonna continue after I finish my maths reflection (to get that poop out of the way first). and then I'm probably going to catch spiderman! YAY! He's my fav super hero, after the hulk of course x)

my cousins and their korean friend are here to stay at my house for the summer!! i get so jealous listening to them talk about their school. It's so fun and cool and awesome and I feel meh whenever I listen to them talk about school life. they get to learn spanish/french!! that's so cool! But its very drama mama though. Their social life is like so.. booom!! so complicated compared to mine xD

They went to KIDS AMAZE with my cousin today D: I'M SO JELLY. I wish I were younger. or super puny. then I could pretend to be a young enough kid and sneak in there. its so fun!!!! gaaaah. the slides are so amazing. D: and all the ball pits and mazes and ball guns and screaming. x(

Tina is so lucky! She spend 10 whole days (or more) going to theme parks and blah!!!!! what the pong! I'VE ONLY BEEN TO 2 THEME PARKS IN MY WHOLE LIFE. le sigh. oh well, at least she's having lots of fun in America! x)

quite sad that I didn't get to go to see Jayesslee with Jingwen and her friends! But I had family stuff on that day. D:

We had be yourself day last friday! It was quite fun I guess x) I wore this bloodied bandage thing with Esther! but everytime I took it out my vision would get all fuzzy which is quite irritating hahaha x) it was so cool seeing what some other people wore! hehehe although i got confused with which students were really students and such because so many girls wore high heels and dresses and they all looked so adultey :D

played with sparklers last night!! my sister, cousins and friends insisted that it was to celebrate the end of my mugging season x) it was so fun!! haven't touched those in a long long time! I used to use them all the time when I was younger! especially during mid autumn festival! all the kids would get candles and matches and lanterns and sparklers and we would burn everything that we could risk. hahaha now that i think about it, its actually kind of dangerous!! anyway, i'm so going to get my section to do that this year when we celebrate lantern festival this year x)

me and my sister! she told me to do the swirly circles and i was like whaaa?! so i just ended up drawing random circles while she managed to the pretty swirly! she's the one on the left hahaha. there are more pics but I'm too lazy to get them. x)


i feel so happy and high now :D

such a long post!