Grow up and be kids
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Recently I'm always thinking about growing up. AND I REALLY DON'T WANT TO GROW UP. I don't even like my age now. Last year was nice :-) Someone let me go back to last year. When I'm an adult I think  people will make fun of the fact that I still watch Phineas and Ferb (if the show stops I'm gonna cry). Staying young forever is cooler. D:

Anyways, EOYs are coming soon! And just when I thought I could take a chill pill after musical. I look at the EOY schedule and feel like dying. But seriously. This year is zooming by so fast! We had handovers on thursday. Yep. I've been dreading the moment when I finally become a senior-senior. I want to be a junior! HAHAHAH I sound like a whiney mosquito. buzzzz. this reminds me of how teachers tell us to "buzz with your partners/groupmates" and there will be a collective "bzzzzzzzz". hehehehe.

I'm going to have a whale of a time this week. I'm just so happy to have 2 presentations, 2 timed-assignments, 2 (or more) quizzes and asdfghjkl crazy chionging of syllabus to complete in the coming 4 days. Joy.

No not really.

Young Forever
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WHAT AM I DOING HERE!! Haven't I been MIA-ing for (insert long time here)?

Yep. Hi there. :-D (I like the nose in my emoticons nowadays)

So NY SING is offically over! I was not really really really involved in it (at least not as heavily involved as compared to cast and crew) but I'm still kind of sad.

Things that I miss about musical:

1) M3-01. ITS SO HOT AND HUMID NOWADAYS. I miss the air-con in our temp. classroom :(

2) School starting at 10. One of the best points of musical. Ahhhh, how good it feels to be able to sleep till I feel the sun on my butt.

3) LOA. Whole day. 3 days. Yup.

4) Being badass with my 304 classmates. It's quite cool really. I thought we were a really obedient bunch.

5) Work extensions for free!!

6) Night perfs/rehearsals are really fun actually x-D SO.MUCH.DRAMA.

The last show on saturday night was extremely enjoyable! x-) (okay the nose doesn't really work on this smiley) Zia and I saw something like a naked ... okay let's just say it's super inappropriate and our section was cackling like mad pineapples in the audi after. We spent the whole of act 3 and a little of act 4 in the audi where there was glorious air-con and light. I don't know what we were really doing actually but I haven't had so much fun in ages hahaha :-D The NY primary kids were kind of cute. hehehehehehe. They kept on randomly popping into our little group and giving us black stares. (which we returned hahaha)

But it was the last perf for seniors! It's gonna be so weird without Zia and Yunni around. I don't want to be senior-senior. no fun. no fun at all. I wanna stay as a junior forever!!

SAY HI TO QITING. she's been missing from CCA for so long.
And this is dipa? pizi?
In the audi where ahem and ahem were trying to be bimbotic. Seriously.

Oh did you know that there are like 6/7 BELs in our class? And even more in EXCO/comm? HOW COOL IS THAT.

These few days I have little  no motivation to do work/pay attention in class. I feel so lethargic in school all the time. And I feel so bad today because it was very very obvious that our group in the back was not paying attention during chem at all. Is this the famous sitting-at-the-back syndrome?! I got it bad. D-':

SOFTBALL IS FUN!! minus the blazing hot sun.

We're having whole-school photo taking tomorrow!! Say hi to mr. hottie-sun again. sighhhh. At least we get to skip a little of first period :-D

There are 2 mexican exchange students in our class and 1 is sitting pretty close to me so when she passed I was like: HOLA!! YS and almond said that that was a weird and creepy thing to do. but whatever. The mexican girl (who's really pretty) said "HOLA!!" back.

I'm attracted to camera commercials. the songs are catchy.