APRIL 2013
Sunday, April 21, 2013 @ 12:06 AM | 0 notes

This is what I have learnt this past month. The world is not a wish granting factory.
Let n be a very large number.

No. of graded assessments in April= n
No. of horrible things that has happened in April= n
Amount of stress Sab faced/is still facing in April= 

Let jellybean be a very bad word.

On the bright side, at the end of it all, I'll be able to say: remember the 4th month of the 16th year of Sab's existence  Yep. She actually survived and emerged victor!! WOWwowWOW. 

HAHAHAHA I know I'm being whiny here and everyone older than me has gone through this period of life before and adversities make me stronger and life is tough and I should learn to cope. BUT IT JUST FEELS BETTER RANTING. And it's not even a very long rant.

Soooo. SYF in 2 days! My feels are very intense right now. (Hence the sudden urge to return to this place. This should be called Narnia instead of Sab's blog. Also, Shuhui's persistent.) We, the ASSes/douchebags have really, really grown so much throughout this journey!!!!!!! I still remember all the jellybean conflicts between us omj (oh my jellybean) we really knew how to start wars (this reminds me of star wars). And even though there are still many upcoming performances whatever after SYF, it still feels like it's almost over HAHAHAHAHA. And then we'll be stepping down. I WILL MISS NYPIPA SO JELLYBEAN-ing MUCH.

Speaking of other performances, here's a short update of what's coming up next. 
1. HMP chamber music performance thingy (which I am so not prepared for. I think i'm actually going to die trying to reach the desired speed.)
2. SYF launch (funny how SYF would have been over by then)
3. NY open house
4. FOA 
5. Musical 

Hahahaha i'm just kidding about the last one. We're actually going on a world tour. 

I think I'll post again after SYF where I'll be riding on the waves of my emotions or whatever. Main point is, that post will be jellybean-ing high. Don't get blown too far away.

Seriously though, I'm supersuperduperduper extraordinarily -inserts other exaggerating adjectives to show a high degree- excited for SYF. I love our pieces so much. I am just replaying and replaying the recordings taken on thurs because I'M SO EXCITED. I still remember around 2 weeks ago?? We performed sooo badly for SYF venue rehearsal and everyone was so upset. I don't even know how we managed to recover from that so fast???? I guess NYCO can really perform under pressurizing conditions HAHAHAHA. 

One important point to note: I'm missing IH and chem blocks!!! This is the first time I'm missing a really important test which makes me feel nervous but WOW because this is a new and refreshing and cool experience and just WOW. My friends are all freaking out over IH because, you know, IH. HAHAHAHA I offered to help make a set of notes for them (which would undoubtedly be of rubbish quality but still better than nothing right?) and they went all sassy over me. To quote Xingyi: Sab, just-. Just, don't.
Such a diva I tell you.

I'm really jellybean-ing excited for SYF I really can't describe this feeling but just know that I'm really excited  like really really really. GA GA GA GA GA.

OHOHOH WATCH THIS VID YOU WON'T REGRET IT. My favourite vid of all time omj. Not that I had a favourite vid before. See, it even inspired me to create a new category of favourites.

Oh, my new year's resolution for 2013 was to be more honest, because honesty is the best policy as we have all learnt since primary 1, and so far I have learnt that to be truthful you have to be mean sometimes. Being mean also means being average. (geddit geddit. why am I so funny and cool? Just why? /plays wamenteen song) 

Okay bye! I don't even know if anyone still visits this bird-don't-lay-eggs-place (it's a chinese idiom which means uloo) but on the off chance that someone does stumble across this place, and asks why I haven't updated in so long, I really have no excuse for this. HAHAHAHA I'm just lazy. Accept me for who I really am. Love me still okay? :-)