Monday, May 28, 2012 @ 9:46 PM | 0 notes

todaaay was another do nothing day. sighh. I really really really made a promise yesterday to at least finish a piece of homework but... okay at least I did some maths :D 

Now I feel better xD

I'm going for BSP camp tomorrow!! I hope I meet lots of fun people hahahahaha :D I don't mind weird people too! (weird as in sab-weird). I still have stuff to pack and blah but hehehehe procrastination is my bestie ;D

Anyway, I met up with Jingwen at Clementi just now! Got some stuff for -hehehe- and then we sat at starbucks    to do it :D Lots of people were staring at us though.. HAHAHA who cares I probably won't see them again. We tried the new cookie drink thingy AND IT'S REALLY AWESOME! :D 

HAHAHA soooo... jingwen was sharing with me lots and lots and lots of gossip. I like to listen hahaha and pretend I'm really not living with patrick the starfish under a rock. I'm really really really oblivious to all the stuff that goes around school hahaha I kind of live in my own little bubble with all my friends being bubble people inside. Okay that sounded weird. Whatever so anyway Jingwen and I sat there for such a long time and I think the people sitting around us were starting to think we were really strange people x)

I CAN'T WAIT FOR GCP!! It's in 4 months :O 

Yesterday I went for Rachel Lianrongpao's streetsales!! HAHAHA I teamed with Xingyi and we were claiming the traffic light junction place as our territory. Met a really weird and crazy guy who frightened Xingyi quite badly. She thinks he was a conman. :O We came across a really really really INFINITYTIMES kind old lady who was really really really kind. Did I mention how kind she was?? REALLY KIND. I'm too lazy to write out what happened though! x) 

Then Xinye, Xingyi, Rachel, Huanyu and I went to eat dinner at Taka! :D hahahaha it was so embarrassing when I started walking around like a possessed monkey and just left my friends behind to go down the escalator. It was only later that I realised they were not behind me x) oh man I couldn't stop laughing when I called them later hahahahaha :D 

During dinner Rachel was sharing with us all the gossip she knows muahahahaha it was hilarious :D rachel is so awesome!! Oh yeah! I'm gonna be seeing her dance tomorrow!! she has been so hyped up all week for us to watch her sexy dancing HAHAHAHAHA :D

You know when I say lots of stuff aloud it really doesn't sound as cool as it did in my head.. In fact it sounds so lame I think when I think about it a year later I'll be like asdfghjkl wth sab what's wrong with you. HIFUTURESAB. APPLE! ORANGES! PEACHES! PEARS!

SO TRUEEE just look at my cover photo on facebook! x)