HELLO! i'm in thailand noww!
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YOU GUESS WHAT. i typed everything painstakingly and now. poof. its gone.
anyway, thailand is awesome :D the gurls are superr tall and skinny like models and they have pretty faces.
the food is either VERY SPICY or VERY SWEET.
but i like itt! i feel EVEN fatter now.
the girls are so prettyy!!!!!! and their public transport is so awesome and fun!!!! AHH i love it here.
yay the stuff here are quitee cheapp :B
so i bought stuffffffs for you ppl alrr. yay yay yayyyy ;D
lalala thai air is as good as SQ!! :)
i brought bottles to contain some THAI AIT for you guys.

okay okay i know i'm lame.

i really really wanna watchi rapunzel after seeing jing's and huiyu's blogs.

the air is really dry here.
when i get back, i shall post about my trip :D

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oh yeahh i'm gng thailand tmrr!

try to get stuffss for you guys kayy?


btw, yeah my phone is fixed :DD

today we had hcco interaction.

and in my grp there was this tally weirdie guy who is kinda gayish cos of the way he responds but he follows me around and asks me odd questions and i don't really like him >(

anywayy, it was quite fun in a way. the games were quite funn! I LOVE MASS GAME. i poued water INTO zia's shirtt! HAHAHA GUESS WHAT my grp lost every game except for one tie! my igl said that we held the record for most loses :)

but you know, we won one thing. and i cant believe it. it should be rated like r21 or something.

cos you know, we are supposed to write a story about some murder act and how, why, when, where it happened blah blah. using some clues lar.

so my grp was damn sick. actually it was me:P i gave them the idea of the gay making out with the other guy. teehee.

so the story goes like this: (DON'T READ IF YOU ARE INNOCENT. OR IF YOU ARE DUMB. cos its so confusing.)

characters -
A-DEAD PERSON (likes B). male.
B-A like her. female. likes C.
C-GAY. OH YESH BABEH. B likes him before learning he was gay. likes A.

C was devastated after learning that C doesnt like him. so he went to one night stands in the rld in a disco blah blah. to find relief blah blah. and on the 80th day, it was the 80th night stand lar, and then coincidentally, B was stalking him. and and A, was at the disco too, cos he was also sad that B doesnt like him.

so anyway, B saw C raping A and so was angry. ran away * drama* yes i know. and was sobbing FURIOUSLY. then A saw her running so ran after her. they ran to the roof and then B wanted to eliminate her love rival so she hit A at the spine and he fell to his death :DD

i know its complicating. hahaha but if you understand it, BAGUS.

ahha, my grp describe like shit. sooo EWWWW. and the guy who wrote it has a pervertic mind.

HOW COULD WE HAVE WON. they are teaching young kids dirty stuff. tsk tsk :B

my back hurts:( where's my vitamin c?

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1. Answer the questions as honestly and creatively as possible.
2. Post this as "Did That Happen To You?"
3. Tag 5 friends.
4. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
5. Have Fun!!!

1. What do you do if you are in the bathroom with a beetle flying around?
I would
strip it cos it sees me naked and I didn’t and its unfair :B

2. What do you do if you hear a song you like playing on the radio when you are all alone in the room?

3. You want to speak to your crush badly. What is your line?
heyho I wanna speak to you badly. What do you think I should say??

4. What do you do if all your friends hate a particular band that you love?

5. What do you do when you trip and fall in front of many people?
SAY: HEY YOU FARTEDD! And change the topic to that farting guy.

6. You forgot to do your multiple-choice question homework and your class starts in 5 minutes.
think on the spot lar. I very smart one. Answers churn out damn fast.

7. You have bad breath and someone speaks to you. How do you react?
nothing much. Let them smell the breath!! Maybe they will give me free mints :DD

8. You just finished gym and after a shower, you drop your underpants on the wet floor. What do you do?
wear it back. I did that before :P

9. What do you do if a personality quiz says that you have a lousy personality as your result?
don’t care. The quiz is prob just jealous I’m so awesome.

10. Your friend gave you the worst gift you have ever received and asks: Do you like it? How do you react?
“of course I like it! How can I say no!” -jkjk-

11. (Continued from question 10) What are you really thinking secretly inside?
I can give this to someone else :P haha no lar.

12. A hot guy/girl keeps looking at you while you are on the bus. What are you secretly thinking inside?
WOW I’M SO ATTRACTIVE. I think I will say it out loud instead.

13. Your crush and you are eating dinner together, the food you've ordered came first, eat, or wait?
EATT. Duhh.

14. You are alone in your house and you realized that there is a burglar. What do you do?
give him the present I got in question 10.

15. What do you do when your best friend had just spoilt your favourite one and only camera with all the important photos you cherished inside?
OH DEAR. I hope she has money. TEEHEE joking.

16. What do you do if you break your friend's favourite vase but he or she didn't see it?
pretend to be in the toilet and not at the crime scene.

17. What do you do if you saw a cat chasing a mouse?
take a video of it and publish: SABRITA AND JERRY.

28. You missed your favourite TV show and it was the season finale. What do you do?
its just a show. I won’t die.

29. There is a crash in your schedule, one is your friend's wedding, the other is another friend's last day of funeral. What will you do?

Go to the wedding first to get some good luck before going to the funeral to avoid the bad luck being spread to me.

waiting day
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HELLO. i'm finally BACK.

i was out the whole day. practically. and i spent like 6-7 hours at the hospital. cos my grandpa got admitted. GET WELL SOON. luckily his condition is stabilised now.

today is waiting day.

firstly, rmb my phone was dead? i went to change the sim card so now its okay. BUT I WAITED ONE HOUR in the damn queue cos they didn't put out the sign at the door. they put it somewhere where no one could see, and i queued the wrong queue for a long long time >( phone you better lobe me.

then later i ate lunch blah blah then went to my gradpa's house to pick him up cos my uncle does not have his car and there was an emergency.

so yeah. we waited for him for like 4 hours. he did scans and everything.

i should go bathe. i feel germy. from the sick sick hospital. there were so many sick ppl.

ah today was a real patience tester. it was so BORING. i didn't bring anything with me you see.

and my parents were too bored to talk to me. and my sis was at home ;(

bye i gtg

huiyu i'll do it tmr i promiseeee!

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awww its dead. dead. ): I MISS SMSING.

todayy i went to help out at my aunt's shop!! my uncle and his friend, charlie is working there too:D and so now my hand smells like INSCENCE ^^ i love that smell:DD

nothing interesting to blog around these days:D i shall do the thingy that huiyu tagged me to do.

after i'm done with the cropping. SORRY HUIYU!! wait a little while more okayy? xD

okay so i skype alot with my cousins in beijing:) THEIR UNIFORM IS AWESOME. its like the boys over flowers those type. AND YOU KNOW WHAT THEY HAVE FOR LUNCH. they have like burgers, fries, sushi, AWESOME FOOD. plus for their music lessons, they get to choose their instrument.

AND AND AND they have more fun activities than studying. YOU KNOW ONLY HALF AN HOUR OF CHINESE EVERY WEEKK!! even though they are in china. unfairr.

plus their assemblies happen anytime, like if the people presenting come in between a lesson, then they just stop the lesson. SO SLACK MAN. and there is a cca called TOUCH TYPING. this means using the com during cca. awesome much?

this is the difference between international schools and singapore schools. haizxz.

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i'm like super busy sia. holidays are stolen. ):

see there is like the LA journal thing, and i only done the first entry. which is like 1 page long only. HOW AM I GOING TO COMPLETE THE WHOLE NOTEBOOK IN TIMEE.

then i have to do this cropping thingy for my dad. he says he will pay me though (:

oh and i am going overseas for one week. plus there is lots of cca time (tues and thur) and my weds will be all filled up.

so only mon and fri. yeah. fri normally will go out with family or something. mon is the only free day other than weekends to do all the work. GOSHH holiday life is kinda bleah.


update on today:

AT FIRST we wanted to go to the ZOO, so we met at lot one for lunch! PEPPER LUNCH^^ love it ttm! but there was an awkward silence during lunch, i dunno why, and we were like sms ing each other even though we sat like next to / opposite each other :X

then it was freakin hot. really. HOT HOT HOT. we were all sweating like siaoo siaoo siaooooo.

went to ahma's house to persuade her to come with us to the zoo. operation FAIL.

tried to flag a cab, but we were not fated to sit it. so in the end took a bus to plaza sing cos it was too hot and i could feel that it was going to rain (my predictions are always accurate).

caught a movie called unstoppable. it was boring in the beginning, but quite exciting at the ending :D we couldn't like finish half the snacks we bought.

and it was freezing in there!!

then we went home home homee :) no wait i went with seishea to clementi to check out the polaroid camera. COULDN'T FIND IT .__.

so went home. oh right, when i just stepped out of my lift, my neighbour's dog was loose. which means he was out of the house. and i'm terribly afriad of that dog cos he barks like crazy at me >( and everytime i wanna pet him, he will like wanna bite me. so yeah.

anywayy, back to the point. the dog didn't see me at first, so i took the chance to leap back into the lift. but sadly, he noticed me and chased me!! and we were trapped in the same lift!! i was like shaking all over cann! then i was like in an awkward position, and he was staring at me :( fiercely. luckily my neighbour saved me in time.

i shall prac 2 hours later. byebye :)

oh btw, i think i am creating a tumblr accountt! THE URL SHALL BE THE SAME. then don't need to do introductions :) will post when it is donee!

-2 day. pshh :/
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+1 : kaoji is over. kaoji kaoji. over over. and out :) finally man finally.

-1 : I SCREWED KAOJI. yeah. quite badly you know. but i shall not think too much about it. only worry when the results are out :P

-1 : i changed grp with qiting to yizu cos of BLEAH BLEAH. bleah her man bleah her. this is bad cos she obviously was picking at me. :(

-1 : then right yizu is good, but qiting is sad. she says she is not pissed at me. which is good. but it is bad that she is sad. so i feel bad. i also feel bad for seperating mother(zia) and daughter(qiting).

so some simple maths(sorry for bringing maths up during holidays.) -> 1-1-1-1= -2.

so its -2 day today.

i don't feel sad actually. i feel quite happy for i dunno what reason. but i feel bad for -2 day cos many sad things happened today.

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yeah go visit it. even though its so confusing with lots lots of characters. its actually quite good you know. but maybe you guys may not understand a little cos her friends are starred inside too.

advertising for: http://hongstar-productions.blogspot.com

i wonder what will happen if
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i didn't meet you.

i ran out of title ideas
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what's up yo. just now i was watching tv and i changed channel 3 times and every time i change the tv will be showing the same g dragon song. heartbreaker. but its okay. haha cos the song is nice :D

this morn woke up in the weee hours of the morn(at 5) and went to changi airport. to send off my cousin's family and my gong gong!! :( they going to beijing for like 3 years. and i will miss my gong's cookingg!! GOD BLESS them. luckily ppl invented skype and msn.

yest my mum brought me and my sis to watch harry potter and the deathly hallows. its quite boring you know. i think the most boring of all the shows. and the ending is bleah. CAN'T WAIT FOR PART 2. so this afternoon i read the whole book all over again cos i forgot some parts :P

OOH YEAH jingwen yay i feel happy that you finally done it. now it is so much easier to buy presnt for you.

AND seishea chang! good job in creating fb! now there's only maegan and jane left. maegan says she's considering :DD

haha i feel sad for ziling. somehow.. and my sec 2 books arrived yest! I CAN'T CARRY ON READING TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD. my mum says its quite interesting. but the book super chim! dont understand alot D:

i ordered 2 books online for the LA thingy, 1 arrived yesterday. haha it feels cool to touch the envelope which has the skin cells of the people from london :DD


i had some breaking news to tell you guys. but i forgot :X

i'm dead for kaoji.

rain rain go away
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helloo! yesterday was hectic. :D

firstly, woke up at 6 cos had to go to ij. -.- so tiring can. then i couldn't eat anything cos i felt like vomiting.

so at ij, had to do the vegetarian speech. si qiting went to record it. :/ and she's going to put it on fb!! :(((((( oh oh some ppl said i rushed through it. BUT CANNOT BLAME IT WHAT. i wanna finish it as soon as possible :D

then went over to ny for dazu. cos still got 1 hour left. bleah it was embarassing going in and everyone was just like staring at us. then angeline stepped on a ruan so she squealed with made everyone laugh. plus it was squeezy and i knocked into a cello.

luckily amanda and other sec 4s put up chairs for us liao :D save the awkwardness.

haha but i stoned there most of the page 2 part. hehe amanda said i was a sotong. cos cos i cannot count properly sia. and mrs ee said jazel was the star of the day! ^^

aftw lunch at kfc, there was a new piece during xiaozu(the set piece for syf). oh right, we played solo again for the whole kaoji thingy. but less scary then playing in front of huo.

then we practically ran for the bus to ij. jammed for 35 mins. ONLY from NY to KAP ok! then we were late. oh right.

the rain.

it was horrible. and i left seishea's umbrella at home! so qiting and i squished into my teeny unbrella and then the heavy rain kept on pouring. so i was seriously soaking wet and my shoes were black and my hair was soaked too and my pipa case was washed also. luckily its waterproof inside. cos pipa is made of wood.

bleah. we changed pretty fast, and it felt kinda good in dry clothes even though i was sticky and all.

ate dinner, camwhored a bit, played STRESS. with yuhan! haha fun! :D

and she took a unglam shot of me and dared me to put it as my profile pic on fb. FINE MAN.

hahah the performance okay luh. i think a little better than yest. but we had shorter chairs. those pink ones. means it from p2 class!

then went up to look for wu lao shi, and she failed at zipai man. haha she pressed off button instead. o_o helped to look after her fushion dancers as we played concentration. their jingling was quite irritating!

during finale, blocked many ppl again. SORRY!! and the same awkwardness replayed.

then lauren and shiying went mad. and kept on saying about my bf called BOB?! but bob is my laopo!

i was tired and sticky when i went home, but FELT SUEPR CONTENTED!

haha yay i just realised a lot of ppl visit my blog. then tag larr!
this post is longggg. xD

vegetarian speech :/
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i hate you. i dun even know how to pronoune you properly! HOW AM I GOING TO GIVE SOME IRRITATING SPEECH INFRONT OF LIKE 1000 PLUS PPL!

-----------------------------------------hu xi hu xi-----------------------------------------

okay so today, IT WAS THE BIG BIG DAY. nah big day should be 23 nov.

anyway, went to qiting's house at 2, prac-ed like half the time, slacked the other half :D qiting's mum cooked chicken soup for us yay! ^^v

then called a cab, went to ij. arrived like 40 mins early, and it was FREAKY standing there, waiting for the counselling room to open, and talking to the principal and vp awkwardly. mrs tan, the principal, was like asking about that thing. :( and then MRS LEWIS WANTS ME TO PRAC THE VEGETARIAN SPEECH INFRONT OF MRS TAN. A.L.O.N.E!! >( this is bad. so i lied to her that i didn't bring it, when it was in my bag :P

then mdm reddy ask me and lauren to go raise the flag, and i ALMOST, almost forgot how to :P cos i think i did flag duty like last year term 1 and half of term 2 :D so long ago right.

then then we ran around, and got like damn sweaty. first had tuning, then we rehearsed on stage, and the lights were GLARING AND HOT. so :( psshhh man pshh it.

plus i could only hear TCK TCK TCK in the mike, and couldn't hear the song at all. only the weird sound and myself.

oh right, met many 6 peacers! i donated like 4 dollars! to support them :D SO NICE RIGHT.

then ate a not so nice dinner, and prac-ed more ourselves. we blah blah and only managed to talk to wu lao shi for like, 5 mins.

then we began to get worried and everything. oh right, our performance is like during the interval, and we thought that like more than half the audience will leave. but guess what. 3 QUARTERS of them were to lazy to move their bum and hence just stayed there:(

it was embarassing! plus the mc was like: now we have sabrina leong and tan qiting to play for us song wo yi zhi mei gui hua, on the BIBA(not pipa D:), and it will sure move you to tears. i was like: what the shit! out loud and i forgot that the mike was infront of me. haha wonder if they got hear ;P plus i gave some constipated expression. my mum said i looked super shy.

luckily everything went well :) and most of the song were played coordinatedly. haha! :D OF COURSE got make some mistakes lar, but they were teeny weeny. YAY FOR US.

then sweated alot later, it was freakin hot. and stuffy :(

oh right during the finale right, i pushed qiting out, cos no one wanted to go and she was infront. haha hehe SORRY:) and then we were like blockin erm 3-4 rows of performers cos they were puny and we were tall. but we at the end of the stairs le leh! haha paiseh man their parents were trying to find them :P then they sang the hold on to the ij dream song and i forgot the lyrics so i just chatted with shiying and qiting.

AWKWARD LIKE SHIT! plus we were like standing in front:(

after seeing many of you wanting phones, i decided to search for a phone i want too! so..
finally, to end off,

WHITE like snow!
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this lion is so cutee man.

i think ALBINO ppl or creatures are AWESOME. i've seen one i real life before leh! and her hair is like silvery and super straight and silky! SUPER COOL. plus she's pretty!

did you know that our pm's son is one! that's so cool rightt! xD

lalala on sat, jing and maegan is coming over. actually i wanna invite more luh. but then my sis invite like 4 then my mum say our house will be too packed:(

i had a dream last night, that in harry potty, there are 4 main characters instead of 3! and i was the fourth main! haha it was epic. like i dunno why, but huiyu, jing and yijie are inside too!

so the hogwarts express train thingy has broken down and our group of witches or wizards went in to a ATAP HOUSE (?!) and the house started travelling like howl's moving castle when it was breaking in to peices. and then suddenly the house became only a platform and we travelled on a roller coaster!!

so while travelling, the evil snake guy lord voldermoty or something tried to control us(all because of potty) and then we started being sick. so i had a hard time breathing and all like asthma, while jing and yijie had cough and huiyu is hiccups. haha weird lor.

oh right so to stop us from feeling ill and all, yijie told me to put ice/a tablespoon of sugar into my water bottle. haha so she brought me over to a fridge that just popped out of nowhere and put some ice into my bottle. then i was thinking: maybe the ice is not pure or something so i just put some sugar into my bottle. wonder where that came from.

then everyone became scaredy cats and didn't dare enter hogwarts, and only the 4 main ppl took many water bottles on their brooms and zoomed off. HAHA AWESOME MAN. at that moment, i was woken by the grandfather clock that clonks too loudly :/

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HELLO PEEEEPOLS. i'm bored. so i shall just spazz around here!

i shall be leaving in 15 MINS for cca!

well, i have nothing to say.

lemme think. hmmm :P

oh oh oh i know!

i shall talk about. erm. actually i dunno.

okay i shall end here. nothing really happens now in the holidays:( NVM okay sorry guys who are reading this. i have just wasted like 15 seconds of your life. (for ppl who read slow :P)

i like chameleons. they are cool ;D LIKE MEE! nah i dun think i am the cool cool sort. look at this awesome chameleon!! it is COLOURFULL! haha you wanna know why i like chameleons? cos i don't dislike them! well that was random.

look the eye of the chameleon has multi-coloured pimpless! this pic giving me goosebumps :/

well, i guess i crapped more. so sorry for wasting like another 15 seconds of your life. or maybe 1 minute! if you did ANALYSE the photos as carefully as i did!! :D

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firstly, during dazu, my and yunni like skipped one whole chunk of the song. cos we couldn't count the beats correctly and hence didn't know when to come in.

but that's not the point.

the worst part of cca was, of course, with huo ):

hls is scary D: she gave us some mock exam test thingy. and i was so scared my leg started shaking like crazy, and then the pipa keep on sliding down, so i had to keep on trying to adjust it:( and my fingers were trembling like crazy, so my notes were wobbly. arghhh. she says we are gonna have one every week! this is horrible. terrible. irritating me!

OH RIGHT, during lunch, i felt weird sitting next to qiting. no offence hor. but then right, she kept on laughing her head off for nothing. and she was like HAHAHAHAHA. in her funny way of laughing. haha. and she burped super loudly suddenly. that was epic!!

i shall go prac now in preperation of tmr.

may peace be with you. or at least, me.

I just uploaded the photos, and i am wondering why is the first one so giganto!?!

mahjong and cookies=the best combination :D
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today i went to seishea's house with jing, clara and maegan! at first we wanted to swim, but then .. ahaha emergency thingy. so we just went there to play.

met at jp with jing, maegan and clara first then we go buy lunch and some other ingredients and MY NEW WATCH! i broke it in the washing machine :P its the same one as valerie's :DD yay yay!

then went to seishea's house. ate first, played mahjong next :)! haha yay i love mahjong man. then maegan who dunno how to play, said she was bored so we baked the cookies. haha it was epic.

firstly, they added in the egg first which was the second step. so :X teehee nvm we just mixed it together. then we mix lai mix qu my hand was itchy so i put the chopsticks in and it broke!! it is like woody-ceramicy. haha then there was a loud BOK. ahaha! we couldn't find it later. so we don't care lar. hee :D

aft the choc chips we bought were HUMONGOUS. haha but they taste AWESOMEE! so while we were mixing the sticky dough, clara found the other part of the chopstick! YAY. (: then we put the cookie mixture in the oven too closely to each other. hahaha and guess what, the thingy became like one big pie thingy cos they were all joined together.

and one of the trays(there were 4 or 5) the cookies are all CHAOTA at the bottom. so we scrape the top and ate it like those tarts thingy. haha! but they still taste nice!

in the end the cookies turned out chewy chewy and super similar to subway cookies, but it was supposed to be crunchy and everything. haha i think it was because of the eggs. :P nvm its okayy! haha they are still yummy:)

while waiting for the cookies to bake, we played MORE mahjong(i think like 10 rounds the whole day), around 5 rounds of dai di, then like 10 rounds of 99 and like countless rounds of black jack. oh right and heart attack and cheat! haha I OWN MAHJONG MAN. i won like 5 roundss! YAY but i lost 99:( NVM ITS OKAYY!

we played these gambling games for like 3-4 hourss! haha but we didn't play with money. cos we very guai onee!! :D we should come and play again next time! hope next time can go swim too!

qiting ask me go her house on fri. should i? haha maybe yes maybe not cos fri is my only free day. but it will be boring to just stay at home. sat jing and maegan and ?? is coming to my house! TMR JINGWEN is going on a date with JUNHONG . movies and everything wor. HAHA she ask me go but cannot go and be dian deng pao!(third person)! and somemore got cca!

jazel and i were like complaining about how much we are gonna hate tmr, 16, 21 and 23. BLEAH. the cca sessions on these days are :( man. THE WHOLE SECTION IS GONNA DIE. DIE.I.TELL.YOU. bishh. jiayou to me! hahaha! :D

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I LOVE 101.

today was FUNN.
class outingzxz!
family photo!!

CLASS OUTING WAS A SUCCESSS YAY YAY!! FINALLY MANN. it rained in the morn and luckily i prayed hard. so there was fine weatherr later:) okay so FUN class outing:

1) waited for ppl to arrive and for the rain to stop. slacked in macs for half an hour. 18 ppl altogether:DD

2) rented bikes in the light drizzle. rode together(: i double-biked with seishea. haha we were awesome cos one of the first few in front even though we rode double bikess! and that clara heng keep on wanting to win us and almost killed us lor!!

3) stopped and took photos everywhere that was pretty. can't wait for them to be posted on fb!

4) went to bk and bought over-priced drinks.

5) went for lunch. subway+macs. all my sweat was evaporated off yay yay.

6) bought a ball, played monkey at the beach. then made a miniature singapore with a mini statue of raffles, a teeny merlion, a tiny ferris wheel, a small esplanade, a part of PIE, a part of F1 track, a weeny spore flag and some tunnels, HDB, cars, and a bukit timah hill using sand. haha we codorned off the area but this little girl just ran over the words. haha nvm.

7) went up to those big big rock structures thingy, and played games, took more shots, talked about alot of random stuff:)

8) couldn't find toilets anywhere and so bought icy water to wash our feet! :P

we should seriously go there again. i wanna sit the 4/5 seater bike thingy. haha and fly kitess! plus plus do the water board cable thingyy! it looked so awesomee! FUN FUN FUN.

then later i left for the family photo thingy which is so FUNNN.. haha the photographer is damn nice. and the place is so cool. i never took in studios before:D wonder how they will turn out.

ate seafood at JUMBO for dinner!! awesomee food. i love that place.

walked around clarke quay and went back to home sweet home:)

definition of fun: something that provides entertainment and amusement.

101 '10 201 '11
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today is the last day of sec 1 :( i will miss the awesome classroom that we have. i love it ttm! cos there is like the sun balcony thingy and we can run in the rain or play in the sun there. :(( and this also means a year has past, i'm older, and there is less time with 101! D: its like i was still brooding over the fact that pri sch has ended, and now its sec 2 life alr. JIAYOU TO 101 NEXT YEARR!

started of with class montages, personally i think 101 and 107's montages are great. cos there is like background, words, animation you know all that stuff and not just simple song with pictures. haha:) mdm teo said that we are a fun loving class! heard that she is migrating. WILL MISS YOU!

HAD BREAK, and then spring cleaning! it's not even spring. its summer. but anyway, 101 didn't really like clean it well cos they littered after cleaning the class up. haha :P nevermindd! then we played dai di, murderer, STRESS(with ahma is the best!) and heart attack. fun gamess:D i guess counted as class bonding? haha

there is CLASS OUTING TMR!! yay i think the most successful one. last time june holidays de cancelled, safra one only me, sei and jing go, and ice skating only me, jing and huiyu. haha this time got 20 + ppl! hope there will really be!! pray hard that it won't rain!!

seishea's dad is nice. that's all i have to say today. bye!!

you are my sunshine(:
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YAY yesterday we went to sentosa for level outing!! it was on the whole funn! :DD

our class was doing limbo and human tangle, but no one brought rope. so awesome joey and awesome me went to look for rubberbands in every class and stringed them up into a super long rope. we saved 101's livess! okay not that serious lar. but you get the idea:)

then we went to sentosa, and the palawan beach thingy was ALL OURS. it was freakin hot. and somemore we wearing our black class tee. so everyone was like complaining and i got a awful sunburn afterwards. i'm now 2-coloured and have a super obvious tan-line i didn't have before. but nevermind its good to get a little vitamin d :)

then 101 a bit fail. LOLOL :P cos we lose almost every game :X hehe. but we had some fun!!

after games, we went to play in the sea!! oh the awesome water. which taster so salty. and the waves were teeny weeny. some parts of the beach were very polluted but some were super clear. haha:D we splashed around and well, simply got all wet!!

cleaned up, washed up, and ate. 7-11 was packed cos of us:)) yay yay. went back to sch feeling all sticky and sweaty and stinky and so we(me, ch, jing, aga, tina) went to cheng hui's house to bathe. haha i totally ADORE the warm and fuzzy feeling you get after being so stink and ewwish to clean clean.

met jane, ziling and qy and j8. ate dinner, and went back to sch in a cab.

dramafest was AWESOMEE. they act like pros!! only i don't get some parts of some plays. i can't imagine 101 standing up there actually. haha. next year is our turnn!!

overall, YAY YAY I LOVE yesterday.

pro right
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fruity wednesday
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today there was this thingy called fruit hunt! and we had to look for fruits around the sch! quite fun cos got funny fruits! even durian man. and i cant believe we missed the watermelon. 101 got 3rd YAY YAY.

i think i ate like the most fruits ever in my life. there were so many. variety too! and there was free vitagen! yay yay! and coco crunch cos we won:)

then later got some line dancing thingy where we didn't understand alot so we just danced randomly and went high for fun:DD

afterwards had some sharing of the talent developement programme. so suitable for me!! cos i have soo much talent you guys cant imagine :P jk. so seishea, me, jing, maegan, someone(so confusing i also dunno who liao) went for the cmps thingy. haha cos we got BIG hearts!!

tmr got sentosa! actually i dun mind staying in sch too. :B

okay im gonna pack stuff now. i think this blog is boring cos i can't describe what happens in the day well.