HELLO! i'm in thailand noww!
Tuesday, November 30, 2010 @ 9:51 PM | 0 notes

YOU GUESS WHAT. i typed everything painstakingly and now. poof. its gone.
anyway, thailand is awesome :D the gurls are superr tall and skinny like models and they have pretty faces.
the food is either VERY SPICY or VERY SWEET.
but i like itt! i feel EVEN fatter now.
the girls are so prettyy!!!!!! and their public transport is so awesome and fun!!!! AHH i love it here.
yay the stuff here are quitee cheapp :B
so i bought stuffffffs for you ppl alrr. yay yay yayyyy ;D
lalala thai air is as good as SQ!! :)
i brought bottles to contain some THAI AIT for you guys.

okay okay i know i'm lame.

i really really wanna watchi rapunzel after seeing jing's and huiyu's blogs.

the air is really dry here.
when i get back, i shall post about my trip :D