School starts tomorrow.
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THE HORROR. term 3 doesn't look very bright right now.

I'm feeling so panicky!! This whole holiday I've been doing hw on random days. I don't even complete a piece of hw before jumping to another one and going back to some other uncompleted piece. I have a really really bad feeling. I think I missed out on something. D:

and I have to go scout for my stationery and books and files and worksheets and crap now! I've lost a few pens and files :( Looking at the state of my study table I feel like fainting already. Plus I have to go print out all the assignments that's typed (and search for them. I have no idea where they're saved) and ahhhhh. Why am I so disorganized this holiday :(

So many things to do!! I don't feel like doing. extremely long sighhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Week 1 is just going to be crazily hectic. There are like 2/3 quizzes!! Plus IH timed trial! And so many hw to hand in!! :( I used to be the type of dude who would finish up all academic stuff by the first week of June hols :( NOW ITS ALL CHAOS. Week 2 is just... It's going to be a nightmare. But whatever I'm just praying for it to all come sooner! then it'll end sooner!!!!!! OH GOSH I can't wait for week 3 to come!! (even though almost all the SIA crap is due then.)

Okay whatever. I shall wallow in self-pity with my imaginary friend in the corner later.

Anyway, on Sunday, Huanyu, Rebecca and I went to this kindergarten for our LA SIA!! We were supposed to teach them racial harmony :D AND IT WAS QUITE SUCCESSFUL HAHAHA (Y) In the end they all managed to answer the questions we posed. but oh man it was pandemonium teaching them. THEY WERE ALL SO CHATTY. and they couldn't sit down for more than 5 secs before they would stand up and run around screaming at the top of their lungs. hahahahaha but yeah, it was fun :D I realised that story telling attracted them the most!! those moments of silence and peace were heaven! x)

the main point is: THEY WERE ALL SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to just pick all of them up and put them into my pocket or something hahahah <3

Everyone's freaking out on twitter now. it's kind of funny actually! our class bonding over the stress of the last day of holidays.

I wonder who my new desk mate will be...

There are so so so many books I want to read. I have them all written on a list. But its so tough to borrow them from the library because they're always on loan :( I'm going to have to buy them x) I don't mind though. I love the feeling of reading a book that's MINE. But I can't really read now. meh. I can't wait for block tests to end!!

hahaha okay enough of the procrastination I shall go chiong and finish up all the rubbish I have left.

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HAS NEVER FELT SO GOOD. hahahaha okay the only good thing about holidays x)

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
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holiday schedule is mad. i think i'm gonna go crazy during the next few weeks period. It will be like this:

8am-6pm: CCA

yeah. the future doesn't look too bright now.

seriously though. I still have so much work to complete! I've started on most but I always get stuck on the super tough questions and i hate the feeling of leaving something uncompleted but i can't help it. AND SIAs. oh don't get me started :( it's all doing my head in. plus i have to revise all the maths topics we just learnt because I DON'T GET A SINGLE THING and chemistry is just BOOM plus bio topics are BANG BANG BANG. not to mention IH. oh gah. so much stuff to memorize and study. :'(

I know i just wasted time typing this when i should be racking my brains for answers to chinese compre but I NEEDED TO RANT TO BLOW OFF SOME STEAM IF NOT I WOULD HAVE EXPLODED. imagine sab-body-parted-goo on my bedroom floor. eurgh.

where have the holidays gone? D: i'm supposed to be taking a break from the school term. but honestly tests and classes and presentations are looking friendlier than ever now. i can't wait for this to end :(

if i have time i'll try to squeeze in a post about bsp camp. (:

okay whatever. all i know is that if i ever do get through this (including musical and everything) i'm going to declare myself warrior. and reward myself with a big fat tub of nice ice cream. who cares about calories!

cookies and phineas and ferb songs make me happy. they are my drugs now.