the mysterious story of the blob of mucus
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let me tell you a story:

one day, sabrina was watching TV(TVNFM!!!) she was also laughing at some lame joke with her sister jean!! then suddenly, she looked down and there was a blob of mucus!! (at least she thought it was).

these questions flashed through sabrina's mind like WOOSH. (sorry i'm bad in writing) anyway, she took some tissue and wiped it off...


mysteriously, the tissue was clean... and there was nothing.

the end!!
thanks thanks :D



happy new year's eve guys!! LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!

new year resolutions:

CONTROL MYSELF!! (as in eating, and spending and emotionally)

just now the tiny icons at the left side of this page
went :( and then it was destroyed. so i spent time changing the photos :D

edging towards the ending yet? :|
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hey peepos i am back!! these few days have been cca, eating a lot, and chionging LA.
so its boringg. boing.
there was OPEN rehearsal today and it was unfair cos i sat at the side and there were chairs just next to me. CREEPY. and the VIPs were the exco teacherss!! and then angeline said the vice principal sat nxt to me but i couldn't recognise her. hee. :X
so what's up with x'mas? erm.. i dunno? staying at home.. pathetic number of presents, and sparkling juice. yeap. i love that drink. xD but it was fun watching the ppl all buzzing around busying themselves with shopping and stuff. haha and the lightings and deco and cool food promotions. totally SOAKED IN THE X'MAS SPIRIT babyy!! :D
and yest was my mum's birthday!! ^^ we had a jap dinner. and it was so fullingg!!
gosh i miss my friends a lot cos i havent met them(excluding qiting) for over a month. :( i think.
and qiting!! pleaseeee forgive me they asked me the questions so i answered cos i'm nice! and then they really didn't mind it much!! and goon is shu hui's granddad not me!! i hope i'm not the one on your blog!! cos.. the name is 7 letters long and i know how to count my name!!

awwww i don't wanna bathe. i am lazyy.

don't you think this girl is cutee?? likeee she makes me go AWW and all in my heart even though i don't really say it out loud cos normal ppl don't really do that.

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I'm back!!
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and old.

erm erm okay updates:

last fri, we had 6 peace 09 class gathering!! YAY HAHAHA amelia says i'm a baby and her gift exchange gift was actually meant for me!! i mean like ?!?! she bought some baby frog cup thingy and a baby chick pencil box. but too bad i didn't get hers!! so anyway, the person who got mine damn suay. SORRY FELICIA!! hehe and my present was really scary!! but awesomely cool. haha its zombie. and all of them say its cute??!

so anyway, we played games and gambled. haha i lost the most money cos buy too many cards le:( haha and mrs mok's nephews and son are like cute like asdfghjkl!! OMG esp her 2 year old nephew. he will go around repeating what we say, and then we wanted to feed him. so we say "mum mum" then he will come waddling towards you and muttering "mummum, mummum!" HAHAHA so cutee!!! his cheeks like so chubby OMG. and mrs mok's son is so cute!! his head so big!! haha in a good way!! xD

so it was fun:) haha and there was lack of food cos last year we couldn't finish so this year no one dare bring. haha last year we even had to dabao home!!

cca on tues and wed was pathetic! cos only 3 ppl came!! hahaha but as xinyun says, WE ARE SMALL, BUT MIGHTY! yay hahah :D but its quite fun luh! and the way zia cleaned her mouth after lunch was epic!! she suddenly grab her tissue than held it like she was going to tear it into two. but then she just put it to her mouth and moved her head in a supposedly ladylike but actually robotic way!! HAHA so cute!! me and jazel couldn't stop laughing LOL. xD

and both of them keep on talking about stuff i couldn't catch up. they call me blur!! I'M NOT OKAY!! just not that fast mah!! and we keep on smsing each other during dazu hee. (:

watched rapunzel with sis today. IT IS AWESOME!! and touchingness more than comedy!! ahah but she looks better as a blonde rather than brunette. :P

jiayou for everyone including me who's stuck at LA!!

life has been awesome much lately
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except for the part when LA invades it. but i think i am able to HU-XI-HU-XI. COS i will have to live with it.

weheartit is so much more awesome than tumblr!! & easier to use! :D

today is a beautiful day!!
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that's because:




yo. so it was really really fun. as in camp. and i worry for nothing :D:D OMG OMG THIS IS SOAWESOMEEE. and the food was so awesome! we even had pizza and chicken wing and chicken cutlet for dinner/ lunch etc!!


we had dazu, of course. for 3 hours. then we had xiaozu. for ?? hours. then we had amazing race. haha it was quite fun lar. the games very creative one. and i same grp as zia yay yay! plus our team very lame one. oh right qiting had to leave before that:(( I SAID I MISSED HER LIKE 3 TIMES. and then seniors were like : okay we get it!! :B hehe.

then we showered and everything. the showering part so nice compared to LSC can!! and xinyun and jazel very cute de :D then we came up with the orange team(jazel, xinyun and yunni) and the red team(me, sh and zia)!! haha super duper funny cos we did some funny actions and practically showed it to everybody. then we play lots lots of games against each other!! like yi er san or vampire chess!! :D

then we played games!! with the whole cca at first. we played the egg chicken game thing and guesss what, I WAS THE ONLY EGG LEFT!! so i lost. yeah then we we play more games with the other sections. LIKE SPLAT. omg i love that game!! hahaha our section got addicted to it.

we screamed a lot and practically zi-highed most of the time. my tummy ached from laughing too much!! and i had a bit sore throat :P

then we went to slp!! jazel and xinyun gave us a talk. then we talk about some random thing until like 12 plus plus then slp.


i woke up at another person's alarm but apparently no one else did ._. then i couldn't slp back again and i rolled around for 1 hour. :B

so i woke everybody up and we blah blah. oh right i forgot to mention our section is ALWAYS thelast to arrive at everything. hehe. but its okay:D

had practice again and then huibao!! jazel and xinyun and zia looked like they were going to cry honestly!! and they were okay luh ;) mrs ee quite nice say the piece very difficult and they should jiayou :)

oh right we had farewell also. i think this is like the third ++ time we have farewell party le. hahaha only huilin came though :)

then we had some night trail. which is quite fail but it was fun to scream for nothing. like when the door just slam then everyone scream hahaha :) and made many new friends!!

bathed late and then the best part of camp :DD woohoooo!

erm around 11 +pm lights out. but then yqp, ruanliu and us were very restless. so we pretend to slp then we talk talk talk. hahahaha IT WAS SUBER FUN. first we played dare or double dare. then the other sections all go slp liao only left us.

THIRD DAY. (ct'd from midnight)

but we still very energised so we continue with splat hahah :D aft we played random games. until like 1+am? oh then sh was giving us IQ QUIZZES. we love them like siao!! it was really really fun and awesome :D haha and we realised that xinyun is very smart!! cos she every quiz very fast get ans liao. and she is the tracker in our section!! so she has BIG BRAINS but lazy to use it only(according to yunni) plus she always slack slack but then her results still so good!!

on the other hand, jazel was feeling damn frustrated cos she hardly solved any. and then she said she very stressed(opp of xinyun) the whole year lol. then we play all the silly quizzes until like 2.30am?I AM SO GOING TO TEST ALL OF YOU WHEN SCHOOL REOPENS!! ITS SO FUNN!! oh then we decided that we should stay awake the whole night. and it was for real!!

so we talk for 2 hours like that about random stuff and sick and lame jokes. then around 4.30am shu hui knocked out. like literally flat on her face. and zia couldn't resist too. so i played with yunni's phone while we talked about alot of stuff like first impressions etc. oh we had to be real careful and whisper cos if not we will wake the other sections. even though we yelped alot when we played lame games :D and we laughed too much. oh yay i love our section ^3^

then at 5+ am we suddenly all lie down together, and then i just drifted to slp. i didn't want to at first, cos jazel and xinyun was telling us how bad it would be if we slept then and then the next morn we would be more tired. they said that if we didn't slp we will actually be tired only at afternoon. which i found out was quite true.

they tried to keep all of us awake. like they suddenly call my name then i will jerk up and wave and fall back again. hahaha like zombie like that :)

but we all still slept a little. me and yunni slept for one hour till 6am. and jazel and xinyun only half an hour. zia and sh sleep more. but zia got wake up in between.

then we were all gong gong in the morning hahah but still very much aware of everything.

prac-ed more. then huibao. then i slept a bit through some songs :P hehehe. then we had closure and home sweet home.


i thought that after i bathed and unpacked, i will go slp. cos imagine. i didn't slp for like 30+ hours except for the one hour and few mins in between. ahha but i don't feel tired! i'm glued to the com!!

omgosh lol i wrote a lot. sorry for crapping so much. BUT REALLY. IT WAS SUCH A FUN EXPERIENCEE! thinking about it makes me hyper!!

oh dear.
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i'm really worried. CCA camp is tmr.. i am so afraid that my bag is too big!!
and you know the bathing/sleeping/eating stuff during camp is pretty frightening too.
i have invaded almost everyone who i know in my cca with my paranoia. gah i know i'm irritating.
and how am i gonna carry my pipa ang luggage at the same time!! aish. ahma ask me to practise walking around the house 2-3 times. i'm gonna try that later.

AND HUO IS COMING. i'm scaredder.

just changed my blogskin. gosh i should really drive away my depressing thoughts. and think about the fried chicken i'm gonna have later.
i really really have been rotting at home lately. LA HOMEWORK YOU KILL ME. its just like the FPS assignment!! i was freaking out the whole time. like now. GAHHHH. everytime i will tell myself: hey beauty, you gotta move your butt and do the hw at ___ o'clock. then yeah procrastination (is this how you spell it?) kills the soul.


over the seas, why not sky!?!
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hello everybadeh. as i said, i will update about my trip in THAILAND! :D

oh yes, it was fun. but i should probably remind you guys first- this post is gonna be longmongous. so yeah brace yourself.

1st day- 30th nov
woke up really really early in the morning. like at 4 am i think.
got ready blah blah and then took a cab to changi airport!! :) yay i like that place.

this year we took THAI air instead of SIA and it was actually nicer than SIA you know, except for the part where you don't have personal tvs, but THE FOOD IS LIKE OMG AWESOMEE. and the people there very shuai! as in the air stewards ;P

so we checked in to the hotel blah blah, then we ate lunch at this awesome wanton mee stall. the drink is like chinese tea with lots lots lots of sugar and although a little too sweet, its still very pleasant.

then we went shopping at a shop called NARAYA, its one of the most famous shops in thailand. it sells awesome and reasonable priced bags and accessories. yeah we bought 35 bags there. wont tell you the amt we spent. x)
then we walked more and more and bought lots of other stuff. like clothes etc. spent so much on the first day!! and then my sis and i started worrying about not having enough money for other days. :B

we stayed in a suite kinda thing. it was BIGG. so it was quite tiring to walk around the house all the time. but every room has a toilet so luckily :D this was my fav hotel i think.

and at night we went to walk around a night market. a real eye-opener! :D

2nd day-1st dec
we didn't spend much that day. cos the whole day we were walking around sight-seeing. so we went to places like the grand palace, marble temple(which open only once a year. we were lucky!), sleeping buddha temple, 200 statue temple and other stuff. the grand palace is so big i think we took about 3 hours to walk the whole thing. my legs were breaking!!

oh and we took the tuk-tuk all round! it was so cool!!

oh right we went to this like super busy street haha there was so many awesome stuffs there. and we went for leg massage!! cos our feet were aching.

we ate at TOM YUM GOONG. which serves authentic thai food.

and and we drank starbucks! the ambience was very nice cos it was like in a secluded area and it was very cosy. xD
so we went home and snuggled into the COLD FREEZING blankets.

3rd day-2nd dec
we went to pathaya on this day:D the KFC there is really good. i would say better then s'pore's!
upon arriving, we went to look for more food. B) the public bus service there is really COOL AND I MISS IT.
its like you know those pick-up trucks with shelters and they installed benches inside. so ppl just go up anytime and there are buzzers to ask the driver to stop too! its only 10 baht per person no matter where you alight. the trucks follow a route so alot of ppl just hop on and some even just stand on the stairs. its really great as its super cooling!! my fav way of transport.

we went to watch a show called the tiffany's. its where all the guys undergo sexual transformation and become really really pretty girls. they have great bodies man. and all so gorgeous!! so they perform lar. like basically dance. its really professional! :D plus they gave out free orange juice and coke. teehee :P

we scouted around for some dinner, but i tell you it was awful. that place is so SLEEZY at night!! the whole street is infested with pubs and girls just wearing their undies dance infront of you to attract attention. urgh i had to cover my eyes everywheree!! and the business is so good, with so many customers actually looking for them and going into motels/hotels! i couldn't stand it :|

4th day-3rd dec
in the morning, we took a one hour boat ride to coral island. the boat shook so vigorously i had a hard time sitting down even. but it was ultra fun!!
the boat stopped halfway and some ppl alighted to try out parasailing! they were super colourful!! but it was too ex. so we didn't go even though it looked fun.

then we took a smaller boat to the beach. the water's so clear and the sand's so white and soft! plus there were a lot of hot babes wearing bikinis there too.. hehe. xP we ate really nice seafood there. the food was so fresh!! i took a banana boat, and the water motorcycle!! it was ultra uber funn ttm!! i love it like sdfghjkloiuytr!
we played more in the sea and sand. we also made some friends there. all in all, it was a awesome time at the beach! plus i learnt how to make flat stones skip on the water!! my record was 3 times. felt a sense of achievementt! :DD

when we took the smaller boat back, the boat was really special. the base is made of glass, and so you can see all the marine creatures and corals under our feet. beautiful ttm!

i didn't wanna go out for dinner this time cos i didn't want to encounter the same scenario as last night, so my parents bought SUBWAY back! its cheaper than it is in singapore but the taste is as good. and there's this dish callled pad thai, which is really nice too. (:

5th day-4th dec
we went back to bangkok. this time i had diarrhoea(is this how you spell it??). and my sister had a fever and food poisoning. but my laosai was not that serious so me and my dad and mum still went around to walk walk. nothing much happenned today. oh right we ate fantastic tapenyaki! and its so much much cheaper!! and we went MBK.

6th day-5th dec
we got better, except for my mum. my mum fell ill this time round. but it was not very bad so we went to a weekend market called CHATUCHAT. its really famous around there, and its so big its like 1000 bugis put together. and i'm not kidding. they sell EVERYTHING. from clothes to food to furniture to local produce to shoes to aroma therapy to massage centres to random stuff like accessories and bags and even ANIMALS. yes they sell squirrels, cats, snakes and everything you can imagine. but its really really warm there.

my mum didn't feel too well again so we went home. then after about 2 hours of rest we decided to go out. guess what, the taxi driver who drove us out was a total cheat!! he did something to the meter and it jumped like crazy. plus my dad says he is a drug addict. cos he has seen drug addicts before and he was exactly how he remembered them to be!! and he didn't stop at all the red lights and just chionged his way through everything.

oh btw, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY YURI!! and it was the thailand king's birthday too! so there were celebrations and all and many ppl were wearing pink.

okay anyway, we went to SIAM area. there are like some major shopping malls there, like siam centre, discovery centre, siam paragon, central world, siam square, and this digital place.. the digital place was cool. they sell like almost every camera you can imagine there!! (yes there were abundant polaroids which were less ex then s'pore) and there were a couple of neo print booths at every corner.

back to what i was talking about, we walked around the same area for ages, only to find out that we were at the right place and we were walking in circles the whole time. we were looking for some noodle shop, but guess what, it was closed. ghjkgfhj. nevermind we settled down at a hk/jap restaurant and the food was really goodd! so in the end we felt that it was okay. :D
we walked around every possible place. and bought quite a lot of stuffs. (: and my domo watch!!

went home with our feet paining like siao. at night, we went for a swim in the hotel's roof top swimmingg pool! oh right this is also the suite kind but it was smaller then the first and the toilet so far away!! anyway, we were freezing cos the wind was so strongg! and the water is so cold! managed to swim a few round thought, around 10++? then went for jaccuzzi. yay actually not that fun.
dragged myself to slp. xD

7th day-6 dec
we packed first, and then i wasn't feeling too well as my stomach hurt lots. so i stayed back and watched tv yay! while my family went out to shop more. anyway, the tv was really awesome, cos almost every channel was kpop mvs and there was KBS and playhouse disney!! and there are other channels that show singapore shows too like xiao niang re! and there were many latest songs from america. oh oh there was channel news asia! even though it is boring as usual. and so many movies!! :D so we packed and set off the the airport!!

i think this was the only meal i really did not enjoy. at the airport. gah.

anyway, the airplane dinner was awesomest. cos it was the period of the king's birthday, so we had a special meal cooked by some 5 star person. haha AWESOME plus the air stewardess thought that me and jean are still kids so we got served first. and we got the meal that ran out :DD! lucky much!!

went back to home sweet home, and suddenly realised i had to slp early cos of the next day. but i was too late.
-------------------end of story. the end. lalala---------------------------

i shall upload photos the next time i don't feel lazy. i completed my second LA journal entry! YAY!!

WOOSH i feel a sense of relief completing this post. xD