A Drop of Memories
Saturday, February 13, 2010 @ 12:59 PM | 0 notes

Yesterday i was so tired that i went to sleep rite after i went home. until 8 o clock. so no time to post blog about the wonderful day. so now im doing it!
In the morn we did the callgraphy thing. And my writing sucks!!! it was so small and wobbly. wooo~ Then my whole arm and skirt was stainedwith the red dye thingy. and i couldn't wash it off! Then l8r the old folks came and some of the others went to help them but they were out numbered by us harmlessly(i dunno what this means) so i need not do anything and could enjoy the performance. which was long and my BUTT and KNEE hurt after that. so we helped to carry the hampers up the bus, which weighed like 1000 kilos, and then some ppl got stuck up the bus! Ohya, i forgot to mention that ms heng was so damn PWEETY in her costume! And her heels were at least 4 inches high and as thin as chopsticks!
anyway after all that torturous wait, sch finally ended and we were headed back to ij! That was where the shocking news of my sis becoming the head prefect HIT me! but the main thingy is, we saw so many beloved frens. RV: Shiying, Rachel Low. Crescent: Karen, Michelle, Bernice(who was chaotah le.) Nanhua: Chloe, Zhi wei. NJC: Sixuan, C2. BPGH(Blood pressure): Shannon, Chewchew and carolyn and val val. It;s so sad the STC peeps cannot come as their sch ended l8. But... Then we were all like shedding tears and so missing each other and hugging here and there even though we only havent seen each other in like a month? But at that moment, it was like all the memories FLOODED back to me... and flashbacks started rolling in my head...
Ohya, Wu lao shi was so kind to give us each a hongbao which contained 10 dollars! so rich sia. And mrs mok gaave us hongbaos wif chocolates and candies. My favourite! Thx alot.:) Then we walked all around sch and ppl were looking out of their classrooms saing OMG for no reason. Harhar we distracted them.
Anyway, when i reached home, i called chloe again and her sis said that she had high fever! Whoa... So poorthing. Cannot eat all the CNY goodies...
Im looking forward to l8r cos i gg to have second tuan yuan fan! Whoo Hoo~~~~
Ok i gtg finsh my hw now b4 tmr. Bye!
PS: My cousins write my name as Sabrian on a card but they are young, so i forgive them.

Singning off,
Sabrian :D