A Dash of Hopes and Dreams
Friday, March 12, 2010 @ 11:42 PM | 0 notes

Phew! just came back from LSC! Super fun. i dunno why, but it feels funner than primary sch camps. teehee.

Mascot making

well, our idea was a banana ON HUIYU! not a standing-itself mascot..... so yeah. we had to search the dustbin and recycling bin for MORE cardboard. it turned out quite neat, but frankly speaking, it looked like a blockhead zombie with stitches, which was the tape. but it was fun. at least it was STANDING TALL compared to the rest. It was like a tower?!!? and we are AEP class so yeah.

Flag making

as always with 101, it was FUN. It is like the words class 101 with yea, a banana as a background. i guess you can say bananas are OUR names. it was plain, but sweet and simple. haha, thx to ahma, we got the measurements rite!

Cheering competition

Guess what? 1 of our cheers were oso associated with bananas. :

somebody call 101,
32 bananas on the dancefloor,
WHOA~(in the tune of fire burning).
So we go,
peel banana, peel peel banana,
dance banana, dance dance banana,
shake banana, shake shake banana,
we're bananas, 32 bananas,
go 101! WHOOA~WHEE~

Fun~ cool~ woo~

Excursion to SAFRA

the best part was the parts on the bus and the cheer part. learnt so many new ones! On the bus, we were singing our class anthem:

We know a song that irritates Jane,
we know a song that irritates Jane,
we know a song that irritates Jane,
and the aong goes like this,

this is supposed to repeat till foreva, sometimes go slow, sometimes fast. heehee, sometimes we oso did this:

Everybody say Teehee:
WE LOVE 101!

as always, the funess never stops.

Cheering competition

we were not really loud, the class was paiseh to cheer. harhar. unbelievably quiet. except for some like huiyu cos they are very sporting.


wow, we created a LEGEND!
it's like only 9 ppl did not CRY. i DID though. it was uncontrollable. just cannot stop flowing. angeline cried till she vomited. worst case. reason? here...

everything was going smoothly, as expected, till it happened. the music suddenly stopped and continues to the next dance. we were stupified. seriously. we just stood there. than the music restarted and we danced gee again. we did it for the third time when they ... we did not even complete half of it! and i think the second part is most interesting. aww... too bad for us. we cried like hell backstage. the crew and skit ppl cried too.

we wasted time, money, clothes, and everything you can imagine. but at least it was fun, still upset though, till...

the teacher said we had second chance! omgish... we were happy and hoped and prayed super hard.

but it happened again. all in all, we repeated the first part like for 5 times, but it still got stuck in the end. our hopes, were dashed. our efforts, gone down the drain. blah. blehs. than the crew backstage cried once the music got stuck. so touching... they cried out of the stage but still faked a smile. tina wanted to cry but zzc forbid her to. she fought back tears till her nose was all red. we hugged each other. but it was heartwarming to see our class so bonded. and thx, to the sec ones and parents who cheered us on.

i watched the vid. the dances was quite tidy. go on fb. jingwen's vids. there got. here:
this is the second chance.
and the first try:
hope you enjoy!

i realised that i love our 32 bananas so muchh!! wheeeee! ohyea, although we were the only class that did not win anything, we won over each others' support AND care AND love. teehee

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