A Whale of A Time
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 @ 4:26 PM | 0 notes

Yipee! Finally got a new laptop! But another happy point is I fnally got the chance to go ECP! I took some photos. Heehee. Before that, we went to Orchard Central and Somerset 313 cos my dad wanna see. Than saw some crazy stuff there.

<= Guess wad this pic is made of...

Rubiks cube! Cool huh?

Original effect:)

And I saw this super tall guy/girl on stilts giving out flyers. He/she was wearing cinderella costume. But looked like a guy. So I oso saw the rock-climbing ppl. It was damn scary to rock-climb cos almost the whole place was made of glass and it was SUPERRRRR high up.
and it was like looking at nothing from above.

So l8r we went to ECP and played! Actually cycled lar. ohyar, must remind you that all these took place on Sunday! I dunno why i'm posting so l8. But got this stupid jam. Took 2 hours to reach leh. Urgh. But it was still fun. Harhar. :) But now i'm lazy to post the photos I took there. So too bad. Today got pipa practice. okok lar. Tmr got CO concert. So excited. Sitting with angeline and ghost. Not exactly lar. Brothers, sorry if I offended you. Hehe:D. Just no one sitting next to me. hehheh. Wonder what to wear. Anything bah. Now going to watch tv le. So bye.