A Bag of Contentedness
Wednesday, March 17, 2010 @ 9:14 PM | 0 notes

oooh. ok. so my title. yes. completely fitting. i'm contented.*smile contentedly* yay. i had contented dreams(during nap-i was too tired ok?!), a contented lunch and dinner, and a very very very very very CONTENTED SHOPPING SPREE!
YESH! It was great. I bought a pair of shoes and a jacket and some tees and a pair of shorts. heehee. my mum bought more. cos my sis went to sch, then went to her fren's hse. so my mum brought me out. we wanted to go OG actually, cos there was a private review, so there was 30 percent sale. but the queue was so long, it was practically strangling the whole building! it was coiling and coiling and yeah. than one guard suddenly asked if we were singapore idol participants. ME? HAVE YOU EVER HEARD ME SING? heehee. so than we gave up finding the entrance. so we walked into orchard central and walked out. cos it was so ULU and was so...teehee. so then we went to somerset 313 and went to forever 21. my mum was tempted to but the jewellery. I liked the one with the camera/radio(I couldn't decide which?) and the one with safety pins and paper clips. harhar. then we went into uniqlo. WHOA~! it was so empty. first time ever i stepped into it and it was so spacious. bought most of our clothes there. the jacket was SO COMFY! too bad the color i wanted was out of stock for my size. so had to buy the other color. but it was still nice:). '
then we went to the OG at the chinatown place. found shoes! yay me!
ok i wanna concentrate on my show now. bb!

always alive and kicking,
meeeeeees! sabritameus. harhar