A Sincere PLEASE
Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 9:44 PM | 0 notes

This is dedicated to Jane. Why you dun wanna eat?! You noe she fainted on Mon cos of low blood pressure? ahyo. Must got well soon and be healthIER. OK? listen to me lar. Good for you one. one oh one, must make sure we force her down to the canteen everyday to eat ok? Jane ah, be strong hor!
ohyea, today, during culture bobby actually drew our family tree. Some wierd names were included, but that were for others who wanna join us next time. hehe. I'm married to yijie(bob). but it's wierd cos in the family, we are cousins. AND JANE IS OUR AHGONG! YAY! ahma(banana) and bobblehead are my parents. bobblehead really like one leh. no offence lar. Angeline(Blurb) got married to yining(bert),who are siblings. hehe. ohyea, i have two kids but forgot who. I dun even noe if there is someone using the name. nvm bah. hehheh. so fun. It would be perfecter if we were all just siblings. than so fun. jiejie here, meimei there. or maybe ghogho and didi oso. hehe. It would be fantabulousssss.
BTW the sec sch(jurong) opp my hse got camp.n guess what? they are saying the same cheers that we said during that safra thingy in lifeskills camp. wonder if they are the same facilitators. and they are changing music everytime, juz like us! so got free music to hear. hehe. they oso doing the claps. oh, how i miss lifeskills camp. must wait till next yearrr!

signing off, sabrina.