A Rush of OMG-ness
Monday, March 29, 2010 @ 7:06 PM | 0 notes

OMG. I'm so in love with SNSD! especially Yuri and Tiffanie. THEY SO PWEETY! chio dao yao si. so jealous! blehs... and I'm still loving oh! more than chocolate love. maybe run devil run more than oh!...
Today PM LEE HSIEN LOONG came. teehee. he is TALL . as in seriously.. Argh so jealous. hope i haven have growth spurt yet... (:
than there was DONG DONG DONG DONG, STORYTELLING. boomy! it was horrifying. so scary. i'm lucky to have survivied through it, unharmed. actually it was because i was so lucky enuf to not get picked. WHEW! but you noe, i think my script sounds boring. BOOHOO! AND everytime ms heng was about to announce the next storyteller, i will suddenly have respiratory problems. like i was going to have heart attack. choi. touchwood lar. but LIKE. than l8r when i knoe it's not me, i will be like,"heng ah!". i feel so bad towards the chosen ones. sorry har. hehe.
and i just realised that JING WEN IS SO PWEETY! angeline, after reading this, dun call her up and say she got secret admirer again. but as in really . she like one of those SNSD girls. hehe. ohyea, zilin died and revived. for more information to your enquiries, please visit huiyu or jing wen's blog.
lazy to type more le. bb

omg. scary for tmr. duh duh duh dung.
sabrita :(