A Tingling of Horribleness
Wednesday, April 14, 2010 @ 9:03 PM | 0 notes

I can't wait for next thur! Cos everyone else will be running! Yeah!
But before thurs comes, fri will come first. fri has it's good and bad side.
GOOD> tian ah is going up on stage to talk about her experince in Finland. GO TINA GO!
BAD>Well, we're getting back our science results, which BTW, I'm am so not anticipating. But I am actually hoping to see it too, as I wanna see if i passed. harhar. doomy.

ok, and today, the atmosphere in our group was kinda...awkward? or stuffy. But it was killing me. I shall not go into details cos i will not offend anyone.

FIY, the 'links' thingy is temp. not working so you gotta put up with the inconvenience kay?

Plus, today, we had an art drawing test thingy. and our topic was to draw our school shoes. blehs, i should have wore my sneakers huh? i wore the sports shoes cos of run on mon. and it was complicated. The funny thingy was, everyone in our table put their shoes on the table in replacment of their pencil cases!~ HA~

AWWW, tmr no cca. and tmr got geog test. boo... i guess i better go revise now, ttfn.