A Stream of Thoughts
Monday, April 5, 2010 @ 10:02 PM | 0 notes

heyo ppl! so i have somt random to tell. i went out yest in a hurry cos l8 for tuition le. than our whole family rush like siao. than after tuition went out. at that moment, my mum realised that she actualy wore diff shoes! cos she got 2 feet mah, of course, but the design were like totally DIFFERENT! and she only noticed when we were going to go home. heheh. its like wearing sneakers and flip flops. another random thingy, my yap actually said i was TOO open???!!! i s that supposed to be good?
next random thing, my angel finally replied! rejoiced. harhar.
ok gtg slp le. i think i might change my blog skin to the purpleliscious thingy, but so lazy leh.