A Laughter of Pranks
Thursday, April 1, 2010 @ 10:21 PM | 0 notes

ok i noe i noe, the title sounds wierd. but who cares! cos it's APRIL FOOLS DAY! WHEE. FUNESS~
i feel so happy, cos i finally finished my storytelling. and today was prank day, of course.
seisha was the setter. she took some mini oreos ansd took out the cream. and guess what she replaced i wif... COLGATE! it was classic. and ppl actually fell for it: angeline, chenghui and chantel. harhar. there was one more which we left for the teachers, but none of them wanted it. boo. i think it's still under chantel's desk. hehe. or mine. or in the middle of our desks.
was quite a failure cos zzc was specially early. our plan was to change classrooms wif 104, to freak the teachers out. it tot it was quite good, but too bad.
meant for mrs ho, our geog teacher. we hided under our sidetables and locked the teacher OUT. we closed all the windows and curtains but mrs ho opened them from from outside. the thing that spoiled it was THE HAND. it reached out, and closed the curtains. blehs.
for mrs ho too. we spilled blood onto the whiteboard again and claimed that zilin died again. harhar. than they made fingerprints on the whiteboard. bloody ones. a bit obscene actually.
this is meant for any LUCKY teacher. but the only person that fell for it was ms teo, our math teacher. they put water in the marker that was used up. so when ms teo opened the marker cap, water spilled out. and there was INVISIBLE inkkkkk!
this is the best part. ms teo too. i think she was the biggest april fool. fell for 3 tricks leh. the whole class hid behind the bushes which were opposite our class and peeked through the branches. it was a good hiding place, cos no one could see us from the classrooms, but we could see EVERYTHING. we wrote a note: ms teo!come save us! we're trapped in the toilet! and pasted it on the door, after locking it, which i think we should not have locked. than ms teo looked around the windows and saw some heads bobbing around. awww. but she did not do anything. than a girl from another class spoiled our fun. boomy.
oso on ms teo. heehee. cos her fav phrase is: do you fallow? SO WE DECIDED TO ANSWER. FINALLY. i think she might have said it for 1000 times since start of this year le. but only now than we answered. we went: YES WE FALLOW! after waiting for a million years for her to say that phrase. actually, we missed one chance cos we forgot, but when angeline reminded us, she smelled a rat. than she tried to be careful of what she said, but she still said it. than nicole laughed like siao, until she cried. i never see her so happy before. (:this was fun!
well, not considered prank bah. it was just during LA lesson, and when ms heng asked for volunteer sto do storytelling first, everybody raised their hands. we did not want to prank ms heng cos she was sick.

well, i guess our class is probably the class that did the most pranks. har d harhar. cant wait for another occasion to prank teachers again:D

XD, wishing you a very happy may fools' day!