A Splash of Splendidness
Monday, April 12, 2010 @ 3:38 PM | 0 notes

ooooh, i just changed the new blogskin. ppl said that my last one was a bit too dreary. harhar.

and today was awesome. i COMPLETED and PASSED my 2.4! it was absolutely great. that moment when i passed the finishing line made a mark on my history. SPLENDID!

during recess, we kinda bullied jing by pouring all our leftover soup into seisha's bowl and asking her to carry it. it was awful and gross. ohyea, clara puked today, after 2.4. it was all WATER! it was super dupery sick. and she was sick too. and today was kinda slack too as there are 4 periods today: PE, CHINESE SPEECH TRAINING, LA, SCI. harhar. and LA AND SCI teacher was absent so we just played after finishing work. and pe and cst is not too hard too.

so during class contact time, mr teo did not turn up and ms yup was having the student talk thingy. so we played again. we sat on the sidetables and squished together and sang gonggong songs and cheers.
not to mention, our meinu JING! was voted as the most HOT, SEXY, GORGEOUS, PWEETY. girl in class. everyone on 101 signed on the paper. even ms yup. than jing so paiseh. and her clap is the sexy clap. than jane's clap is the macho clap. harhar.

ok, i'll try to keep this blog alive.
miss you guys!