A Dash of Love
Thursday, April 15, 2010 @ 10:31 PM | 0 notes

I'm bursting so many brain cells now to think of the advertisement thingy for the chinese speech training thingy.
ohyah, my links thingy still can't work! argh need help here! save me! SOS...
ohno, tmr is coming. duh.
and i forgot to tell u something funny, rmb we were saying how pweety jing is? and during the past few days, almost every teacher was on course so we just play freely, than two days ago, were playing on the board by writing hoe gorgeous jing is. than at that moment, one of the vps came. and he saw the comments. and everyone scrambled to any empty seat near by, and when the vp asked who is jing wen, no one answered.
than jing shook her head. And Jane shouted, no one! harhar, everyone was trying hard to hold their lafter.

ok, gtg slp now,