A Gallop of Wonderfulness
Saturday, April 17, 2010 @ 5:03 PM | 0 notes

AS i said, the world is AWESOME! THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE IN. SO, i decided that the advertisement song shall be my national personal anthem. yeah
here is another version of the fantabulousss song:

i KNOW i rock. and i'm a lamb chop.
nothing much to say, except it's a hothot day!
as hot as jing! one jing clap! weewooweet! oooolala!
but it's so hot i cant stop sweating.even aftr i eat super cold dessert! (as in the weather lar)

ohno! i have to do the thingy for the thingy! argh!
ok nvm le, i will do it l8r.
on second thoughts, i think i will do the thingy now.

XOXO, sabrita.

PS, rmb to love my national anthem and the WORLD! it just rox like hell. LIKE ME! ok the world more.