A Boat of Wishes
Thursday, April 29, 2010 @ 5:52 PM | 0 notes

i wish i wish upon a star...
i wish i score well for blocktests tomr.
i also wish that i will score well for all my quizzes.
i wish that i will remember to post regularly.
since i post so late, i will start with two days ago
zilin cut her hair, if you noticed. she seems to be getting more gurlier everyday. she likes run devil run. she said it was not bad. have you heard her laf? so high pitched man. and kinda cute actually. ladylike.
anyway, ms teo had a complete makeover too. her hair ... she said herself that it looked like zilin's. than zilin say she look like ahma. than she said: nonono. she looks like a witch. ms teo said that she wun let her off in the math blocktest. good luck my friend.
yesterday, nothing much happened, except the whole calss flunked fps. LOL. we were super pissed and refused to sign the acception sheet or something. but if we didn't sign, we couldn't go home. we gave in to the wonders of sleep in the end. ohyea, i left angeline at the bus stop. ALONE. i asked her okay??? and she didn't seemed pissed. so i'm innocent.
today, during lunch, we talked about cartoons and kids shows. our favs when we were young. or younger. we are still young. and i am too young too die. but anyway, so funny you noe. we hearted hi-5, until they changed the ppl. chantel and i love charlie!!!! hi five my fren! and than we talked about powerpuff girls. and than we laughed at mojojojo. about how we took out his hat and drew his brain last time. than next was winx club. most of us liked flora:) she's pretty. than other shows. chantel and i loved all the same charaters, cos we liked all the loong hair ppl. AHAHA... than i mentioned barbie. and seishea said she had the whole collection of barbie movies!!! so we decided that after blocktest we could go her house to have a barbie movie marathon.
old times, old times.
i wish, i wish.
i wish we could go back to the past, and go back to the free-ish kidish, everyday tv-ish life. it was RELAXING. GREAT. NO HOMEWORK. at least not so dificult and so many like now.
i wish,
i wish,
it was a fairy god mother granting my wishes. than i could have multiples of them.
if it was a genie, i wish that i could have 100 more wishes. after i reach 99, i would wish for 100 more. or wishes forever.