A Pocket Full of FUNESS
Monday, April 26, 2010 @ 9:17 PM | 0 notes

went to kap today!

first of all, in the morn, huiyu went to draw pretty little drawings on my pretty little table.
than zzc force us to erase. hmph! i like it leh! AND angeline poured ointment all over her desk. it stank the class and my nose was super irritated. ohyea, nicole went bonkers and volunteered to erase the chalk marks on my table for me. with her bare hands. so i said yes, and she erased super fast. but her hands were full of pink powder. than she started touching her neck! and her hongzi had some pink stains.

so after this, we had pe, and the discus had mud all over it. i threw it wrongly and had to do 5 pushups. harhar.

than after sch, we were waiting for claudia, so nicole and huiyu went siao ding dong and danced to bad romance i think. but they were slower by 1 beat and it was funny. we oso danced to barbie song. the lyrics damn sick man.

so finally, we headed towards kap. then jing wen and seisha's hci friends waited with us at the cus stop(johny and william and fp only). than we did not go near them cos they were wierd, and we played dare or dare with a pathetic branch. on the boys. but kinda fail.

later, the nanhua ppl came, and we headed to kap. timo and someone else there le, cos they say they hungry or something. and jing's fren is in my tuition! i did not notice him until i was about to leave. haha.

at kap, we were like damn awkward, and we sat away from them. then king, and his friends invaded into our table! and it was like everyone staniding around king while he resting himself. wl leh. jing ah, must rethink......kays?!
plus we were discussing some girl stuff so we headed to the divider there. then on the other side of the divider, a lady was sitting and eating. we were talking very loudly above her, so she kept staring. so we squated down and acted secretly. everyone was like: wad are you doing??? so funny. we attracted unwanted glares:)
anyway, today quite fun lar. and timo was like: which one is the bitch who called me bitch? she qian bian izit?......jing clamed him down.
ohya! jing puked in the middle of eating cos timo suddenly appear in front of her. and she said it was disgusting to see so many fats. harhar

fun day, hope it will be funner next time we go kap:)

P.S.: interesting fact about bobblehead: when she can't wake in the morns, her dad will take an orange from the freezer and rub in on her stomach(i can't believe ppl put oranges into freezers to make orangzicle? with the skin)so funny her dad! AHAHA