A Mind of Hahas
Monday, May 24, 2010 @ 6:38 PM | 0 notes

okay, my titles are mindless nowadays. no meaning de. but that's because i'm trying to keep up with the a___ of____. haha. luckily you can't see:)

nownownow, i'm rushing my homeworkkkkkk. can someone give me something better to do?

the articles for 101 heartbeat not sent to huiyu yet. Sorry ah, send you tmr kay? SOMEONE GIVE ME THE PICTURES FOR THE SABBATICALS. plssssss??????

haha today, like we were pestering ms teo to let us take photo of her. and i can't believe she agreed to mark the questions for jane???!!!! and she still said that some of the answeres were wrong so she will change for us. but at first she was sajiao-ing and trying to negotiate like what we always do with our homework. aiyo...... guai la.

and like we accidentally took a lot of unglam shots of her because she keep on moving! urgh! like trying to take a photo of a toddler sia. so hard leh! like we are so nice to her to give her a second chance to take the photos, but... aiiiiyoooooo!
look at this super cute pic of snsd's oh! cake!!!!! like SO CUTEEEE:) maybe can do something like this too:) but it will take a long long time and we dunno where to get the figurines of the members. haha:) and like all the characters have acessories like yuri and her pink bling bling cap:D

We have finally decided on dates to go to chenghui's house to do IH assignment:)

boo, sabbaticals ending le:'(
A sad sad Sabrita