A House of Funitudes
Thursday, May 13, 2010 @ 8:51 PM | 0 notes

never post for so longggg le:P
haha. went to seishea's house on mon. guess too late to post le. go see huiyu or jingwen's blogs to read:)
YAYAYAYAYEEEE! finally! IT'S FRIDAY! tgif!!! anyway, tmr is the combined sports meet thingy:D but after that, we are going to SOGURT for some ice-cream than GO SHOPPINGGGGG! ohyea babehhhhh!
haha. and my seniors say they may be bringing us to see our older seniors in hcjc.(:
and and and, we almost finished learning OH! le. yippeeeeeess~ we are fantastic mannn. and ms teo found out that we were learning it. cos she was PEEPING! and when we were dancing to the pink panther thingy, mrs ho was late and was pissed when she saw us dancingXP
but anyway, we were dancing a bit after school and when we were doing the VIGOROUS shaking butt thingy, zzc walked in! and saw us dancing. and i couls see that he was quite shocked...anyway, we were so embarassed that we hid under the tables. and nicole told me i was blushing:D

haven heard this for a long time yeah?