A Soul of Helplessness
Saturday, May 8, 2010 @ 1:44 PM | 0 notes

changed my blogskin:) hope you ppl like it. comment, tags!
awwww...no more lovely bones. kick-ass? izit rated R? i think so leh. hope not. heard that it is very funny.
struggling real hard now with LA. i realised that my interest in LA is fading away. i actually dread LA sometimes. but i have to force myself to like it more. i actually dun understand why i chose green living. i actually hae an idea on what i'm goanna write, but all the patchworks are killing me. it's just that i dunno what problems there are. i noe some but i can't identify more.
popular replaced by pacific. AWWWW...i love popular. i was glad that popular was in my sec sch. but byebye dream. pacific was my primary sch bookstore. and it was not nice. hmph. and popular will only come back when i'm in sec 4~! why??? totally saddened.
anyway, ppl pls can we decide on the stuff for class outing? as in like what day and what time and what to bring and what to do. i can't wait to go ECP!
I STILL CAN'T WAIT FOR MON. huiyu and i are gonna wear yellow:) jing wen says she's will wear a DRESS. ooh...
and zilin actually looks quite nice lar. it's just that her behavior very boyish and her everything is so messy. this explains why we were all so SHOCKED when we realised that she combed her hair 1 day. but it lasted only for one day. and i cannot believe she takes german as third lang! i think i was the last in class to find out. cos i suddenly went into shock mode and the whole class laughed at me. aiyo, i a bit dense de ma.