A Day of Thingies
Friday, May 21, 2010 @ 5:01 PM | 0 notes


JUST came back from sabbaticals. FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN. like FUN. yeah FUN. aha FUN. duh FUN. so FUN. Simply FUN.
inline skating is so FUN. actually i alr noe how to, but i choose to stay with besties and learn basics with them cos i know it'll be funner to play with them:)
and jingwen fell down ZERO times. if you would believe her. but there was the MYSTERIOUS CASE OF THE BROWN STAINS. like for real. my collar became all dirty. at first i tot it was SWEAT. but how can it be brown? i checked and it was transparent. normal colour. so it is weird and creepy how i got dirty.
anyway, for like the remainder of the inline skating lesson, we got the chance to skate around ourselves. so all the 101-ners(9 ppl in total.) like kinda went into chu-chu-train position and skated around the court:) than we sang songs like wacky nursery rhymes, and than the instructor told us to sing our national anthem . than we sang our school song. than we sang the jane song, with different speed variations. than we looked up and saw the home econs room so we shouted: JANE!!!!! but no one replied. we looked like retards. haha. than we sang phineas and ferb songs. AND OH OH OH OH! WE TRIED DANCING OH! IN OUR SKATES. LOL. total failure. than the instructors told us to sing like chinese songs by liu de hua and jacky chan. like how are we supposed to know? than they ask us sing random lady gaga songs, but we only knew certain parts. haha!

YAY! SEC SCH IS LIKE DAMN FUN. we are creating a class magazine. every alternate weeks an issue will be published. it is called:
I'm incharge of 2 articles: oh! dancers and sabbaticals for this week:O we had to interview our classmates and act like pro. actually dun need act lar, we alr very pro lor. haha. than yijie was incharge of ms teo's_________ so we had to take photo of her________ and we made up alot of excuses to ask her.
i think like this is super exciting lor. and there is like a comic section, a song of the week section, a love,samantha(aunt agony) section and all those stuff:)
than _______is in charge of love, samantha section. at first no business one, but than we SPAMMED her box. lol.
okay, gotta rush holiday hw so can play in june holidays:)
LOVE,SAMANTHAAAAAA...'S goodddd friend,